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new moon and solar eclipse in Aquarius :: the creative magic of uncertainty


With the new moon in Aquarius tomorrow we close the first eclipse season of this new year. On the 31st of January, with the full moon and lunar eclipse in Leo, we entered into a time-space of death and renovation. In the two weeks since then the moon has been waning and, little by little, we have gone into a process of release, of letting go and of leaving behind attachments.

Letting go of something that has sustained us. Detachment from something from which we have sought support. Something in which we have trusted up to now and which is no longer there. A relationship (or a way of relating), a set of values or belief system, a group or community, a life project: these are some of the areas, scenes in which this narrative of detachment reveals itself.

This process has a function. It can be confusing, we can feel disoriented, out of place, disconnected. These feelings are part of the process of letting go. In order to embrace the new, first we have to liberate that which occupies a place which no longer corresponds to it.

This process has implied a renovation of the energy which circulates in our emotional body. Memories, patterns, latent or dimly felt addictions have been awakened, have become visible. Our dream or our vision takes us to fly in settings full of potential. An idealist bubble deflates like a balloon to show us the reality. A reality from which perhaps we have wanted or needed to escape. A reality which we have been unable to sustain. A reality that does not correspond with the ideal or with the vision which we had, of ourselves, of our life and our path.

The gap, this disassociation between what we conceive (and idealise) and what we achieve presents itself like an abyss, a crack, a rupture through which old phantoms emerge to torment our present. Tomorrow’s eclipse in Aquarius (and especially the preceding weeks) bring up emotional memories of the past, awaken rancid fears which wish for and demand liberation in the spiral of time. And in response, impotent and with the echo of victim mentality as our answer, we cling on to our narrative, to our authority, to our control. And we are resistant to change because we believe that we know how to live our life. And, with a greater or lesser intensity, we realise that, in truth, we know nothing. And a solitary feeling overwhelms us, revealing a longing for a tribe, a family, a community, a herd with whom we can get through the density of this moment, to which we can belong together at this time. Because this is not personal. It is collective. Because this is a feeling and a process that includes everyone.

This eclipse season has been a call to face up to our internal abyss, to navigate the gap that separates the ideal from the real. A process that calls us to the renovation of our soul intention and to honour the creative magic of uncertainty. It summons us to the courage of embracing the feeling of being lost at the same time as we feel our heart and our truth beating strongly – like the seed of a new way – inside of us. Do we follow the call? Are we paralysed? Do we not want to embrace the change?

This is the creative seed of our intentions, our projects, our futures, which, in order to sprout forth towards life need the compost of what we let go. And if we do not let go –if we hang on to the past – something becomes stagnant, something rots, something starts to smell bad. So it is a time of choice, of courage and bravery, to live fully the truth that wants to be shared: a new way at whose heart is a great farewell.

The time between eclipses with a waning Moon often awakens ancestral archetypes, demonic voices which reclaim our vision, presence and attention. When we speak of demons we are talking about aspects so buried in the personal and collective shadows, so far from the light of consciousness, that they form part of a millenarian mythology of beasts and monsters. These are the energetic and archetypical bodies of the black Moon. The Moon that empties itself of its Light and prepares itself for the fertilisation of the Sun at the new Moon, that goes through a purge, through a conscious cleansing that opens itself to the new light. This is an eternal Solar-Lunar Alchemy.

Eclipses magnify the power of the Moon, which is why this passage of the dark Moon, this descent of the Light between eclipses, opens the doors of the millenary shadow that dances in the spiral of eternal time. They are portals, vortices of the unconscious which open and which offer us the opportunity to position ourselves with a desire for Benevolence, Love and Peace for our life, for our herd, for humanity. What has changed in these two weeks of the waning Moon and to what seed of light does it call us? What has become clearer? What has been purged that now offers us the opportunity to welcome the fertilisation of the Moon by the Sun.

The great ceremonies are carried out with the waxing Moon and the full Moon, in homage to the Light, since the invocations of the black Moon are for working with healings, exorcisms and to purge painful memories. This might sounds archaic and out-of-date within contemporary quantum thought, especially so if the framework of our beliefs is provided by the positivity of the New Age. However, during eclipses, a body of ancestral pain and oppression is brought up from the shadows. This bestiary of shadow accompanies us from the origin of time and from the origin of fear and ignorance. A dark mythology that has been fed by secrets, humiliation, sin and shame. All of the violent forms hidden in our day to day, in our exchanges and our power relations.

