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new moon in Aries :: the leadership of yes


Today, 16th April, we cross the threshold of the new Moon in Aries. This is the first new Moon of the new solar year. At this new Moon we honor the seed of a desire that we wish to see grow, flower and bear fruits through the year, until March 2019. Aries, as the first sign of the evolutionary wheel, speaks to us of the strength of the seed that breaks through the density of the Earth in order to raise itself up towards the Sun. It speaks to us of the power of the Earth and the Cosmos that live within us and that push us to grow, to evolve, and to leave behind the repetition and the residuary stagnation from the preceding cycle.

The new Moon in Aries calls us to plant the seed of courage. Courage is a vibrant and vital force that is activated through a conscious decision. This decision is an internal act through which we choose to take a step. Under this new Moon in Aries we choose to step towards freedom. We choose to walk towards independence. Our first step begins with our word.

Mercury has just gone direct again in Aries. What seemed to be stuck is starting to move. What was not clear is beginning to be clarified. The path opens up in front of us and invites us to take a step. It invites us to choose. To decide. To give our word.

The doors of silence open and courage calls us to name that which until now did not have a body of words. Over the past three weeks an internal process of security and trust has taken root in our interior. We have listened to the voice of our deepest embers and now this fire is rekindled and burns with new light. This is the step: open the way to the fire of our voice.

During this lunation the Sun and the Moon are in conjunction with Uranus. Uranus catalyzes the courage of Aries and calls us to liberating actions. There are burdens from the past that we can no longer bear. There is an outdated script that is losing its power. There is an authority, internal or external, that gives way before the liberating force of this new Moon in conjunction with Uranus in Aries.

If we feel that we have been trapped in a story that no longer defines us, if we feel that we are in relationships that no longer nourish us, if we feel that we give our energy to projects or situations that compromise our integrity, this new Moon offers us the opportunity to leave behind where we no longer wish to be.

This new Moon in Aries in conjunction with Uranus gives us the strength, the courage and the will to overcome the ancient fear of taking steps towards our freedom. Our freedom begins with the word. Can we name? Can we share? Who gets burnt by our truth? What falsity succumbs before our fire?

If we so desire, we now have the opportunity to undo an ancient knot, to separate ourselves from a repressive past, to face up to a dominant power and, if necessary, to say no. A no that signifies “no more”. A no that says “not like this”. A no that breaks the spell of old alliances in which we cannot express ourselves freely. A no that breaks the spell of loyalties that are not in harmony with our most integral values. A no that breaks the spell of an oppressive obedience that denies our truth.

Thanks to this new Moon in Aries we also have the opportunity to say yes. A yes free of fear, a yes free of guilt, a yes free of shame. A yes that inspires us to live our life on our own terms. A yes that inspires us to act in coherence with what our internal voice tells us and asks us for. A yes that inspires us to obey the fire of our truth. A yes to dare to be what we are, beyond what others may think or say about our acts and choices.

This yes is the voice of our affirmation of the life that sprouts up towards the light. This yes is the voice of our courage that shakes us from the fear of revealing ourselves. This yes is the point of the arrow of a truth that we have been constructing from inside, from the depths of our heart. A truth that now emerges becomes visible and wants to be honored in a coherent and integral sharing.

This yes is a shout that rips away the veil of an ancient silence. This yes is a line of blood in which the voice of our entire lineage supports us and gives us the strength to grow and to evolve. This yes is an ancient tree that welcomes beneath its leafy branches the circle of elders that live in the heart of our consciousness. This yes is the sword that cuts the chains that enslave us in a fear that has been programmed into our unconscious without our permission. This yes is the key that opens the doors to the healing miracle that awakens the forgotten memory of who we truly are. This yes is a sacred invocation that awakens the benevolent forces of the universe, which unite to support us, care for us and protect us on our path of life.

This yes is the voice of the Earth that wants to be liberated through us. This yes is the voice of the endangered species that cry for their extinction through us. This yes is the dream of the children that are born in these times to the world that we bequeath them. This yes is the cry of the children that are living through the horrors of sexual slavery. This yes is the song of the water that implores us to honor it, cultivating grief so that love can bloom again. This yes is the call of Time to wake up to the reality of the world that we have created.

In this step towards our freedom, this yes of our desire, this choice that honors our truth, is contained the cosmos and the stars. Our yes, intimate and personal, is not isolated from the totality. Our choices have repercussions in the universe, on the Earth, in humanity and in our tribe. It is our responsibility to live each one of our steps with the consciousness that we are free to choose. With the consciousness that our freedom is a luxury. With the consciousness that this freedom is a privilege. Do we choose to remain stagnant, oppressed? Do we choose to be loyal to people, beliefs, systems that do not value us? Do we choose to obey that which harms us?

For some of us this new Moon in Aries may come with a flavor of conflict. Under this Moon there may be a feeling of war. We may find ourselves caught up in narratives in which we are forced to take center stage and defend our space, our energy, our time, our choices and our truth. This Moon has a territorial tone. It challenges us to maintain our limits, to know what we want and to enter into battle to look after ourselves if necessary.

Under this Moon there is a ferocity that demands that we remain integral and not afraid to value and protect what is important and precious for ourselves. There is a ferocity that tells us it is time to take risks, to dare to ask for, to name, to clarify or to deny where we need to do so. Under this Moon there is a call not to fear this energy, not to flee from conflict, to accept the challenge that awakens and stretches us. Under this Moon we become activated.

We may feel indignation, we may feel anger, our energy may overflow. If this is the case, it is a good time to write, to express ourselves, to move our body, to feel this energy and make it dance, so that we feel its power, so that it shakes us and frees us, so that we contact the flames of this fire that wants to dance through us.

The fire of Aries is the fire of the will: the energy that carries the desire of the soul and acts with consciousness in the manifestation of its dream. Will being the first internal step towards a decision that becomes an action. Will as the voice of a thought that claims independence from the consensual reality of the herd, or the laws of the tribe, in order to experience its own dream. Will power as the bearer of our individuation.

The day after the new Moon, Chiron enters into Aries. This transit speaks to us of a new leadership. The fire of Aries, the signal bearer of the evolutionary flame for these times, tells us that we are taking the first steps in a new cycle for humanity. The small affirmative steps that we take today will progressively blossom over the coming years. The vision that today inspires and sustains us before the uncertainty of our future is the vision of our conscious yes. This is a yes made of fire. This yes is the spokesperson for a body of words which leads and which opens a path. This yes is also a no that is not afraid of the battlefield because it knows the force that inspires it.

This new leadership that begins to gestate below this New Moon erupts, shakes, changes, regenerates, challenges. This new leadership burns through that which no longer serves. This leadership begins in each one of us when we embrace the step of courage and exercise our will to go past the fear of being and doing what we know we came here to do and to be.

Text traslation by Michael Evans

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