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full Moon in Aquarius :: total lunar eclipse :: loving our shadow

Tomorrow, the 27th July, we cross the threshold of the full Moon in Aquarius. This is probably the most intense and transformative Lunar portal of the year. There are a series of astrological configurations that have been forming over the past few weeks and that reach their climax between today and tomorrow.

The Sun in Leo – in conjunction with the North Node of the Moon – shines its light on the Moon in Aquarius which, at the same time, is in conjunction with the South Node of the Moon. These conjunctions are exact to within one degree. When the Moon and the Sun are close to the lunar nodes we have eclipses. Tomorrow we have a total lunar eclipse in Aquarius. This lunar eclipse, as well as being one of the longest in the recorded history of eclipses, is in an almost exact conjunction with Mars, retrograde in Aquarius. Mercury in Leo also began its retrograde path a few hours ago.

These planetary alignments tell us that we are at a critical moment, both at the personal level and at the collective level. In fact, if this astrology speaks to us of anything, it is that the veils that separate the intimate from the transpersonal, the visible from the invisible, the spiritual from the material, are mere dissociative illusions of the mind. If anything comes to be revealed under this full Moon it is that the separation between the internal and external world is a mental construction, an invention that separates us from humanitarian and planetary unity consciousness.

It is likely that this is a time in which we come to realize how fragmented our perception is and how difficult it is to integrate what we feel with what we perceive, what we think and envision with our will and our actions. The revelation of this full Moon can illuminate a crisis in our objectives or a crisis in our relationship with what, until now, has been our life path.

Lunar eclipses magnify the power of the unconscious. At each full and new Moon, the veil that separates the visible from the invisible world becomes thinner, impacting on our capacity to act consciously. As the veil becomes thinner, from the invisible emerge influences – more or less benevolent, more or less predatory – that can take up the field of our perception, and, consequently, of our will and our actions.

This opening to the world of the unconscious increases when the full or new Moon is also an eclipse. This is why, under tomorrow’s Lunar eclipse, the call is to attention and to try to integrate the information which wants to come to light from out of the darkness. For those who at this time are walking their path with openness and receptivity to what emerges, the shadows can become troves of hidden treasures and of a renovation of our vital and creative energy. In order to get to that place, this lunar eclipse invites us to make room for the necessary process of filtration and purification that allows the energy to circulate in new directions.

The important thing in accompanying this process has to do with our capacity to sustain ourselves through the phases of uncomfort and uncertainty – even in the unpleasantness that wants to be liberated – of this landscape. Our strategies of flight from this cleaning, healing or liberating work (however we choose to call it) can lead us to seek refuge in the familiar, thereby blocking the transformative potential of this moment.

From this full Moon and eclipse in Aquarius onwards, the Moon will be waning until the next Solar eclipse in Leo on the 11th August. With the eclipse in Leo we are not only closing this eclipse season but also the evolutionary cycle that began in February 2017, with the transit of the nodal axis into Aquarius and Leo.

For many, tomorrow’s full Moon and these next two weeks until the new Moon in Leo may have the flavor of a graduation. This is why it is important to have time and to dedicate some time to ourselves. On the one hand, in order to go back over our steps since February 2017 until now and, on the other hand, in order to collaborate with the energies of this last phase of this cycle.

The time between eclipses is a portal of enormous potential. It is a time in which we can undo established patterns, deactivate old conditionings, deprogram unchosen influences. When the Moon wanes between eclipses, the potential for disarming behavioral patterns that have dominated us increases. These two weeks – particularly the week between the waning quarter Moon (4th August) and the new Moon in Leo on the 11th August – are especially potent for healing, filtering, detoxifying, purifying, undoing, liberating and ending that which is no longer helpful for our growth. So that we can liberate ourselves from what dims our perception and conditions our actions.

Since ancient times, eclipses have been terrifying astronomical phenomena to live through. Eclipses are linked to possessions, to ghosts and demons, to monsters and beasts that torture us. If these images accompany us through myths, it is another thing to experience in our own body the loss of will and to act under the dominion of forces – sometimes archaic and very ancient – that take our power and take control of our present and future.

These words are not an invitation to feed our fears, on the contrary. They are an invitation to honor our courage and to exercise the will to look full on at the shadows that have inhabited/inhabit us. It is also calling us to recognize the forces that have moved us until now in a determinate direction and act consciously to bring about the changes that our path is asking for from us. It is an invitation to take up the reins of our life, to take charge of what moves inside of us and to assume responsibility for what emerges in our life, both from the invisible and from the visible.

