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Today we cross the threshold of the full Moon in Virgo. The sun is in Pisces, accompanied by Neptune, Venus, Mercury and Chiron. Pisces and Virgo are mutable signs and this full Moon allows us to see with greater clarity the changes that we need to implement in order to materialise the interior vision that emerges from Pisces.

With a stellium of five planets in Pisces it is probable that the pragmatism and order to which Virgo calls us feels welcome. Given the absence of limits to contain the intensity of the Pisces energy we need the earth of Virgo to anchor and channel it.

The astrological climate of the preceeding days may have been chaotic, confused. We are still integrating the energies of the previous Aquarius-Leo axis eclipses, especially the eclipse of two weeks ago in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign that precedes Pisces, the last sign of the Wheel of the Zodiac. That is why we may feel a sensation of closure. Something is concluding, something has ended. We are entering into a process of discrimination and discernment that allows us to recognise the next step that leads towards a new cycle. A new path. This closure is not radical. It is progressive and happens in stages, fractals in which we come and go in the wheel of time.

This is the moment of the year in which we start to close the cycle that we opened in March of 2017. We are moving over the last degrees of the Wheel of the Zodiac. The next new Moon will be in Pisces, the last of the solar year. When we celebrate the new Moon in Aries, in April, we open a new cycle. The energy will continue changing progressively between now and then as Venus and Mercury make their entry into Aries, preceding the Sun at the Equinox.

Mercury will turn retrograde in Aries in March. In April Chiron, for the first time in 50 years, will also enter into Aries. We will feel the change and we are preparing ourselves for these changes. That is why this is a good time to submerge ourselves in the waters of Pisces, recapitulating, closing, cleaning, purifying, getting rid of, clarifying and placing the sacred order of Virgo in our energy through our intentions in order to get our bearings for the new cycle.

When the feeling is one of estrangement, when our security is no longer nourished by the familiar, when the uncertainty of what will happen? overwhelms us, all that remains for us is the present. The present and ourselves, our I that observes, strong, flexible, conscious and open. It observes, comes and goes, discerns and takes its time to choose.

In this between times a feeling of belonging is born which accompanies us both forwards and backwards, in which we build bridges, repair broken rungs on the ladder and reconstruct the parts of our history where we have lost ourselves along the way.

That is where the energy of Virgo is useful and necessary for us. In order to live in the present, to cultivate our own sense of belonging, to return to our centre, our house, the warmth of Being, we need to take small steps and focus our attention on small actions which anchor our energy, here, now, today. This is the teaching of Virgo: care and attention in our work, in the details. It is in the details and the everyday that we weave a new path.

Now with the full Moon in Virgo we have the opportunity to focus ourselves in the present, to discriminate and digest, to integrate. This full Moon in Virgo may be useful for seeing with greater clarity that which needs to be ordered. This full Moon in Virgo calls us to find the anchor, the focus, the task to orient our attention and channel our internal energies in a practical way. It invites us to get down to earth.

The transit of the Sun from Aquarius to Pisces speaks to us about allowing the rigidity of our mental certainties to dissolve in the water of our emotions and feelings. There is a point at which the mind is unable to take in or to comprehend the immensity of the energies which move in our interior. The solar eclipse in Aquarius may have felt like a mental fragmentation. Like a labyrinth of noise and stimuli, of influences and voices, which generated an internal collapse.

The eclipse could have revealed how the vision of the world that we have created – and in which we have believed – is only a body of ideas and idealisations of how we want to be and to live. It could have revealed an internal separation between our projected vision of the future and the true calling and intention of our soul. Certainties which until now have given us a feeling of order and security and which, eclipsed by the Dragon of the Sky, reveal themselves to be a prison that limits the expansion of our consciousness and the evolution of our path.

Now, with the Pisces energy we experience the water of feeling as part of a process of alchemical integration that allows us to heal the shock – or the trauma – caused by the meeting with this mental rigidity. Now, we digest through feeling and we enter into a phase of reconciliation and unification in which our emotions and feelings fulfil the functions of dissolving, of healing, and of softening our internal barriers. For some this may be a sweet and deeply healing process in which understanding occurs through a feeling of reconnection, an acceptance of the process, without judgement and without demands, and a surrender to a greater order which pushes us to embrace change.

For others these rigidities have necessitated and necessitate the strength of a tsunami to be broken down. The more power we have given to the idea of what we believe we want versus the reality of what we need to feel, the stronger the emotional upheaval. Put another way, the days preceding this full Moon have revealed how trapped we may be in our mind, how open or closed we are to integrating our emotions and how this internal dance between our thoughts and our feelings plays out.

