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new Moon in Leo :: partial eclipse of the Sun :: the power of our alchemical heart

Today we cross the threshold of the new Moon in Leo and the third eclipse of this season. We had a partial solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer on the 13th July; a total eclipse of the Moon in Aquarius on the 27th July; and today we close this cycle of eclipses with the last eclipse of the year, in Leo.

The new Moon is a time for seeding in which we contact our desires and creative intentions, we name them, and we present them to the universe. All creation incarnated in matter starts with an internal movement, an intention that is born from our being. All that we create is born from this movement which we call desire.

In order to seed the Earth, it is necessary to undertake the prior work of clearing and uprooting, preparing the terrain so that what we sow is able to sprout forth. If we sow in earth that has not been moved and cleared beforehand, it is likely that our seeds will not germinate, will not have the strength to do so. At the energetic level it is the same. In order for our desire to be revealed with clarity and integrity, the movement of our intention has to sprout from our consciousness. In order for that to happen we have to uproot the unconscious influences so that the light of clarity of our intention can be revealed and manifested.

Sometimes we act with the best of intentions and yet create the opposite of what we believed that we desired. We may create chaos, pain, confusion, separation. This disassociation between our intentions and what we create can be subtle and, if we listen attentively, we can fine tune and correct ourselves if necessary. This disassociation can also reveal itself as an abyss, a crisis in which the rupture is so serious or evident that it demands a reconstruction and healing. A path of mastery and integrity – of creative sovereignty – speaks to us of gradually closing the gap between our intentions and the reality that we create.

Each new Moon is a propitious time for seeding solar desires. This means to speak, contact, name, affirm ourselves in a creative volition in harmony with the cosmos.  The question is, whose desires are expressed through us? Which energies move our volitions? Which parts of our unresolved past act through our desires?

A solar eclipse magnifies the power of a new Moon. If we summarize everything that has happened during the past four weeks, we will be sure to have a clear map of the patterns that have become visible, of the memories that have sprouted up from the past in order to be integrated, transformed today. These eclipses have brought to the light of the present unresolved narratives from the past.

Under this new Moon and solar eclipse in Leo, we now have seven planets retrograde in the sky. Uranus in Taurus started its retrogradation this week, joining Mars retrograde in Aquarius, Mercury in Leo, Chiron in Aries, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. This planetary configuration tells us that the doors are still not open for moving forward, that this is a gestatory moment, intimately creative and healing, whose power functions at the interior level as a seed for a future externalization.

The energy of this past month of eclipses has raised old wounds, hidden memories, secrets or negated realities that we did not want to look at or were unable to see until now. This revelation of the unresolved from our past happens at various levels.

For some this is a creative process, joyful, full of revelations, in which our visions gestate from the clarity of inhabiting ourselves in full profundity. In the celebration of finding the path of free, authentic and sovereign expression. Celebration of the bravery of having looked – and continuing to look – our fears in the eyes, recognizing their lessons, taking on the power of our courage. Courage to love the process, even when it may hurt. Courage not to hide ourselves away. Courage to assume the consequences of our expression. Courage to be.

For others these landscapes can be tortuous. The greater the resistance to pulling in our sails and to stop pushing our will outwards, the more intense the sensation of friction, obstacles, blockages and crisis.

The greater our resistance to go within, the more our surroundings challenge us to look at ourselves, to recognize that which wants to be visible, that which wants our attention. Faced with these challenges we may try to escape, flee, put ourselves to sleep, anaesthetize ourselves; or we may try to struggle, wage war, fight to retain balance, overcome, whatever the costs, and especially try to avoid feeling what we feel.

Feelings of rage, hatred, vengeance, depression; feelings of being lost, confused, blocked, without direction. This is the heart of a hand-to-hand battle with our shadow. A battle that, more than speaking of victors or of conquests and triumphs, speaks to us of a death and of a birth. What part of ourselves is refusing to die? What needs to die so that we can (re)birth (ourselves), create (ourselves) anew in an actualized reality?

For some of us, the process of waking up that this time offers us can have brought shocks and jolts of such potency that they have managed to break through our resistances – armor – thereby forcing us into a long-postponed process of looking into the areas that pain us most.

If this is the case it is a good time to look for external support and help to accompany the vulnerability of a process of breakage and rupture that challenges our psychic and material security. This external help can be necessary in order to reconstruct the fragmented base that has been revealed in this crisis. But it is, especially, a time in which not to deny ourselves entry to this intimate place of accompanying ourselves unconditionally through the landscapes of unease.

