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new moon in Pisces :: a new body of words


Tomorrow we cross the threshold of the new Moon in Pisces, the last new Moon of the solar cycle. With this moon we end a cycle of thirteen moons and we cover the last stages of the spiral of the Evolutionary Wheel of the Zodiac.

This lunation opens up an intensification of astrological activity. The planets begin to align with the evolutionary narrative of 2018. We are a few days away from the Equinox – 20st March – threshold of the cyclic change. This is usually an intense moment in which our genetic memory recognises the evolutionary impulse. This is a moment of the year in which a process is activated, short and intense, in which we are invited to make a leap. A leap into the void. A leap which separates us from the familiar. A leap towards life but a leap that, nevertheless, also speaks to us of a death. When the Sun crosses zero degrees of Aries, the opportunity of a rebirth emerges in our consciousness and with it also an ancient and visceral fear of change.

The new Moon in Pisces tomorrow is in conjunction with Chiron. This is not an easy energy to assimilate given that Chiron speaks to us of archetypal, transgenerational, energetic and spiritual wounds that influence the incarnation of the intention of our soul. Chiron invites us to honour the processes of growth that require our will and consciousness in order to cross the thresholds of letting go – which can sometimes be painful – but which is so necessary in order for growth.

On the 8th March Jupiter began its retrograde journey in Scorpio, opening the backdoor of our consciousness to hidden dimensions of our psyche. This movement of Jupiter, in combination with the Moon and the Sun in conjunction with Chiron in Pisces, tells us that our waters are moving. It is probable that in the days prior to the new Moon we have felt the intensification of our emotions and that we have started to enter into contact with a new body of vulnerabilities. There is a healing in progress, however, it is the level of consciousness with which we accompany this process which determines the extent of our discomfort or suffering. This is why gentleness and sweetness are key to provide a harmonic dissolution of that which restricts us. In this benevolent dissolution, pain can live alongside the conscious joy of being unconditionally present through our process.

Symptoms can include feelings of exhaustian, a loss of energy, a sensation of energetic collapse, more or less subtle, which clouds over us. An energetic bubble in which intangible sensations move us towards scenes from the past may seem to envelop us. Scenes or emotional sensations may have paraded themselves in our interior, emotional dramas may have been awakened. Or, something external may force us to stop, to withdraw ourselves, to rest.

This is an emotional moment, in which primordial fears emerge and make us feel that we are going backwards, that we are being swamped, that the air is heavy and it is difficult to move. This atmosphere is emotional. The greater the repression or disassociation from the emotions that wish to be expressed, the more uncomfortable is the feeling of unease. If we deny the transformational power of emotion: to become emotional, to let ourselves be moved by the water of our being and to honour our water, then we become trapped in whirlpools of stagnant energy that paralyse us and cloud our capacity to act and to choose. We get confused. We doubt.

Other symptoms of this energy speak to us through knots in the stomach, muscle contractions in the body, eating and sleep disorders, dispersion, clouded mind, difficulty in concentration, escapism and isolation, social hyperactivity.

We search for comfort in flight instead of bearing with the internal movement, listening to it, dedicating time to it. We dedicate time to it by taking a pause, realigning our body, resting, interrogating the symptoms, transforming them through creative expression, anchoring our energy in the body, breathing with consciousness, in contact with nature and the earth. We accompany it by being unconditionally present for ourselves, without escaping from the discomfort, honouring unjudgementally that which emerges.

Those who know how to take their time, those who have a practice of self-care and internal listening, those who honour their emotions without judging them, may be navigating through these waters in a sweet and loving way. The resistences to change are dissolved gently to the extent to which, like midwives, we accompany ourselves in this landscape of rebirth. This accompanying opens doorways to visionary creativity. We enter into contact with new potentialities and we are cautiously able to honour the present because we trust in the phases of the creative process.

The atmosphere prior to the Equinox also speaks to us of the change from the mutable energy of the water of Pisces to the cardinal energy of the fire of Aries. This is the most crucial passage in the wheel of the zodiac. Powerful and delicate, it is a moment that asks for our attention and care. Not because there is danger but because the opportunities for renovation are present and deserve our attention.

The passage from Pisces to Aries is the Alpha and the Omega of the evolutionary cycle. It is a sacred and ancestral passage of initiation. It is the Ouroborus, the serpent that eats its tail and which speaks to us of the cyclical nature of life: from death and rebirth. This new Moon in Pisces invites us to honour endings, to complete with honour and respect that which has died, and to situate ourselves with courage in the face of the new. It invites us to embrace this time as an initiation. This is a sacred moment.

Between this new Moon in Pisces and the new Moon in Aries, Mercury will begin – two days after the March Equinox – its retrogradation in Aries.

In the context of the end of the solar cycle, this astrological configuration speaks to us of opportunities to break the silence and overturn an ancestral prohibition to make our voice heard with autonomy and liberty. This is not a quick process. The retrogradation of Mercury in Aries speaks to us of first passing through a process of recognition of the hidden body of words that emerges from behind the curtain of this ancient negation. It speaks to us of not being precipitous in taking the sword and impulsively cutting ourselves off from that which we have recognised as dominating us and from which we would like to liberate ourselves. We could cause ourselves damage. Rather it speaks to us of a process and its stages. It speaks to us of our capacity to grow in this process without needing immediate responses, without getting lost in impatience.

On the first of April Mercury will iniciate its new solar cycle. On this day it is in conjunction with the Sun. The recommendation is to wait for this insemination of Mercury by the Sun and let emerge the internal message that wants to come up to the light. Afterwards, as Mercury gradually moves away from the Sun, it is necessary to give time to this message so that it is embodied, puts down roots and matures.

