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full moon in Libra :: butterflies of fire


The sun has already crossed the line of the March Equinox. The transition of the Sun from the sign of Pisces into Aries always invites us – in a more or a less obvious or subtle way – to a letting go, to a separation. The transition from Pisces to Aries returns us to the archetypical landscape of our birth. From the uterine waters of the oceanic Great Mother – memory of the great mystery of our existence – we come up to the light. We are born as a first breath of life. We breathe and we start on a path of growth. Our embodied way through life.

From the pregnant darkness of the belly of our mother, innocent and brave we push forth towards the Sun. It is our first movement towards the light. Our birth: a first initiation that speaks to us of the sacred passage from water to fire. In each solar cycle, the March equinox emotionally and energetically recreates this initiation in our interior.

At this moment of the year our soul passes through the Ring of Fire that initiates us into a new cycle of life. We separate from the uterus, metaphor for that which is comfortable, familiar, safe. At this moment of the year we separate from this energetic uterine state to move towards unknown territories in order to grow. In Aries we individuate.

The Sun in Aries reflects its light on the Moon in Libra. We are on the threshold of the first full Moon of the astrological year. Since the December solstice we have been gestating a process, invisible, discreet and subtle. Now, having crossed the line of the March equinox, this seed that has germinated in our interior, emerges slowly towards the light. If we have honored the silence and the cyclical retreat of the passage from Capricorn to Pisces, then, it is probable that we are living through a powerful feeling of rebirth, of interior flowering. This sprouting of renovated energy is subtle and will continue to grow gradually through the solar cycle.

Mercury retrograde in Aries until the 15th of April invites us to place our attention in caring for this emerging light that is born inside of us. Delicately, we let go of a dominant past in order to make space for a new way of wanting to be, live, create and express ourselves. This change implies the dissolution of a dynamic of security and belonging that has accompanied us for a long time. A dynamic that has been useful, and that no longer serves us.

Between this full Moon in Libra and the new Moon in Aries on the 17th April, we will have the opportunity to accompany the dissolution of our resistance in order to allow this transformation to happen. A Butterfly of Fire appears from within the heaviness that traps us in repetition. Repetition of a role. Repetition of a loyalty to someone, to a belief, to a system, to a form that has not been renovated, brought up to date or interrogated. Repetition of an obedience to an authority, to an energy, to a power, or to a type of use of power. Repetition that enslaves us, infantilizes us and stunts our growth. Repetition that enslaves us to the fear of Being.

This butterfly of fire is full of creative potential, deserving our patience, our commitment and our confidence. It is the flame of a fire, of a creative aspect, of a loving potential, of a liberating truth. This fire is related to the evolution of the transits of Mercury retrograde that take place throughout this year.

 Mercury retrogrades in Leo from the 26th July to the 19th August and in Sagittarius from the 17th November to the 6th December. On the 8th December Jupiter leaves Scorpio and enters into its own sign, Sagittarius.

Our delicate butterfly of fire, metaphor for this new-born light of Mercury retrograde in Aries, will grow through the portal of the Heart of Leo in July and August, and will fly free like a Phoenix in December in Sagittarius. The trap today is to fail to trust this process.

For now this butterfly is the fertile energy that precedes our words and gives body to our voice. It is the seed of an authentic wish which – before being able to be expressed and shared – needs to be recognized, nourished and cared for from inside. It is likely at this stage that we feel this fire of desire as timid and delicate. A new voice, a new love, a new way of positioning ourselves in life, a new path, a new life project that vibrates, resonates and inspires us.

Perhaps through haste, impatience or immaturity we may want to express and give life prematurely to this energy. Perhaps we feel a profound and painful frustration upon recognizing that we still do not know how to embody this voice that emerges from inside. That we still do not know how to channel this wish for freedom. Perhaps we realize that in truth we do not know how to relate ourselves to our fire, nor how to work with it.

Mercury retrograde in Aries invites us to proceed with caution, to not neglect to care for the flame of the fire that moves with fragility in the wind of our predatory mind. This internal flame is the mirror of the light of the truth of our heart that sustains itself in the midst of the abuse of mental noise, of the energetic distractions that prey upon our light, devour our wishes and frustrate our expression. There are many distractions from attention, seductions which distance us from caring for our loving flame, that take our energy and feed off our desires.

And, when we succumb, we loose the key of our path of individuation. Individuation being that which names an initiatic journey of the soul in reconnecting with its own essence. This is what we call our subjective integrity, embodied in the singularity of our voice. Our voice being that which in a miraculous way differentiates us from the rest. This differentiation is not equivalent to a comparative nor competitive separation. It is a differentiation that separates us from the matrix that created us so that we can recognize ourselves as creators of new matrices.

Individuation is the necessary step for reuniting in reciprocal consciousness with the other. It invites us to honor ourselves as separate unities before trying to reach unity. Creative unity, loving unity, cosmic unity, earthly unity.

The axis of Aries and Libra speaks to us of this process of separation and reunion. It speaks to us of a process of independence that takes us to interdependence. This pairing of Two which dancing together find the One, a path of peace and personal and collective harmonization.

