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new moon in Gemini :: building a bridge between reason and the heart ::


At our present time there are Souls whose service is to feel and bear the pain of the world, to digest it, to transform it, to not ignore it. Whoever does not feel it, whoever does not feel the call to work with this pain and global trauma, whoever does not feel the strength of this tellurian movement in all of their being, whoever does not feel the call of the earth to listen to its deep song, its profound suffering, should allow those of us who do feel it to live it and to express it. Let’s not judge nor repress what is strange to us, let’s be there for ourselves on this path of change with all of our respect and affection.

:: Introduction ::

Today we cross the threshold of the new Moon in Gemini, the third sign of the Evolutionary Wheel of the Zodiac. This is the Moon that precedes the June solstice:  summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere. With this new Moon we close the first trimester of the Solar Circle initiated in March. We are now entering into a new phase of the astrological year. A phase for which it is worth preparing ourselves.

The Moon in Gemini speaks to us of movement and acceleration. Mercury is also in Gemini, its own sign, meaning this mental energy is intensified. It is recommendable to take some time for reflection before launching ourselves into the adventures which arise at this time. Not everything is at it seems.

The energy of Gemini and of Mercury offers us the medicine of the awareness of tricks. Internal and external tricks. The tricks of our mental projections and the tricks of what distracts us. To be aware implies listening to the fragmentation of our mind – (almost) always restless – and bringing it to listen receptively to our body. Calming our body helps to provide serenity to the mind. If we do not take the time to listen, if we allow ourselves to get caught up in the velocity of movement, if we irreflexively accept invitations, if we do not question our intentions and aims, it is like making our way through a minefield. It is a time to advance with care, in a non-linear way and with breaks. A non-linear way implies walking forward, honoring the spiral which invites us to take three steps forward, one step back.

2018 is a bridge year. We come and go from the past towards the present, projecting onwards into the future. This coming and going implies navigating the emotions of sorrow over the closing of what no longer accompanies us, perhaps with uncertainty or  fear, but at the same time with faith and confidence in that which wants to be opened, created and discovered. It is a creative process that implies recovering and rescuing forgotten – or lost – resources from the past and integrating them in the presence and consciousness of the present, in order to, from there, discern the next steps to take.

This is not a year of arrivals, it is a year of transits. And in this adventure to which the movement of the spiral of time summons us, we are fine-tuning our place, both internally and externally, sometimes out in the open, sometimes with shelter, sometimes openly, sometimes with fear.

The energies are unstable, unpredictable and our security and confidence sometimes seem wounded. This insecurity that emerges (courtesy of Chiron in Aries) makes us softer, closer and more vulnerable. If the wound of Chiron reveals our resistence, then it is probable that we will try to exercise control, which can lead us to the battle field, defensiveness and confrontation.

Perhaps the bridge that we are constructing from inside to out has to do with a change of values (Uranus in Taurus) in which we are constructing a new creative body where the masculine energy of conquest, competitivity and strength cedes space and give way so that our feminine energy can express the power of its creativity and leadership. A creative and compassionate leadership in which we honor our capacity to receive. We honor the ferocity of our embodied vulnerability consciously, without fear of expressing, naming, speaking, feeling, revealing, connecting or uniting with that which wants to be materialized. Taurus is ruled by Venus and governs the Voice. Embodying the voice is an image that speaks to us of giving material form to our truth and of expressing it. A feminine truth that lives in every man and in every woman.

:: changes of codes and values :: Mars retrograde in Aquarius ::

The most significant astrological changes over the next four months will be the retrogradation of Mars in Aquarius, from the 26th June; the retrogradation of Chiron in Aries from the 5th July; Jupiter going direct in Scorpio on the 10th July; and the retrogradation of Uranus in Taurus from the 7th August. In July and August we will also have the eclipses in Aquarius and Leo.

The archetypical energies revolve, pushing and challenging us to evolve. They are echoed in our psyche, our internal and external landscapes. Beneath this new Moon in Gemini we can connect with the idea and the feeling that we are approaching a new turn in our story, on our path. Our movement changes. We are in transit. We are coming to the bridge.

