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:: full moon in Aries :: an invitation to cross the threshold ::

The structure of trauma, including hyperactivation, disassociation and freezing, is based on the evolution of predator-prey survival behaviours. The symptoms of trauma are the result of an intense and incomplete biological defensive response in the face of a threat, frozen in time. Enabling the thawing of this response and, then, allowing it to be completed, the trauma can be cured” ~Peter A. Levine

There is no greater agony than keeping an untold story inside of you.” ~Maya Angelou

The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” ~Muriel Rukeyser

On Tuesday 25th September we crossed over the threshold of the full moon in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is a cardinal sign and a fire sign. It is the spark that starts the engine. It is the first step. It is the desire and the will to say yes to life. Aries is the bravery of being born.

This full moon in Aries opens a doorway within a doorway. All full moons represent the culmination of a process. The culmination of this lunar cycle tells us that we are not only closing the 28-day cycle of our Grandmother Moon but also the cycle of this quarter. Between the June solstice and the September equinox we have lived through a very intense astrological time due to the combination of three eclipses in a row in synchrony with the retrogradations of Mars, Mercury and Saturn.

Beneath this full moon we also harvest the fruits of the seeds sown at the new moon in Aries, in April. Under this full moon we can give closure to the evolutionary lessons of the past three (and six) months. We honor and give thanks for the harvests that we have lived through during these cycles and we also prepare and position ourselves for the next astrological season. Taking stock of and honoring our harvests is about recognizing what we have learnt in order to integrate it in this next phase of the evolutionary path.

This next phase includes the transit of Venus retrograde from Scorpio to Libra starting on the 5th October; the exit of Jupiter from Scorpio and its entry into Sagittarius (where it will stay for 12 months) on the 7th November; the change of the nodal axis from Aquarius and Leo to Capricorn and Cancer (for 18 months) on the 9th November.

Mars is now direct in Aquarius. Mars is the ruler of Aries and therefore governs this Moon. The desire to move and to advance towards the future is great. Our vision takes force and we recover focus for channeling the fragmented energies of these past few months. Mars returns from its underworld in Capricorn. It has undertaken a voyage of initiation into the past and now, as slowly but surely its gathers speed on its passage through our sky, a part of us recovers desire, confidence and affirmative will. In this context this full moon is an invitation to take a step, to say yes to our vision. The horizon opens up and we want to go forward.

In Aries we always honor the virtue of the bravery of being born and yet this full moon reveals to us the places in which fear still chills the fire of our will to go forward into life. This full moon in Aries has a damp, cold ecosystem. In this environment it is not easy to light the spark of our desire, it is not easy to sustain the internal heat of the creative continuity that we yearn to manifest.

This is due to Saturn forming an exact square with the moon and the sun. Furthermore, Chiron retrograde – at zero degrees of Aries – is in conjunction with the moon and in square to Saturn. Our desire to move ourselves towards the future (Mars in Aquarius) is restricted by Saturn that tells us that there are lessons from the past which have not been integrated, not recognized and charted, which interfere with the evolutionary movement of our desire. With the presence of Chiron so close to the Moon and in square to Saturn, these lessons from the past emerge from the unconscious as somatic memories and narratives of trans-generational trauma that occupy our emotional and energetic fields.

In this context – in which the past and the future seem like they do not collaborate – our impatience can be wounded. Our will to create and advance can be wounded by the obstacles of Saturn.

Chiron wants us to enter into the cave. Chiron wants us to initiate a path of consciousness through personal and collective work with our wounds. In a society in which pain is stigmatized, in which we do not have ceremonies of mourning integrated as part of the celebration of life, in which pain is seen as something which has to be avoided, Chiron is not an easy energy to integrate. However, it is medicine, it is the remedy, it is the doorway: a threshold of initiation that allows us to embrace life in all its plenitude. Hence why if we do not work with our wounds, if we do not work with Chiron, we can be fragmented, trapped in a dual, comparative mind.

Our perception and digestion of reality is filtered through this internal rupture in which we have separated pain from life, in which we flee from feeling, in which we seek to control and modify what we feel. The toxic imposition of having to live in eternal wellbeing is a cruel negation of our humanitarian reality. Ceremonies of mourning are so necessary for the health of our soul – for living in the totality of our being – that it is worth asking why our society has progressively eliminated such a sacred ritual from our collective imagination. It is vital to ask how and why modernity has progressively forbidden the expression of pain as a personal and collective voice of our humanity and of our spirituality.

The collective wounds, the collective trauma that surrounds us in the repetition of a historical cycle, threatens the sacred values of life and the continuity of life on the planet. This is a reality that will become more and more obvious over the coming years. It is not healthy to deny it. Yet we continue as if nothing were happening, trying to maintain our sense of security and belonging, protecting the structures that have maintained us until now. This strategy encloses us in a suffocating narrative, it does not allow us to explore beyond the fear and the trauma, in order to honor and instigate creative solutions for the times in which we live. How can we go beyond fear towards the future if we have not first gone inwards to chart what inhabits us and what calls to us to be seen and honored? We flee from this painful call when in reality the wound is the entry point towards the creative light, towards the construction of true hope.