Many of us wish to live this dynamic bonding with the other. That which we call creative collaboration is the link that honors our sovereignty. So, when we speak of sovereignty, we are speaking of this personal energetic space that first has to be differentiated in order to then be reunited.

It is likely that many of the narratives that surround us at the moment have a flavor of a weaning, as if an ancient and invisible umbilical chord tied us to old beliefs and loyalties. As if a dark and invisible mother were restraining this separation. However, in order to move towards the loving, creative energy, we have to separate ourselves from this mother. We have to separate from the father to move towards the lover. The binomial father mother that dominates us internally can be an energetic black hole to the extent that on the one hand we depend on it and on the other hand we do not honor it. Only by separating ourselves from the energetic dependence of the father-mother – absent or present, nourishing or abusive, it matters little – can we honor them. By honoring them, we honor where we come from and then we can honor and value where we are going.

The collaborative link is a loving, creative and affectionate yearning. And it is in the school of relationships, of you to you in the shared mirror, that we recognize or reject each other and ourselves. In this meeting place, the map of our deep disagreements and failed meetings, is also drawn since it is in the fissures of shared harmony that we can valiantly recognize that which is broken in our interior. So a dynamic link allows for healthy times and spaces of separation – distance, independence – in which we take charge of what corresponds to us, whilst the other person also follows their own path.

A lot of bravery, sincerity and trust is needed to process this separation without succumbing to the fear of “not returning”. This is why the primary separation from the maternal- paternal archetype needs to be relived cyclically in order to refresh our autonomy, to nourish the liberty that allows us to return to meeting without demands or bonds. This cyclical separation calls us to individuate ourselves through choice: are we creative lovers or are we playing at being parents and children? Are we assuming the responsibility of interdependence or do we just wish to repeat emotional ecosystems in which we recreate ourselves as dependents?

One of the multiple traps which we face in this reality of fragmented mental over-stimulation – in which we consume political, spiritual and social truths as products – is the loss of a profound feeling of belonging to ourselves. We change practices and beliefs, take what we feel like from one line of knowledge or another, we mix disciplines that superfluously nourish our search for identity: those questions that push us to grow and say, who am I? What is my intention? Where am I going? And we may believe that by changing our clothes and songs, changing discourses and alliances, therapies and courses, partners, circles, teachesr and gurus, medicines and remedies, we really follow a process of liberty and autonomy.

All of these resources are fundamentally supports and mirrors of an internal process. Individuation is internal. The supports that we search for outside of ourselves in order to give meaning to our life – the ceremonies and rituals (political, social and spiritual) that we invoke – are only processes which frame the absence of an essential link.

This essential internal link is a place from which we flee, from which we escape. And we prefer transitory flowerings and fatuous fires that take us from one trance to another, from movement to movement, out of this internal space, tragically abandoned, painfully devastated. And we all want the light, the fire, the shine, the splendor, the ecstasy, the illumination, the transcendence, the absence of suffering, and we want it immediately, here and now. And we want it to come from outside of ourselves and to save us from the uncertainty of freedom. We want it to take us, to nourish us, to fill us, to give meaning to our life.

We are great consumers of ecstatic experiences and now with the hyperventilation of a savagely manipulative market, predator of our deepest wishes and deficiencies, everything is available to us at the click of a button. We get on a plane to be spiritual tourists or, we receive in our mailbox, at home without having to move, that magical substance that is going to liberate us. And we navigate this virtual city of self-deception, disguised in fantasy, and we disconnect from the vital pulse that beats in our interior. This Solar I Am whose only wish is to rise up, recognize and express itself, without artifice, without drugs, without trances.

And we can skip a basic step, the understanding that our process of individuation, that step to true autonomy, involves separating our self from mum and dad and assuming the responsibility of being our own internal mothers and fathers. This link is easy to skip over, because we believe that leaving home and finding our creative path is sufficient, and we can fail to realize that what we may look for in our relationships is that which mum and dad gave, or did not give to us.

We are then like children dressed up as adults that do not know how to honor the initiatic cycles of separation from the maternal and paternal matrix. So our vital relationships become easily swamped when we realize that we are trapped in the repetition deficiencies that we project onto the other. We search for attention, resources, energy, we want to cling on, we are invasive, we let ourselves be invaded, we allow others to cling to us, we give up our energy to those who do not appreciate it and we demand it from those to whom we are attracted.

It matters little on which side of the mirror we find ourselves trapped in this toxic repetition that pushes us to flee. To flee from ourselves when what we want so much is our own fire that is inside of us.

Then we are able to honor our internal flame, and if necessary ferociously and bravely take the steps that liberate us, that push us to dare to be. Everything conspires to make us sleep, to make us switch off in sadness, frustration, existential despair and impotence in the face of a false reality that has lost all root of meaning.

However, the truth is that meaning is in each of us. We just have to listen to the delicate butterfly of fire that flutters in our heart and follow its flight.

Text traslation by Michael Evans

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