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New Moon and Mercury in Virgo :: embodying the voice of the Sun in the Earth

This Sunday (9th) we cross the threshold of the new Moon in Virgo. The Sun and Moon make their monthly conjunction in the transitory space of the mutability of the Earth of Virgo. Virgo (along with Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini) is a sign of change. It weaves connections, invites us to transition, to the conscious movement from one reality to another.

Virgo is a sign that links and communicates. From the perspective of Virgo, this communicative process is organic. With organic we are naming that which belongs to the principle of communication between all forms of life. Life and communication go hand-in-hand. We can call this communication energetic or telepathic transmission. We can refer to our intuitive receptivity to non-verbal messages; we can refer to the tradition of codes – mathematical, geometric – and to the diverse languages that surround us and inhabit us.

This dimension of Virgo is linked to its ruling planet – Mercury – the messenger of the Gods (messenger of the Sun – the messenger of Life). Why is Mercury, a sign linked to the element of Air (our thoughts and our mental processes) connected to Virgo, elemental sign of Earth.

Virgo rules our intestines which is the place where we process the information from our food. Virgo rules our visceral receptivity. This sign is linked to a type of organic bodily intuition that speaks to us from the stomach. This process of Virgo of digestive discrimination has its echo in our brain. The internal circuit between the messages from our guts and those from our mental perception are ruled by Mercury. That is why, of all the gods, Mercury is the only one authorized to go into and out of the underworld.

Our thoughts – our cerebral biochemistry – are linked to the quality of the energy that we absorb through our diet and to the consciousness with which we relate to our diet. Inside our bodies everything is communication, everything is a circuit of messages and receivers. When we speak of diet we are not only talking about food but also about what enters through our other receivers. When we speak of digestion, we are not just talking about what happens at an intestinal level, but also about digestion (or indigestion) of everything that enters into our energetic field.

Within the narrative of the Cycle of the Solar Year, Virgo governs wheat, the harvest. With Virgo we celebrate the fruits of the Earth and their messages. The earth is constantly sending out messages. It depends on us, on our presence, readiness and receptivity as to whether we listen to them, accept them, integrate them and digest them or not.

This new Moon in Virgo summons us to the readiness of offering ourselves as receivers of the Voice of the Earth. It summons us to offer our presence, service, time and work to be communicators of Life. It summons us to present ourselves in service, to strengthen ourselves in our will as guardians, carers, loves of the Earth and of Life. This is a necessary step for the materialization of our visions because it implies a renewal of our spiritual vows. It implies understanding the reality and the seriousness of this call. It implies ordering ourselves with the commitment and the dedication that the restructuring of our life practices calls for in order to align ourselves with this call.

Listening to the messages of the Earth is vital in order to align ourselves with the creative possibilities that this new Moon in Virgo opens up for us. As is recognizing that this message of the Earth is also the message of the Sun that inseminated it, and that also impregnates us with its light, with its energy. We are the union of the Sun and the Earth, and this communicating vessel Mercury  – linker of codes – connects the information of the codes of the Sun within our body. Mercury, the winged messenger, is the voice of the Sun in our interior.

In Virgo we handle the art of discrimination. We separate the wheat from the chaff. This new Moon in Virgo invites us to make an inventory of the sources of information with which we feed ourselves, consciously or otherwise. External information, internal information: memories of traumas, wounds from the past activated by triggers today; voices from our lineage, agitated because we do not listen to them, because we are so distracted that we do not present ourselves to our linkages, to our relationships.

This new Moon in Virgo also invites us to purify ourselves from the energetic influences that interfere with the state of presence necessary to be in the organic receptivity of listening to the Earth in ourselves. It summons us to detoxify ourselves from the poisons that we have consumed until now. In this sense the new Moon in Virgo also invites us to mend, repair, correct ourselves from the errors and practices that contaminate our mind and our body.

These practices speak to us of commitments – pacts and past contracts – that have lost their validity. They speak to us of ways of relating and sharing ourselves that no longer sustain our truth. They speak to us of endings to previous commitments made with circles and beliefs that are no longer pertinent for our path. They speak to us of a realization about the toxic places in which we have compromised our energy.

Places with low psychic hygiene. Places in which integrity is compromised by masks and deceptions, lies and half-truths. Places in which we have fed a fantasy. Places in which we have escaped from reality. Places in which we have given up our power to authority figures, in search of the shelter of belonging, of family, of community. Places in which we have called attachment love. Places in which we have called addiction attachment.

Places in which we have believed blindly. Places which we have called home. Places in which we have given up our dream. Places of fantasy and illusion. Places like bubbles in which we have felt protected and which now leave us exposed, lost, confused.

