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full moon in Sagittarius: relearning the truth:


Chiron, the curandero centaur, symbol of the wounded healer, is currently taking his first few steps through Aries, sign of the warrior, independence and will power. Chiron speaks to us of our experience of pain, our feeling of separation and our personal wound, shared in the collective. In Aries, Chiron points his arrow at healing and repairing the fragmentation of our identity. It puts us before our doubts about our mission, our vital intention, and pushes us to overcome the wounds that prevent us from embodying the will and the courage to assertively take our destiny into our own hands.

The myth of Chiron tells us that this wise maestro undertook a long quest to heal a wound caused by an arrow which had poisoned him. The myth of Chiron speaks to us of our pain and of the talents, blessings and resources that emerge when we decide to undertake the path of healing.

On the path of his healing, Chiron found the knowledge, the experience and the wisdom that led him beyond his limits. This quest led him to cross the threshold of the unknown where he found truth and consciousness. The teachings of Chiron require us to recognize our wounds and our pain as the threshold of the initiation that allows us to guide, teach and cure others on their path. This is the path of the Wounded Healer.

Today, Tuesday 29th May, we cross the threshold of the full Moon in Sagittarius, archetypical energy of the Archer Centaur who, with his four horse’s hooves, is rooted into the earth and – with his heart and mind aligned in the same intention – raises his bow and arrow to the sky. In this sign we connect with three levels of consciousness that, integrated, take us towards Truth. Truth with a capital letter, which honors the cycles of Life and of Time. Which honors that which has prevailed over time as knowledge, wisdom and spiritual joy at reaching the integration of the kingdoms of which human life is composed here on the Earth: our animal nature, our human consciousness and our spiritual memory.

Sagittarius is a sign that summons us to the process of a Vision Quest: an initiatic spiritual path on which we honor the power of the questions, who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What is our intention? In Sagittarius we recognize the power of existential uncertainty and we honor all the teachers that have illuminated the paths of the answers. These answers, from ancient races, have taken different paths over time – tribal bifurcations, political and economic interests and power struggles – led by those who proclaim themselves as guardians of the Truth.

These bifurcations take the form of beliefs, theories, laws, dogmas, religions and institutions which guide our life. In this search for the truth, in one way or another, we turn along one or various paths, hoping to remember the resonance of the Primogenial Truth, that which makes us recognize ourselves as conscious bridges between the Cosmos and the Earth.

The law of Sagittarius, when we live it on a personal level, invites us to honor the order that organizes the internal and external information which stimulates us. Information which challenges us, dominates us or awakens us. In order to find this internal and external order, to make the link between what inhabits us and what surrounds us, we have to integrate the three levels of the Sagittarius archetype. This is the path of Truth.

The lower part of the body of the centaur is that of a horse and the upper part that of a human being. The first link that the Sky Archer asks us to make is to our material rooting, our belonging to the animal kingdom. We are animals, mammals. We are governed by instinct and our survival depends upon recognizing and honoring our belonging as integrated species in the Kingdom of the Earth, its laws – including chaos – its cycles and its times.

This wild nature – our animal instinct – is united with the human kingdom. That border situated around our waist, speaks to us of an ascendant movement of instinct of belonging and primary sexuality towards one of power, love and consciousness. In this context, power implies that this animal instinct does not dominate us, and that we integrate it without repressing it. This is a path of mastering and consciousness.

This consciousness asks us not to allow repression of, nor disassociation, from our animal instinct whilst integrating it with our capacity for ordering our mind and heart around an intention and direction. Through this balancing the force of the wild is distilled by the heart and illuminated by the mind. We call it intuition. It is our internal radar, our compass that allows us to avoid the traps of the false and exemplify and manifest our inner truth.

When this order is established in harmony then we raise our bow and arrows – which unite instinct, love and consciousness – towards the stars and the cosmos, recognizing ourselves part of a cosmovision and a wider truth. In Sagittarius we honor this order that connects sky and earth in our interior, we align ourselves and we make a link between the laws of instinct and the laws of consciousness. This link goes through the fire of the heart.

In Sagittarius we remember that our intention is to harmonize and integrate – in dynamic unity – our spirit, our heart-mind and our body. Our truth lives in this internal space. It lives in a constant process, changing, mutable, transforming in ascension this animal energy, channeling and bringing down the energy of the sky, and harmonizing the movements of our mind and our feelings.

Sagittarius is a sign that summons us to honor this truth as a process of interior searching. The truth is in each one of us and it is through recognizing it and honoring its laws internally that we can recognize it and honor it outside of ourselves.

The astrology of these times deeply challenges the foundations of our being on the earth at this time. The fragmentation of external truth pushes us to find internal answers in order to face up to the challenges of the epoch. The internal search for these answers can show us the paths of a wound, of an open breach in our being. This full Moon in Sagittarius summons us to recognize what separates us from life and to find a vision and intention that inspires and motivates us to embody truth on the earth.

We are ever more trapped in narratives that multiply unstoppably around us. These narratives connect us with a feeling of loss of our collective north. Where are we going?

We live in bubbles of (dis)information. Each of us shares truths with the pack, with our circles in a communion which offers us a feeling of belonging. As the external reality produced by social engineering and technological hyper connectivity strengthens its grip over our internal time – over our relationships and our wellbeing – we notice the growing difficulty to pass through the veil that separates us from truth. We face the challenge of cultivating a shared truth with others. We are challenged to overcome the fragmentation of our identity and find fertile territory with others in which we can share common intentions in harmony.