For others the feeling during this period of eclipses and retrograde planets is one of a liberation from an ancient weight whose roots go beyond the intimate and reveal to us the collective dimension of our personal healing. Our long journey along a path of consciousness and of illumination of shadow now offers us its fruits. Fruits that emerge from wounds we have healed, from links that we have woven, from the limits we have placed, from the truths we have expressed: from loyalty to our self. Fruits that emerge from our reunion with a love that had been lost over time. Fruits that emerge from a heart that takes its place with dignity, nourished by the ashes of our losses and grief. Fruits of enjoying the power of a heart profound and free. Fruits of recognizing our desire to share our gifts and talents and offer them to the world

If we find ourselves in this place, this continues to be a good time to accompany the detachment of this resonant energy of the trauma of our cellular body. We can accompany this closure from the place that most resonates with us: through artistic expression; through ritual art and ceremony; through writing; through meditative silence; through the void; through prayer; through a somatic therapy; through fasting; through contact with nature; through the intimacy of a safe relationship.

This period also speaks to us of a dissolution of an energetic authority that has conditioned our capacity to create, to love, to look after our health. This dissolution speaks to us of a process of shedding a body of pain, memories and patterns from our past and our lineage. It speaks to us of a slow liberation that, by stages, is showing us the path of our autonomy, of our leadership.

A path upon which we recognize and value ourselves as free. A path upon which we feel greater confidence in expressing ourselves authentically, without fear of the consequences of our singularity and difference. A path upon which we no longer need to receive attention and love through the giving up of our energy and will to others – whether to people, causes, ideals, institutions. A path upon which we recognize the strength and vitality of our heart as the central axis of the transformative alchemy through which we are living.

In this context, the new Moon in Leo today offers us a portal, an energetic rite of passage, in which we become conscious that the root of the process that we are living through in this moment – from wherever we are – has to do with rescuing and recovering our heart from wherever it should not be.

We may be in the phase of rescue of our heart from the well of abuse and mistreatment, of abandonment and orphan hood. We may be in the phase of healing the wounds of solitude and lack of affection. We may be in the phase of opening ourselves up, in returning to trust, to share ourselves intimately without fear of losing ourselves. We may be in the phase of joy and creative shine, conscious that our heart is becoming a portal of support and inspiration so that those who need light and shelter can receive it, without sacrificing ourselves or not caring for ourselves.

This last eclipse in Leo speaks to us of a recuperation of a vital energy that is – or has been – committed in places in which we give without receiving, we care without being cared for, we obey without being listened to or respected, we remain silent to please or sustain an order that is useful for some and not for others. It speaks to us of a detachment from circles, dogmas, systems, sects, associations, pacts of obedience to the group mind, in which abuses of energy and power have become obvious.

Social, political or spiritual circles in which neglect, and mistreatment are perpetuated and feed off our patterns of childishness. Circles in which the will to heal collectively through shared grief is negated and censured. Circles in which work to recognize and heal shadows and toxic projections is denied. Circles in which the abuse of power is obvious and yet in which we remain silent in order to belong. Circles in which predators are protected. Circles in which abuse is covered up.

This new Moon in Leo speaks to us of a culmination of a process of becoming conscious of how we have given out our love hoping to be cared for, hoping to be recognized and valued by authority figures in whom we have placed our trust, in whom we have supported ourselves. This new Moon offers us the opportunity to recognize how wounds received from a lack of love may have put us into a place of submission and self-censure that we are not able, nor want, to sustain any longer.

The new Moon in Leo speaks to us of the roar of our Solar Being. This Sacred Lioness that roars from the fire of our eternal love – alchemical heart – represents our sovereign dignity faced with the systematic abuse that contaminates our society. Our roar represents our sacred leadership, our right to denounce how conditioning programs, viral codes, energetic poisons, kidnap the power of our hearts and annul our creative volitions. Programs that have acted as spells and that now, with the evolutionary force of the eclipses in Leo, (between January 2017 and today) culminate in a new critical mass of people and souls that have conquered their creative sovereignty.

Brave souls that have swum through the monstrous ancestral shadows in order to be reborn luminous and shining like torches in this collective evolutionary phase. This new Moon in Leo summons us to honor the ferocity of our love which sprouts forth and lights up the path. It invites us to honor the courage and the bravery of our desire. A desire so powerful that it has brought us here, to this consciousness of what we are and of how we want to live out our realization.

This is why this new Moon in Leo is propitious for refining our seedings and continuing to weave loving links towards that which is disassociated and disconnected within us. Seedings of how we wish to walk, of what we want to create from now. If the majority of the planets are now retrograde, through the remainder of this year and the start of next year, each of them will turn direct. Slowly but surely the seeds we plant now in the silence of the darkness will bear fruit.

In this new Moon we honor the love that has brought us to here. We honor the light and the strength of the ancestors that have presented themselves to support us in our healing. We give thanks for the difficulties that have made us grow and spread our wings. We give thanks for the challenging circumstances that have given us a mirror in which to recognize that what we most reject is the reflection of the place in ourselves that needs our recognition and love. We give thanks for and honor our experiences, our relationships, life and all its power. We give thanks and honor the alchemical power of our heart.


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