Eclipses invite us – or push us – to evolve. This evolutionary dance is a dialogue between letting go of the past and opening ourselves up to the unknown. When we cling to an idea of how things should be – or to our vision of what happened – we are negating this evolutionary order. An order which asks us to honour the kingdom of our waters and accept our feelings without judging them as good or bad. Our idealisation, or our obedience of authority, tricks us by pushing us towards wanting to feel a certain way and by negating the reality of what we are going through. When this outer personality comes apart we feel the emotional exposure and are left confused and vulnerable.

Perhaps we have discovered that the rigidity and demands of the past are related to a spiritual coldness that presents itself when the soul abandons the body in order not to feel pain. Perhaps we have discovered the violence of a mind whose function has been to cover up, hide and conceal the truth of our heart.

The energy of the eclipse in Aquarius has shown us the mental framework that dominates our perception. Programmes and conditionings which act as scripts that substitute the reality of our being and the truth of our heart. It has shown us the discrepancy between our mental life and reality.

The water of Pisces takes us away from this mental field and allows us to connect with a deep feeling. A feeling which comes from inside, a feeling that deserves to be sheltered, listened to, welcomed.

This is the voice of the past that returns today. That which is unresolved, that which belongs to the kingdom of light and consciousness – that which we have not wanted to look at, accept and name – emerges. This shoot which is born from inside invites us to go back over our steps and revisit the past.

A revisiting that takes us to a place without time in which we can live our biography, live our life path as a place, a space, a school full of richness. Our past is a resource. If we are not able to travel in time, if we negate it, we cannot live the plenitude of the fertile and up to date present. What we negate from the past dominates us, returns and comes to find us and we feel that we are incapable of escaping from the cycle of repetition. We remain trapped in a story and we are unable to move on from it.

But if we are in the present, if we choose to move towards the past as a conscious choice, as a chosen journey, we can look at our path with our own eyes. Benevolent or critical eyes? That which injured us, shamed us, silenced us, takes on another life and meaning to the extent that we are able to take the love of our present to these recondite and forgotten places.

The negation of the past is a trap as dangerous as the negation of our shadow. The art of revisiting speaks to us of taking up the reins of the narratives of the past to revitalise our today, only in this way can we walk towards a future that is not an unconscious repetition of yesterday.

The energy brought up by the eclipses has forced us in some way to make this journey of revision of our personal story, of the script which has guided us to the present. This opportunity to retrace our steps has called us to discern, to discriminate regarding the roles that we have assumed in the past. It invites us to choose if we wish to continue feeding these roles or if we wish to walk in another way.

Only through this act of discrimination can we take up the reigns of the future. This process is not a mental one. It is emotional. We have to feel it. The mind accompanies us up to a point. The mind accompanies us to the threshold of the heart. Only from the heart can we choose to look with love upon the past. It is a profound alchemy.

Loving our past does not mean accepting the unacceptable, it does not mean that we are forced to forgive something or someone we are not ready to forgive, it just means that we choose not to give it more power today.

In this process forgiveness is secondary. Forgiveness will emerge organically to the extent to which we ally ourselves with the will to be loyal towards ourselves. An unconditional loyalty to deserving a life in which we feel sovereign and owners of our energy, decisions, will power. That which we call power – and which we so easily hand over to others – is not recovered through struggle or force but through the benevolence of knowing that we are guardians of our story and through not ceding to the habits of the roles that we have played so well up to now.

Accepting ourselves is embracing everything that emerges and navigating our waters. This navigation of our netherworld of the past can require that we look for help, that we support ourselves in a guide that strengthens the loving, benevolent and compassionate voice in our interior, nourishing us in the courage of swimming through these memories. This support role is just a reflection of an internal part of us that needs to be constructed and strengthened.

Which part of myself am I not attending to? Which part of myself needs to be listened to? Which voice wants to rise to the surface? Who or what is speaking to me through this emotion?

This Moon also calls us to dare to ask the question of the soul. It summons us to dissolve the resistances to listening. This implies working through our necessity for control and letting the question fertilise new narratives. For this we need to let go of the need to win and to be correct.

The question that opens the doors of the territory that we desire to traverse requires us to put aside our need to dominate. It asks us for surrender.

There are questions which break spells, since the simple fact of authorising ourselves to ask them transgresses a prohibition or a fear. There are questions which detonate creative universes. There are questions which open the heart completely. There are questions which open doors and new ways. There are questions which fertilise life.

We are currently passing from chaos to the revelation of an order. It is a fragile, delicate moment. It needs care and attention. It is small, it is subtil. It is the order of love.

The order of love that summons us to the sovereignty of concentrated time. This miniscule instant in which we can take the time to choose and ask the right question.

:: text translation by Michael Evans ::

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