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full moon in Scorpio :: the sword of life

ESCORPIO_FINALToday, 30th April, we cross the threshold of the full Moon in Scorpio. The light of the Sun reflected by the surface of the Moon is returned to the Earth and illuminates our night. Scorpio is a sign linked with darkness, the occult, that which is felt but unseen, that which moves about in the shadows off-stage. Behind the curtain there is a world that acts upon our world. Who is it that pulls the strings? Who is it that knows the secret rules of the game? Who is it that writes the script of the drama in which we find ourselves?

This full Moon invites us to shine a light into the dark areas of our life in order to illuminate the places we find it difficult to look at and to accept. To accept that what moves us, what motivates us, is not (always) conscious. These hidden motivations, unspoken truths and intentions, not yet illuminated by the power of consciousness, emerge during this lunar landscape.

This full Moon summons us to the power of sincerity, that virtue which breaks the spell cast by our predatory motivations, where we say one thing and do another, give our word and hide the roots of our actions. Roots that may be fed by feelings of shame or unrecognised pain. Roots anchored in a desire for vengeance, in wanting to be right, in wanting to win. Roots that we do not see and that dominate us.

That is why this Moon may show us the faces of the abuse that we have made of power: times when we have placed our survival interests so highly that we have chosen to go to war, into battle for energy, time, money or attention. And our unclear and insincere strategies hide deceptive motivations that create toxic situations which bog down our reality.

This Moon may show us the areas of our life in which the shadow of the occult has been acting without our consent. In which area of our life has this feeling of a struggle for power, energy, time or money revealed itself? In which area of our life do we feel that we have to go to war in order to look after and preserve our integrity, our resources and our values? In which area of our life do we feel impotently trapped in a toxic energetic ecosystem which exhausts us? In which area of our life are we called to speak sincerely in order to break an abusive, violent silence?

This full Moon illuminates the dark areas of our psyche. This full Moon illuminates the dark areas of our relationships. This full Moon illuminates the dark areas of our circles and collectives. This full Moon illuminates the dark areas of the social, economic and political system that controls the future of humanity.

This Moon summons us to look with bravery upon that which is hidden. It invites us to feel beyond that which we can or cannot understand. It invites us to inhabit the space that separates what we viscerally intuit from that which we say or perceive. It invites us to recognise the separation that exists between what we know and what we accept as truth. It invites us to see where we accustom ourselves in complicit silence with that which harms us and makes us ill. It invites us to take on our role and responsibility. Responsibility to no longer sustain a silence that makes us complicit in abuse.

These are not easy energies to integrate, especially when the social, tribal and collective consensus demands that we put a good face on things, share our successes and conquests, appear empowered. The collective consensus pressures us to maintain a role, a way of living or to manifest our values within a determined order. We obey and honour the demands of this socially consensualized image in order not to go it alone, not to take on the role of the exile, not to be marginalized. We stay in line and we play the game.

And this consensus of the acceptable is what delimits our feeling of security and belonging. And we celebrate our harvests of the fruits of wellbeing, security and comfort – at all cost – so that our bubble survives in the sea of uncertainty. Because going off the script, walking in the margins, seeing the game and its tricks, implies a separation that many of us prefer not to confront. However the astrology of this time invites us to embody the courage of moving out from the lines and exploring outside of the limits of the safe and the comfortable. This is a call to liberate ourselves from the dark influences that keep us obedient, impotent and silenced before a system of beliefs and values that supress our expression.

We can recognize this dynamic outside of ourselves, on the collective stage, as well as being able to explore it within ourselves by interrogating our inner motivations. Interrogating our blind loyalties, our cowardly or complicit silences. Interrogating the negation of the truth and the freedom which lives within us and which conditions our decisions and actions.

This is a propitious full Moon for asking ourselves questions. Who pulls the strings of my mind? What motivates me, sincerely, deeply? Can I make the interior journey and get to the roots of what moves me? Can I sincerely recognise soul within what motivates me to choose, to act?