Covered up under the controlling perspective of judgement, projections, repudiation and rejection, seduction and enchantment. The power of the Light is in our hands. And if there is a battle, it starts in our interior. The danger under the influence of the shadows of the Moon is that we try to project outwardly, defensively, or through complaints and laments, what we cannot or do not want to see inwardly.

These are the terrains that sometimes emerge at the time of eclipses. The dragon of the sky awakens and comes to remind us of the Sacred Order of the Universe, a time that honours the balance between the light and the shadow. It comes to remind us that our evolutionary path implies a conscious letting go of that which has died, of that which has already fulfilled its function. And we cling on, fleeing from this detaching for fear of the emptiness of the unknown. An ancient terror rises up and forces us to feel the heart of the truth that wants to be seen, honoured.

The time between eclipses when the Moon wanes is a time in which we end soul contracts whose time is over. We close alliances, promises and pacts. This implies a change of scenery, a change of role, an updating of our intention and path. The greater the involvement and implication in relationships, contracts, alliances (with people, groups, ideals and beliefs) that are not in harmony with our vital (sacred) intention, the harder and more painful the time between these eclipses.

Hard and painful to the extent to which if we resist the natural letting go which the Order of Evolutionary Time calls us to honour, we enter into battle with the future.

Resistances which translate themselves in defensive voices, forms of control, attempts to dominate the situation through playing the victim, through complaints, through justification. These voices generate a body of confrontation between the evolutionary force of the North Node in Leo, which tells us: be yourself, express your truth, speak from the heart, follow your desire and the South Node in Aquarius which tells us: obey the group mind, follow the herd, do not stray from the path.

And we may resist the change with all our strength and choose repetition of the comfortable, the same disguises, the same hats and masks so that no one truly sees us, so that our hidden truth, our most sincere and beautiful vulnerability remains uncovered. But what truth is this? That we are lost? That we are alone? That we are isolated in our ivory tower? That we are disconnected from what we long for? That our tricks no longer charm or seduce? That our magic no longer gets us out of a hole? That our medals and decorations of success and triumph no longer nurture us in the mirror of recognition? That something is irredeemably dying and that we do not know what to do with the enormity of the mystery and emptiness that inhabits us?

This is a time in which we realise how familiar rituals and codes that give us a feeling of control and belonging, of security and support, no longer sustain us. We realise that in the blind repetition of familiar customs we strengthen the prison of our spirit. We realise that we do not allow our light to grow because we do not accept our shadow. And we complain. And others injure us. And we do not want to see ourselves. And we do not want to accept that something needs to change in us, in our life. We do not want to accept that the order that we have constructed now oppresses us and that the freedom that we dreamed of terrifies us.

Welcome to the intensity of life, the Dragon of the Sky sings to us, the one that tells us that life does not cease to turn and that the time of falsity is ending. She tells us that we are beginning to see through the game of artificial life, the falsity and the superfluous. She tells us that we have all fallen into the farce and that we are all being called to the same thing, to rise up with the love that we have for Life, for the Earth, to open our arms and hands and say yes. A yes that dismantles the masquerade of our artificial life and summons us to the profound intimacy of recognising our desire for authenticity.

We are not children, we are not small, we are not servants or slaves. We are not blindly obedient, we are not addicts, we do not escape, we do not flee from the truth. We are here, alive, with consciousness and active presence. We emdody ourselves, we build ourselves up and we raise ourselves up honouring the enormous love which inhabits us and which we are. Love that, like the fire that unites the tribe, unites within us all of our lost, desolate and exiled parts.

Fire that lights us up from the inside to the outside and gives us the strength to raise ourselves up from collapse, from the fall, from the abyss. We call it, we invoke it, we raise our prayers and this fire awakens and pushes us, calls us to radical authenticity. And it shows us with so much clarity that which our heart desires. And we honour the fact that we do not know how to sustain this death full of life, this radical time in which creative passion pushes and challenges us to be free. So for this new Moon, what intention are we planting or seeding? What path asks to be opened from our heart?

The resonances of our seed will unfold over the next six months. We still have a lunar eclipse in Aquarius and solar eclipses in Leo in August. That will be the close of this evolutionary cycle. A good new Moon and good intention seeding to everyone.

:: text translation by Michael Evans ::

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