Perhaps the most important transit of this period is the retrogradation of Mars in Aquarius from the 26th June to 29th August. Chiron in Aries influences Mars (ruler of Aries) in Aquarius. These two transits operate together. Furthermore, Mars will make three conjunctions with the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius. One was earlier this week before the new Moon, the next will be when Mars is retrograde (10th July) and the third will be the 26th September.

We are entering a process of deconstruction of mental codes and values that operate in and from the collective mind.  Saying that things are not what they seem implies that we need time to digest this change of structure. We need time to be able to discern the true from the false, the superficial and the superfluous from the essential, the artificial from the organic. This process, that begins with today’s new Moon, culminates in September when Mars makes its final conjunction with the South Node of the Moon. Between the first conjunction (earlier this week) and the one in September we will experience a process that we need to live through and to integrate before being able to choose. The seed of this choice is what we sow beneath this Moon.

:: teachers and teachings :: horizontal relations ::

Those who manage information, those who preach, guide, teach; those who feel themselves to be guides of change for others (therapists) or for the collective (artists, spiritual leaders, masters of ceremonies, medicine women and medicine men), must be conscious of this change of values in order to be able to receive that which emerges in the collective, in consultations and through private practice. This is a change in leadership values. It is a change of codes (values) linked to the (re)construction of masculinity – our relationship with the Fatherland, the father, the patriarchy – leading us to undertake a work of deconstruction. Deconstruction of an authority which tyrannizes us internally through mental codings which are now mutating. The violence of the staging of this tyranny in our political and social spaces summons us to do the necessary internal work so that we can have an impact in the external sphere. This is the path of change.

This change in authority – which leads all of us to embrace new leadership – includes our most intimate relationships. This change of codes and values speaks to us of cultivating our horizontal relationships and taking down the old structures of authority within our most intimate and collaborative personal bonds. It is a call to embrace shared creativity. This horizontality speaks to us of a change in how energy circulates and flows (courtesy of Jupiter in Scorpio).

In this horizontality we find that our heart is like a connecting receiver, a bridge. We are speaking of new codes and values that require valuation of genuine heart-to-heart exchange. This implies a paradigm change in which we look for shared intimacy, shared truth, creative trust and shared respectful support.

This change of codes and values implies transparency. This means that there is nothing hidden behind the curtain of relationship. No other (hidden) perspective or will but rather implication in the shared benevolence of working together to help that which is wounded, sick and that which is searching for healing.

This new Moon in Gemini also speaks to us of the mental separation – called madness –  of not being able to distinguish the true from the false. It speaks to us of the difference between opinion and truth. When we preach, from what place do we do so? This Moon suggests that we open up our consciousness and exercize caution when mixing our opinions with facts. The new Moon in Gemini invites us to reflect upon the codes of authority and power that circulate between students and teachers.

When a mentor, a teacher, a guide, a shaman, a medicine woman or medicine man transmits ancestral teaching to us we resonate with the truth because our being remembers and recognizes that this knowledge, this wisdom, belongs to all of us. We give profound thanks to those who are custodians of the continuity of these teachings and to their generosity for dedicating and devoting their lives to this transmission of what is called memory. However, it is necessary to recognize that the delivery and guidance of these teachings can become mixed up with personal opinions – at various levels – of those who transmit the information, creating an ambiguous territory for those who receive their words.

This is a very delicate place which, when united with affective deficiencies, a search for belonging, a desire to remember our truth and origins, a call to grow, etc., can lead us to throw ourselves into the search for guides in whom we can deposit our trust and our power. The delicacy of this process is based on the probability that if we have not charted the dark territory of our psyche, if we are searching for the stamp of truth from a source outside of ourself, in some way we diminish our capacity for discernment. That internal compass, which allows us to separate the wheat from the chaff, is an absolutely necessary resource in order to walk in our truth with autonomy, integrity and clarity.

In some cases, ambiguity appears between the truth implicit in the teachings and the personal opinions of the person who transmits it. If the teacher is not conscious of what they are doing, if they mix their service with their personal needs and if they do so without cultivating a process of discernment, they are promoting spaces of confusion which lend themselves, in the worst cases, to manipulation and abuse of power. If this ambiguity – which generates confusion for those receiving the teachings – is used by teachers with consciousness we are facing serious ethical problems.