Mercury goes direct again in Aries on the 15th April, two days before the new Moon in this sign. For this reason the month between the new Moon in Pisces and the new Moon in Aries deserves our presence and attention in order to receive this voice that comes from far and from deep, in order to anchor it and accompany it to its birth. This voice will accompany us during the new Solar cycle. This voice is a seed of life. This voice is fertile.

The voice of the fire of Aries incarnated in courageous and liberating words, sincere and authentic, opens a path through the guts of old obediencies. The fear to express the truth of our needs and sincere desires dissolves as our heart gathers strength and confidence in finding its expression.

There are words that burn. Words that hurt. There is a silence that freezes. There is a silence that has the flavour of death. There are words which we are terrified to bring to the world. We feel the fear of change and the fear that things will not change. We stay silent and things stay the same.

Change is generated through the word. The words that name our desires, our intention. Words which emancipate. Words which push us all to grow and to mature. The time for continuing to keep up the masquerades, the farces and the dramas that cover up this old shadow, this dominator unconsciousness is over.

To speak is not to go against anyone but to speak in favour of the truth. Anyone who dominates our expression is taking our energy hostage. We listen to decrees in our interior which tell us things like “you’re going to destroy the family”, “be quiet or you’re going to end up alone”, “you’re going to hurt him, you’re going to hurt her”, “you’ll be rejected, excluded, humiliated, thrown out”, “it’s dangerous”, “what for, no ones listens to you”.  

These are some of the voices of a silent authority. That hidden power which inhabits us. That circulates subtly and is difficult to denounce. That makes us doubt ourselves. It is the body of secrets and taboo subjects. The unsaid amongst families or in the circles we call families.

The excuse to preserve tradition, to maintain formalities and to honour order, security and stability, has a cost. These excuses cover up a profound emotional deficiency, an incapacity to go to the root of the trauma, of the hidden wound, personal and shared. Where this emotional deficiency is expressed there is an energetic charge which opens up the door to abuse. Spiritual abuse, energetic abuse, abuse of power relations, sexual abuse, economic abuse, abuses of authority.

Faced with this silent power we give up our sovereignty of choice. When we are unable to choose freely there are parts of us which are not united. We say yes when we mean no, or viceversa. We do not dare to express our word, we move in spaces where we regulate our expression due to fear. We are complicit in what injures us.

Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio speaks to us of the underworlds that we fear navigating through so much and which, nevertheless, are places that some of us know and are able to influence. This can be a time in which whistle-blowing voices emerge to speak of the energetic and spiritual abuse to which we are subject through groups, institutions, systems, through people who have control of energy, information.

We cannot see Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio outside of the context of the eclipses in Aquarius and Leo. We are now going deeper into the evolutionary dimensions of the January and February eclipses. This energetic narrative continues pushing us towards our freedom of expression, the fire of the truth, spoken from the heart.

Our learnt loyalties are being passed through the filter of our personal integrity, and the incoherence of supporting systems that do not reflect our internal truth is no longer sustainable. Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio speaks to us of our interior masters, teachers, gurus and sorcerors: that dimension of wisdom to which we all have a right and natural access. We are realising that power has been abused by those who have held information and knowledge. We are realising that when we inhabit and honour the fire of our truth, when we follow our heart, there are no deceptions or lies which survive.

In the coming weeks we will start seeing how these new narratives take shape. As a minimum, we will see the incongruence in the paths of people in whom we have placed our trust. In other cases, the veils of deception will be ripped away and we will see how the abuse of knowledge – shared and unshared – speaks to us of an ancestral control of what we can know.

At a deeper level, for those who do not fear liberating initiations from energetic abuse, we will see how more and more people are ready to look at the truth behind the sexual perversion which infiltrates the systems of power and of economic, political and social control. The bravery of Aries united to the quest for the hidden truth of Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio promises an opening in the collective consciousness to subjects which until now have been completely rejected and invisibilised by consensual reality.

In Scorpio the water is stagnant, in Pisces it moves. Moving that which is stagnant can cause pain. Like the way a muscle we have not used for a long time can hurt. It requires a process and care. The danger with the intensification of the energy from Aries, and the emotional charge from Pisces and Scorpio, is that for some people this energy can only be expressed through anger.

Repressed energy can break out and tear down the damn that contains the water. The pressure is enormous, which is why the energy of Mercury retrograde calls us to slow down, to go less quickly. If we act impulsively, if we do not honour the process, if haste dominates our capacity for reflexion, we can injure ourselves or others.

Between the new Moon in Pisces and the new Moon in Aries we have a period in which to maintain this process of closure and letting go which will open space for the new. At the new Moon in Aries, we plant the seed-intentions of what we want to see grow through the new solar cycle.

These four weeks between Moons is also a time in which Chiron covers the last degrees of Pisces, since on the 17th April, the day of the new Moon in Aries, it also enters into Aries. This Chiron into Aries transit has various phases since Chiron goes back into Pisces in October this year and then makes a definitive entry into Aries on the 18th February of 2019.

Wherever Chiron passes it makes bridges, uniting the fragmented. From April we will have the opportunity to feel and experience what the new Chiron cycle will bring us. For now, we are accompanying a change in our personal and collective consciousness. It is not about achieving a target, but rather about embracing a process. Perhaps we have to surrender in order to say yes. Perhaps we have to withdraw. Perhaps we just need to name, in the intimicy of our being, that which is wishing to be named. Perhaps we just have to open the door.

:: text translation by Michael Evans ::

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