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Here on the threshold of the full Moon in Capricorn, our satellite Moon makes a conjunction with retrograde Saturn in this same sign whilst Mars has just gone retrograde in Aquarius. We can feel the combination of these two energies as a brake, a call to pause, a need to revise and gather together our resources in order to plan the materialization of a new life project – economic, relational, creative. This call can knock on our door as a feeling of existential crisis, of loss or of confusion. Doubt and confusion over what direction to take; doubt and confusion over the forms and strategies to employ for the materialization of our creative, emotional and spiritual desires; doubts and confusions over our own capacity to materialize the change that we want to create for our life.

Where and with whom do we want to put down roots? Which values are changing in our life and what impact do they have on our material decisions. What are we or are we not ready to support, sustain, nourish? What do we wish to construct?

This full Moon summons us to a serious and deep reflection. It calls us to take our time. Not to hurry ourselves.

Capricorn is a sign of authority. This authority goes beyond human law, beyond the dogmas and rules created over time. It is an authority that requires obedience from us to the laws of the natural time of the earth, to honor the limits of reality, to the cultivation of cyclical strategic patience, to responsibility and commitment with which we put our talents to work for the service of a greater good. With Capricorn there is often a feeling of austerity or of severity, as if there were not enough for everyone. This is a deviation of the energy of this archetype which actually offers us the gift of the mastery over matter.

Without Capricorn and without Saturn we cannot materialize our visions. This mastery speaks to us of processes, stages, cycles, propitious times, listening, pragmatism, receptivity. This mastery speaks to us of a sustained focus and patience. This mastery speaks to us of perseverance. It speaks to us of our capacity to go through difficult moments without losing our north. It speaks to us of sustaining our consistency and coherence in the midst of distractions and diversions.

The structural changes of the coming months have to do with looking after our column, our base, our roots, before continuing to open new doors. It speaks to us of a necessary process of contraction before expanding ourselves and growing. This is not a time to push on doors that do not open. This is not a time for pressuring, insisting, trying to dominate or win. The energy is not favorable and, if we insist, we can generate irreparable breakages: breakdowns in health, finances or relationships.

Under this Moon our growth takes an internal and reflective direction. The invitation is to avoid fleeing from this seriousness, to avoid escaping from the austere and pragmatic perspective which dismantles our immature fantas ies, our haste and ambitions, our expansive voracity, our desire for conquest and success. For some the energy of this Moon can be abrasive since its light can illuminate our lack of strategy, our absence from a coherent order that sustains that which we wish to materialize. This Moon can illuminate our immaturity and infantilism, our unconsciousness when negotiating through the world of matter.

During its retrogradation, Mars – the archetype of masculine energy, of the warrior, of action and assertiveness – will go back into Capricorn in August. During the retrogradation of Mars we will have three eclipses: one in Cancer, on the 13th July; another in Aquarius, on the 27th July; and a third in Leo, on the 11th of August. The 26th July also sees Mercury going retrograde in Leo. This is the evolutionary climate of the next few months.

Mars governs our actions, our will and our capacity to overcome new creative challenges. Mars has to do with our vital energy and how we use the power of our passion to open the way for our expression and our capacity to create. With Mars being retrograde its expressive movement goes inwards instead of outwards. With the retrogradation of Mars we are looking at a movement of internal conquest, a will that – instead of imposing itself outwardly – takes up the reins of an interior journey.

This internal journey that we initiate below this full Moon asks us to go towards the past, towards the roots of a process of codified conditioning inside of ourselves that dominates us unconsciously. With Mars going back into Capricorn it would seem that what is revealed below this Moon is going to take us deeply into a process of decodification of an internal authority that inhibits the free and sovereign expression of our affective and creative truth. The eclipses in the midst of this journey will be catalyzers of changes and revelations that have the potential to take us to uncharted internal territories.

This internal adventure has a heroic tone, like a rescue, a liberation. It is an adventure that invites us to make our way through the labyrinths of our conditioned mind in order to get to the root, the origin of our internal authority. This journey can take us to landscapes of our infancy, memories of our education and of our relationships with authority figures. It can lead us to recover perinatal and prenatal cellular memories that, like energetic bubbles, trap us in toxic spaces that we seek to repeat because they are familiar to us. It can take us to transit the spiral of our lineage in order to chart the oppressive patterns that have dominated the narratives of our genetic archeology. It can take us into contact with transgenerational memories, with wounds in our lineage which emerge as creative negation, repression, inhibition, fear and judgement.

Mars rules Aries, the sign which has just welcomed Chiron, the wounded healer. This tells us that the heroic internal journey is a path of courage in the face of the pain that the healing process activates. Courage in becoming conscious that a part of our identity is disarmed through opening the door of the power of vulnerability. Courage in wishing to undertake this path to recuperate our vital, creative energy. Courage to feel.