The reality is that in the majority of cases this dynamic takes place on an unconscious level that can reveal the psychic fractures of those who impart the teachings. Put another way, we do not see it, we do not know that we are doing it and we are often not usually receptive to being questioned. This is why our unconscious defence is to speak from the position of authority given to us by being guardians of what we are protecting and sharing whilst at the same time covering up our invisible deficiencies, our unchartered internal territories.

Those who assume the role, the authority and the responsibility of transmiting teachings – educational, therapeutic, sacred – have the delicate task of undertaking the conscious work of self-interrogation regarding the use that we make of the power that we have over other people. Power which emerges from the transmitted content of our teachings and which we may have transferred to ourselves. This is a process of internal discernment in which it is necessary to self-regulate (in therapeutic terms what we call supervision), to have tools and neutral external support with which to contrast and adjust our perceptions and actions.

Information is power. The power is in the information, not in the person. The person is just the guardian of the knowledge. How do we look after this knowledge in an integral way? Training, education and spiritual lineage are vital, but without a cyclical process of personal review, based on the management of shadow, a charting of personal – and transgenerational – trauma, self-care and cultivation of psychic health, etc., it is very difficult to sustain onself in educational leadership spaces without going into opaque areas, blind spots in our characters and the hidden agendas that may inevitably motivate us unconsciously.

:: relational integrity :: a bridge between reason and the heart ::

This speaks to us of a dynamic of relational integrity that throws light on the importance of care. The meeting between a so-called “conscious” person and another so-called “unconscious” person reveals fissures in our ethical interpretation of how to interact when we have the power of information. It is fundamental to add a level of consciousness in this uncharted area of the abuse of information, of the abuse of power and even of the abuse of what we believe to be consciousness when it is reduced to a mental game. The process of realizing is insufficient to awaken us from the spell of the mental codings that are programmed into us in order that we do not awaken. “Realizing” is a part of the cognitive process that leads us to expand our consciousness. This is a part of perception that when aligned allows us to discern.

In order for there to be an opening of Consciousness (with a capital C) we need to liberate our perception in order to choose and to create from a more integral, deep and truthful place. Truthful because – like the water that led to the establishment of the first village, the first stones placed in a circle, the first church that honored the earth – under our dogmas and mental constructions flows the stream and source of our truth.

So, under this Moon, we invoke the path and the way of connecing with our essential organic mind, which, like the primogenial water, connects us with life, memory and origin. This is the place where the alchemy of thinking and feeling occurs in unison. A necessary union for this change, this new level of awakening, this deep expansion that we call Consciousness.

In order to get to this realizing that circulates between our heart and our mind,  another process, slower, deeper, is necessary. We need to feel what our mind perceives. We need the information to enter and to go deeply down into the body. We need our heart-body to listen and filter what our mind tells us. We need to feel and listen to what moves inside of us. We need to embrace what emerges. We need to give voice to our heart so that it can build a path of words that reach our mind. And our mind has to receive the voice of the heart, listen to it, care for it and honor it.

This new information filtered by the heart moves the waters of our body – our first temple – and displaces a dominant energetic body. We allow ourselves to feel and to move the emotional energy around our body, we allow ourselves to feel the chaos, confusion and fear. We feel the pain, the love, the refuge and the sorrow. We embrace beauty, joy, passion, confusion and connection. Everything in us is moved when we transit a new cognitive territory, a new field of information and connection previously invisible. This is a process of bodily consciousness. This is the bridge of Chiron.

When we speak of bodily consciousness, we are speaking of the medicine of Chiron. It is his physical wound that leads him to a process of searching which expands his consciousness of himself and of his surroundings. From there he goes on to be a teacher and healer, since he can consciously be a guide through the trauma of pain, in body and in soul. This is a path on which we remember to feel the totality of our organic being. Elemental being that is moved with the seasons, the phases of the Moon, the Sun and the Stars, that is in relation to the plants, that respects the animals, that honors the cycles of interdependence, that cares for life and its relationships. That cares for its own resources, shares and offers them. This is the energy of the wounded healer. A call to journey through the recovery of our holistic memory, the integrity of our soul-body with our spirit.

Under this Moon we sow and we invoke the living of this process without dissonance, without separation between soul and body, spirit and heart. Under this new Moon in Gemini we sow creative resonancy between our mind and our heart in order to embrace this new phase, this stretch of the path and this change.

Text traslation by Michael Evans

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