It is an invitation to navigate the spiral of time and its hidden narratives that are searching for light and consciousness through our will and intention, today. It is an invitation to make ourselves awakened guardians of this portal of consciousness – to honor and respect it – without feeding the emotional dramas which, moved by the lunar energies, take possession of our narratives and lived experiences.

It is an invitation to recognize that what we are moving at this time – and especially under this full Moon – will be strengthened and multiplied over time. That is why the call is towards caution and respect. That is why the call is to consciousness.

Sometimes, without knowing it, we commit actions and thoughts that have consequences that do not just affect us, but that also affect our intimate surroundings and our circles and collectives. This full Moon and total eclipse of the Moon speak to us of assuming the consequences of our thoughts, perceptions and actions, seen through the prism that the personal is collective. This full Moon in Aquarius comes to remind us that our personal life is not separated nor isolated from the collective planetary tapestry. It comes to remind us that everything is in relationship to everything else and that the human family, as a soul group, is also under the influences of these evolutionary portals. It comes to remind us of the importance of not falling asleep, of supporting a global awakening of consciousness by doing our part on an intimate and personal level.

In this sense, it is not about negating or escaping from the shadows which emerge. Rather it is about ensuring that they possess us as little as possible. And if we feel taken by certain energies or forces, it is about being able to move them in the least destructive way possible for ourselves and our surroundings.

That is why, under these astrological conditions, the ideal is to go towards internal withdrawal, lessening as much as possible stressful factors and relaxing inside of this transformative, evolutionary storm. It is about recognizing that the energetic environment at the moment can be volatile, with dangerous landscapes in which our reactive defenses, our immaturity in the face of conflict or our need to prevail in power struggles can take us into scenarios that take us down certain paths. Paths which, instead of supporting our evolution, absorb our vital energy and kidnap our creative capacities. For this reason, caring for ourselves and looking after others are the values which prevail as guides and compasses through this current passage. This at least reminds us of Venus in Virgo, giving us earth and focus in our daily lives and in the care of our body, health, home and tasks.

If we observe the narrative of the past three months we should be able to recognize a pattern of change, a cycle of growth that has opened up in our life. This path is internal and as we integrate these energies they will be deployed in the manifestation of further, more concrete changes. For now, with six planets retrograde in our sky, the external changes still do not have channels through which to be expressed. Slowly but surely, through what remains of this year, we will be harvesting the fruits of the internal changes that are now in process.

For now, our task is to walk these next two weeks of the waning Moon between the eclipses with our focus placed on the opportunity to liberate ourselves from the coding of old obedience linked to a domination of our mind that blocks our expression. The waning Moon between the eclipse in Aquarius and the next eclipse in Leo speaks to us of a trajectory that takes down a whole mental body which until now has controlled our perception and made it more difficult for us to be able to vibrate, feel and act from the heart.

The south node in Aquarius speaks to us of the group mind, of the conditioning that we have inherited that expressing our creative singularity could imply a rejection from the pack, from the group. Our feelings of belonging and by extension of survival have been dominated by narratives of obedience. This full Moon in Aquarius may reveal to us places in which we previously felt unauthorized to express ourselves freely, in which we have been scared to share our truth through fear of rejection, humiliation or exile from the group.

It is likely that over the past 18 months the dominant group mind that operates from the collective unconscious has lost its hold over us. The visibilization of fissures of incoherence and of a lack of integrity in group dynamics may have forced us to assume autonomy over our personal expression in order to liberate ourselves from pacts and contracts that are no longer pertinent for our path. The strength of our heart, the desire for authenticity and the renewed confidence in defining our reality in our own terms has been strengthened. That is why the final solar eclipse in Leo, in two weeks time, offers us the opportunity to honor this process of emancipation and individuation so that we can lead with a strong heart, with a personified confidence, in body and action.

For now, we still have a stretch to run through some of the landscapes of the underworld. This path can be enjoyable and creative for those who can honor this cycle from a place of care and consciousness.

It is a critical moment and for many the shadows may be ferocious, which is why the strength of the Heart of Leo should be our target on this path. A path that reminds us that there is no darkness that can overcome our love, because loving our shadow is a path of integrity which takes us directly to sit on the throne of our heart. This is the great treasure that emerges at this time of eclipses. A treasure which is intimate and collective.

Text traslation by Michael Evans

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