It is probable that we are becoming conscious of the power of abuse and trauma as dominant narratives in these times. It is probable that the unconscious tyrannies that have kidnapped our human destiny in the inertia of a repetitive script find intimate echoes in the landscape of our soul. This is why the activation of our heroism and our disposition to go to the past to face up to our internal dictator can be a trip that we resist, against which we struggle and rebel. We succumb to the inertia of repetition. We become frozen in arguments that justify our malaise and we do not accept the invitation to go into our soul to liberate that which wishes to be liberated.

The key for working with this energy is through the prism of healing. Our identity is not mental, it is not a construction of rules and dogmas, it is not a code created by others. Our identity is somatic. The key for these months of evolutionary intensity is to make an effort not to become disconnected from the body. It is by embodying ourselves that we honor the somatic memory which we are. We are codes of water, feeling, memories that need to be softened, defosilized, opened. We are cells that dance in synchrony with the earth and the cosmos, that respond to the time of the earth.

In what mental program are we trapped which does not allow us to connect, feel ourselves, recognize ourselves and accept ourselves in this feeling?

What mental armory freezes our body into a rigid and demanding posture, defensive and violent?

How is this mental armory reflected in our body?

Heroism is accepting the challenge of feeling with body and soul a world that bombards us with trauma and violence. Closing ourselves off to this profound feeling is to close ourselves off to the wisdom of our body, it is to negate the murmur of the ancestral water that flows inside of us. Internal water that pacifies, cradles, calms the fire of struggle. Water that sways our ambition to win, to conquer, to compete. Water that allows us to see the merciless demands with which we direct our life.

The full Moon in Capricorn, united to retrograde Mars in Aquarius, invites us to slow down, to go inside and go back. It makes a call to us to care for what we have, not to waste it, whilst at the same time we can let go and release that which is no longer useful to us. This full Moon invites us to undertake this journey, caring for ourselves unconditionally in the process.

Caring for what we value. Caring for what we want to grow. Caring for what we have done with love and consciousness up to now. Caring for what is alive, healthy, beautiful in our life. Caring for our body. Caring for our visions. Caring for our creations. Caring for our wounds. Caring for our memories. Caring for our body. Caring for our time and energy. Caring for our dreams. Caring for children. Caring for elders. Caring for our garden. Caring for our truth.

This focus on caring implies a commitment. It also implies placing limits. This Moon invites us to become conscious of for what and for whom we want to care, how we want to create and honor and respect the necessary limits in order to put in progress this process of radical intimate and shared caring. Because it is through radical care that we can heal the wounds of war, trauma and violence that emerge from within, that are expressed in the collective.

During these months the stars invite us to alleviate the hardness of accusatory and ruthless self-demands with a vote of confidence and unconditional support to our vulnerability. This vote is a promise not to betray ourselves through the control of our perfectionism. This vote is an affirmation that we wish and deserve to look at ourselves and feel ourselves with benevolence and compassion. This does not imply a path of complacent self-indulgence through which we do not assume responsibility for the realities in which we live. This would be to escape from feeling. It is when we feel deeply the cost of our unconsciousness and ignorance that we can start to correct ourselves. Often the realization of this feeling is so devastating and painful that we prefer to take refuge in the anaesthetizing tricks of the past: rigidity and authoritarian control, excess in the consumption of food and substances, unconscious distractions, self-abuse and punishments, conquests of external success.

Let this Moon summon us to honor an intimate and deep promise to accompany ourselves to the heart of what it is that hurts. Let it inspire us to sustain ourselves lovingly whilst our defenses and resistances are taken down. Let it give us the strength to practice unconditional benevolence towards our history and our past, both personal and shared.

From this place we can accompany ourselves by getting closer to nature, writing and creating, sleeping and resting, relaxing in these internal landscapes so that the memories that emerge can surface, come together and be integrated. So that we can cradle and soothe them in the heart of the present.

During these months the stars invite us to get close to helping hands, to extensions of resonant hearts with our promise of love and unconditional support to ourselves. They invite us to be able to recognize when we need support because we cannot do it alone and to ask for it with clarity and transparency.

Sometimes we just need to be seen and welcomed without judgements or demands in our pain of unhappiness. Sometimes we just need a compassionate hug, witness of a reciprocal soul that receives us without judgement in the house of shared caring.

Sometimes we need more, and we recognize that this support or help deserves a more definite accompaniment. Attending to our emotional discomfort happens often by finding a therapy, the process of healing and the psycho-spiritual accompaniment that helps us to get to the somatic root and reconstruct the base.

Under this full Moon and over the coming months the stars invite us to initiate new practices and habits that honor our most intimate needs. Put into practice small changes in our way of nurturing ourselves, in our patterns of rest and regeneration. The planetary energies invite us to go within and the first step for undertaking this journey is to pause, stop, reflect. This pause in itself is a way to collaborate with these energies. A pause from noise. A pause from distractions. A pause from our excess of availability. A pause from demands. This pause is the voice of our radical self-care.

Text traslation by Michael Evans

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