For many this is the consequence of the evolutionary energies of the past four months. For many the cost of this astrological cycle has been to confirm the death of a dream, the loss of a vision and the sorrow of having given up so much time and energy to relationships or causes that, in the end, are not in resonance with our true values. And, if it is important to honor this sorrow – especially for the part of us that we gave up, for the part of us that believed – it is also vital to recognize that this sorrow is part of a phase of awakening and of growth. It is an evolutionary phase of maturity. Reality liberates us, even though it can hurt.

This Moon is also propitious for looking full on at our vices and addictions and interrogating into which creative possibilities they interfere with, what attachment from the past they represent, what desire that has not been honored that they make visible. This new Moon in Virgo offers us the opportunity to sow the intention of recodifying our intention and this seed starts with a decision to clean, to correct and to purify.

Although at this moment we may not have a clear vision for our life, or, although we may be lost or confused about the way in which this vision is going to be materialized, it is now, under this new Moon in Virgo that we can take the first step.

This first step is the desire to align ourselves with the heart of the Earth and with the Sun that beats within her. This first step is to align ourselves with the Sun that runs in our blood and gives impulse to our heart. We need our health in order to be in integral service. We need our body to be vibrant and vital in order to sustain our integrity and service. We need our integrity in order to create and to materialize a vision in service, and in harmony, with the codes of Life and of the Earth.

More than ever we need to be connected with our viscera (our guts), that place of intuitive receptivity that alerts us, that speaks to us, that guides us to open doors, to place limits, to say yes, or no. Without this deep watchfulness in our well-rooted body, without these roots well anchored in our internal earth, it is difficult to discriminate between the toxic and the healthy, the pertinent and the impertinent, the true and the false.

Now that the eclipses have passed, now that Mars, Saturn and Mercury are travelling direct, it is about taking stock of the lessons and revelations of this time in order to recalibrate and reorder our reality facing the future. Not as a negation of the past but as an act of creative sovereignty, a rising up from the ashes and a positioning of ourselves with integrity on a real path of our own.

The possibilities and opportunities to create in matter the form in which our vision wishes to be embodied is an art. It is what we call magic. The magic of conscious materialization starts with a seed, an intention, which is followed by a series of movements that we call decisions and actions. Movements that we call process. This new Moon in Virgo invites us to align ourselves with our vision and to put ourselves in order so that we can sustain the process that will materialize it.

Within this order, Mercury (Hermes, the magician) has a vital role. Mercury retrograde in Leo went direct and has just entered into Virgo where it will travel for three weeks. The function of Mercury at this time is to support us in weaving the connection between our mind and our body-heart. The disassociation between the information that our mind gives us and that which our body gives us is the breach through which creative energy escapes. It is also the fissure through which information or external energy enters into our energetic ecosystem and influences us. Influences that we call distractions, absent-mindedness, ideas or the desires of others that take up the reins of our own desires.

Mercury now in Virgo supports us in the capacity to sustain our focus on the task at hand, to not lose concentration, to not allow ourselves to be seduced by the forces that invite us to move off our course. Our mind is an ally to the extent that we know clearly what we want.

If we are able to sustain our focus, it is likely that we are able to distinguish with clarity that which invites us to lose our concentration. It is likely that we are able to discern with clarity between what resonates with our truth and what seduces us with its deceptive charms and distracts us from our direction. For this we need our guts and their messages without fear of what Mercury shows us as true or as false.

Neptune in Pisces is in opposition to the Moon and the Sun in Virgo. Below this Moon, this is the warning of a trap: the territory is slippery, and we are surrounded by escapist visions. In this energetic ecosystem it is easy for us to allow ourselves to be seduced, deceived or distracted. Perhaps it is useful to understand that behind each distraction that we have not consciously investigated there may lie energetic vampirism, the robbery of dreams and visions. Perhaps this Moon invites us to be less naïve and to discriminate with whom or with what we share our time, our energy. Neptune in Pisces speaks to us of subtle predatory energies that are moved by seduction and enchantment.

More than ever we need to be clear on what our intention is, what our service is in this time, now. If we are not clear on this, we are exposed to being puppets of other wills that energetically occupy our place if we do not occupy it; that embody other volitions in the absence of our own will. Our lack of roots, our lack of earth and our difficulty in embodying our commitment is what allows this influence and interference to occur.

What this Moon in Virgo wants from us is that we put ourselves in order. What this ordering may imply changes according to the circumstances of each of us, however what this Moon does not want is for us to continue lost or stuck in places of inertia, in deranged new-age bubbles, in escapist activities or in false dreams that anaesthetize us from reality. The cost of these false dreams is high and over the coming months and years we need our connection with the Earth to be strong, integral and powerful.

This new Moon in Virgo wants us to commit ourselves to working for and with the dream of the Earth. This is the seed that, sown over the coming days with love and sincerity, we will see blossom and bloom at its right moment. A happy Moon and happy seedings to all!


Text traslation by Michael Evans

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