We embrace narratives, we reject others, and, as truth is fragmented in a world of ever more deceptive lies, we realize that we are trapped in artificial narratives, in worlds that are not anchored in the Law of the Earth and the Law of the Cosmos. We inhabit no places full of distractions that seduce our emotions and colonize our mind, in which we lose our rooting in the earth, whilst we launch arrows at a sky that is foreign to us. We face the painful wound of realizing that the plastic world that we feed outside ourselves, also inhabits us on the inside.

Due to the excess of information, the over-stimulation of many “truths”, refuted in sterile debates fed by struggles to be right, we see that our communication (internal and external) is weakened or perishing. In order to alleviate the unconscious pain of this separation we continue to feed ourselves with artificial worlds. We inhabit comfy and safe places that we call Facebook, Netflix, or we feed upon atavistic ceremonies, archetypical bubbles in which we invoke gods and goddesses that dominate the narratives of our awakening. And whilst we accept this game created by others, the earth reminds us, more and more resoundingly, that time is running out on us.

Uranus, recently entered into Taurus, dominates the narrative that awakens us with resoundingness to the ferocity of our waste of time and energy. Our planet will continue showing us with more and more force the fissures in our system belonging, security and survival. Fissures which will continue growing into greater and greater abysses. That’s why the call, here and now, is to awaken and to act.

Uranus in Taurus signals to us the dangers of accelerated robotization, artificial life that disconnects us from human integrity whilst the leaders of the artificial game keep turning their back on this project that we call humanity. Humanity woven into the memory of what we are. Human animal and wild animal, loving human, conscious human, human connected to the Earth and to the Cosmos.

How much drama is necessary for us to wake up to the reality that our system of life is largely artificial. That our system of consumption distances us from the earth and from life? And that what we call security is really a paper boat without anchor or direction in the middle of a sea of uncertainty?

Being able to look at this reality is the start of an awakening to which Uranus in Taurus summons us. Accepting this reality is also accepting the healing of our wounded will to which Chiron in Aries summons us.

How attached are we to our system of life? How willing are we to embody a change of paradigm in which we align our bow and arrows in the service of life and of the earth? How strong is the call to honor our path of internal truth, that which reminds us that we are animals, that we are love, that we are consciousness, and that the laws of time care for and support us when we commit to a change that starts from within?

A change which challenges us to show the will power to take vital decisions – some difficult, others painful – that summon us to renounce what we have learnt as true and that today we discover to be false. A change that invites us to look our fear of freedom in the face.

Accepting looking at this reality is the power to name without fear the fact that time, our most valuable resource, slips between our fingers in erroneous intentions and we continue asleep in a sea of consumption that drowns life, a sea of disinformation that drowns out our intimate, warm and close relationships.

This full Moon may reveal abysses between worlds and realities. Abysses between our values and our practices. Abysses between our heart and our mind. Abysses between our body and our spirit. Abysses between ourselves and those we love.

This full Moon may reveal to us that we live in an insatiable time in which we do not realize that we are feeding lies, that we feed plastic realities that deny the living and the organic. It also reveals a call to us to choose our paths, to take decisions that bridge the divide that fragments our interior and exterior worlds and courageously mend the fissures the separate us from our truth.

The energy of Sagittarius speaks to us of leaving captivity and embracing the path of freedom. Jupiter, ruler of this sign, is currently retrograde in Scorpio, sign that speaks to us of what is hidden, that which inhabits the secret of a shared shadow for each one of us. Perhaps one of the voices of the full Moon reveals to us how we enjoy the advantages of a comfortable life, a bubble of fragile wellbeing, whilst others are in captivity in the shadow of neglect and abandonment. Perhaps it speaks to us of a long dream in which we believed that our individuals decisions do not impact on the dreams of others. Perhaps it speaks to us of looking into the eyes of the painful truth that we are all in captivity.

This full Moon calls to us to create truth in our life, in our day to day existence, in our actions, relationships and intentions. This full Moon summons us to a conscious decision to relearn the truth and to inhabit the abysses of incommunication which separate us from each other. It invites us to make common links, agreements of care in which we recognize together that the truth of one and the truth of another are called to unite in agreements and shared healing. It also invites us to recognize that when we are at war for the truth with others, we are really facing the opportunity to build links of solidarity and repair that not only benefit us personally, but which also contribute to the collective tapestry.

Solidarity implies recognizing the parts of us which are in captivity, our internal abysses, and with love, consciousness and the wild force of our belonging to life and to the earth, unite ourselves in common visions and intentions in order to alleviate the ferocity of a truth which is in danger of extinction.

Repairing implies assuming shared consciousness with others that something is broken, that reality has been fragmented, that there is a common wound which asks for love, strength and humility. Humility to recognize our shared participation in the creation of a plastic world. Humility to accept that perhaps we have to honor together the renouncing of certain luxuries and privileges in order to participate in the care and preservation of a shared world which honors the same quality of life for all.

This full Moon in Sagittarius invites us to remember that healing our personal and collective wound is to reclaim together the truth that we are the Earth, we are the Water, we are the Tree, the Fire, the Stone and the Wind. We are the memory of origin that rises up with the Earth, awakens and shakes off the plastic that invades and abducts our consciousness from inside. We are freedom.

Text traslation by Michael Evans

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