In order to find the bravery to walk the path of our life on our own terms we have to be capable of recognizing with integrity which values we embody and how we wish to contribute to our surroundings. The full Moon in Scorpio reflects the light of the Sun in Taurus. The Sun in Taurus tells us that the motivation to go with sincerity and bravery into our hidden territory is found in our relationship with Life. In Taurus the Sun speaks to us of Gaia Consciousness, a term that names the spiritual and material ecosystem that we call Life. A principle that speaks to us of the consciousness of Being part of the Earth and of devoting our life to serving this integral connection with Life. The dance between Taurus and Scorpio teaches us that in order to be part of the Gaia Ecosystem in an integral way, we have to honor death.

In Scorpio we create the compost that fertilizes the garden of Taurus. In this axis of the Circle of the Zodiac we honor the energy that dies and is transformed in order to create refreshed, clean energy. This principle speaks to us of an emotional ecology that, lived and honoured on a personal level, contributes to the associative and collective network. It is by taking responsibility for our process of personal psychic hygiene that we can participate with integrity in sharing with others. Without this internal process, how can we know what our motivations are? And without this internal process, how can we recognize how we handle situations? Without this internal process, how can we connect with our bravery and with our sincerity?

In order to affirm ourselves in the material world of Taurus we need the power of Scorpio. This is a time in which many of us are feeling the affirmation of the power of sincerity. Sincerity embodied through the will to take responsibility and the desire to be guardians of Life. Being guardians of Life implies embodying values that challenge consensual reality and that even defy the law. Law as a body of norms that organizes a group. Law as the pacts and agreements that we obey. Law as the rituals and ceremonies with which we move our intentions. Law as the borders and the frontiers of what we call reality.

Beneath this Moon we are influenced by the archetype of the warrior. During the week preceding the full Moon, Mars has been consolidating its conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. Chiron is already installed in the first degree of Aries, sign governed by Mars. The presence of Chiron on this degree intensifies the influence of the planet since this is the critical degree of the Circle of the Zodiac. The degree in which something new is born.

This is the start of an evolutionary cycle of eight years in which we will be integrating a new level of consciousness linked to the wounds of war and of the violence in humanity. The wound of aggression, mistreatment, abuse, that we have codified in our interior. It is the trauma of war, the pulse of fear and of survival that condition us to accept violence. The violence of silence, the violence of complacency, the violence of abuse, of lies, of deceptions. This full Moon summons us to a choice: what consensual realities do we wish to continue supporting? Which power games do we keep feeding? What lie are we maintaining?

In addition to the conjunction of Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, the Moon – also under the influence of Mars – is moving towards a meeting with Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio. There is something in this astrological configuration which speaks to us of a dirty war, low blows, hidden agendas and of the power of deception and lies in order to dominate. It suggests that the game is not fair, that some are playing in an abusive way, dominating realities and not wanting to let go of power.

This narrative reveals itself particularly in the collective, in the face of the abuse of power exercized by governments, the perverse use of disinformation and lies in order to control the responses of the masses. This astrology speaks to us of a saturation in our capacity to bear so much violence on so many levels. It summons us to a feeling of rising up and acting in favor of Life. It summons us to a process of recognition of the values that we wish to embody in the midst of this perverse and dangerous game of wars and thefts, abuse and violence.

It summons us to recognize the reality that we want to live in and create, and to contribute from the most intimate part of our Being to disarm the violence that lives within us. This is a healing process that requires that we rescue the energy of the archetype of the warrior in order to pacify the war within ourselves. This warrior energy inspires us to make the journey to the hidden territories of our psyche, to undo energetic knots, dissolve old contracts and pacts and rescue that part of our soul lost in time so that it can be reintegrated in the present.

For many this full Moon reveals the conquest of a new territory. This new territory speaks to us of a feeling of belonging that generates greater confidence and clarity. Truths emerge and can hurt at the same time as they liberate and open the path for new updated potentialities. This is why this Moon may bring a flavour of mourning. In order to embody these new potentialities we need to accompany what has to die within us. Because it is our Yes to Life which inspires us to light up the shadows, to look behind the curtain and denounce what needs to be denounced.

Mercury continues direct in Aries and is transiting the degrees that it has previously passed over. The energy of the benevolent warrior goes through the fire of the word, the sword of sincerity that denounces and marks the limit, guardian and protector of Life.

Text traslation by Michael Evans

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