What we believed to be resolved returns under this moon to show us our fragility, vulnerability. And it may distress us to realize that the wounds that we thought were healed can be reopened with such ease. So, we reaffirm ourselves. So, we place limits. We position ourselves in the present, in life. We take up the reins of our will. And face up to the past and say enough, no more. And this positioning is valid and necessary, since Saturn speaks to us from our bones, from the voice of the ancestors, whose wounds and traumas are awoken through our movements and desires. And although we honor our heritage and our bloodline, although we recognize all of those that preceded us until now, it is important to remember that we are here in our life and that placing limits and exercising our conscious free will is our responsibility. This responsibility is a choice, a positioning, it is a will of sovereignty in our present.

The fear of not realizing ourselves, of not living and expressing our potential, of remaining incomplete in our life movement is a voice that, due to the presence of Saturn, can take on a hard, punishing tone. A judgement emerges and makes us see the reflection of our faults, our wasting of time, our mistakes. And our soul may shrink before the immensity of the task of taking an affirmative step towards creative confidence, towards new life.

We wish to continue conquering territory and the energy that accompanies this moon seems to invite us to look beyond the external. It is our responsibility to cultivate a conscious internal life that allows us to chart what we feel and recognize how the narrative of the memories of childhood and/or trans-generational memories may dominate us.

It is our responsibility to discern and to distinguish which voices we are going – or not going – to give power to in our present. It is our responsibility to channel these memories in a creative manner, without repressing or oppressing them, whilst we mobilize them towards a place that does not interfere with our creative realization today.

If we feel impotent, seized by or trapped in past patterns and dynamics, then it is about learning how to get out of there. It is about finding the doorway into the present, into the today. In order to find this door, we have to be present for ourselves and unconditionally accept what we feel. If we look outside of ourselves, if we look for people to blame or to save us, if we project or demand that others relieve us from the discomfort which overcomes us, or if we anaesthetize or distract ourselves instead of being there for ourselves, then we lose an enormous opportunity.

An opportunity to grow, to learn and mature, since with Saturn and Chiron – so present in this lunation – we are going through a personal and collective passage of initiation towards a new territory of consciousness. The call is to construct our maturity and our character in order to sustain our creative vision with responsibility and integrity. The future and the future generations are asking us to do so.

Following this narrative, we are therefore facing a unique opportunity to take up the reins of our creative process. This means recognizing that when a fragment of the wounded past becomes visible today, we are facing an invitation. An invitation to accept it unconditionally because we know that it is part of our creative process. Instead of fleeing, we enter voluntarily into the space of the emergent memory, we go through the density of the emotional pain that is expressed in our somatic field in order to discover the creative light that is there on the other side of this calling.

This full Moon in Aries invites us to honor the virtue of bravery and accept the invitation to cross over the threshold that opens to us. Hence why the friction that we may feel at this time is only part of the creative evolutionary process. Hence why looking after ourselves and how we relate to ourselves and to what we feel is vital for the new beginning of Aries.

Following this evolutionary narrative pain is the threshold of consciousness. This is the medicine of Chiron: painful and beautiful, it connects times and restores the memory of the totality and the integrity of being. It asks for radical acceptance and profound accompanying of all that emerges. It is a true path of consciousness incarnated in a personal practice that integrates the somatic experience instead of fleeing from it or anaesthetizing it.

Beneath this full Moon it is likely that we may realize that there are people – or groups of people (circles, communal associations, etc.) – which are no longer going to give us the energy or the attention that we have depended upon until now. Or, it is likely that we choose not to offer our creative time to others (people and spaces) because we are in our own internal process of restructuring for our personal creative sovereignty.

This is a very delicate moment for relationships, a moment which reveals – and which will continue revealing over the course of the next three months – the hidden landscapes of our relational dynamics. Venus is now in Scorpio from where it will turn retrograde in October. This is the next evolutionary cycle of this year and we are already feeling the transformative magic of this transit, opening a path in our life.

In this context, it is about realizing that the wounds and the memories of trans-generational trauma that inhabit us are a shared territory for all. Until we all get to this spiritual realization and until we recognize ourselves as united there – in these memories, in this realization – we will continue in comparative polarity, judgement and separation.

If for now some prefer to remain on the surface and seek power, energy and time outside of themselves, whilst others dive down into the deep waters of personal and humanitarian trauma, fine. We recognize that this is part of the evolutionary tapestry. It is a process. However, it is worth noting: the stars are telling us that we are entering into an energetic and archetypical time in which rites and pacts related to the flow of energy in relational exchanges will go through serious changes. It should not come as a surprise that under this moon old wounds from our relationships may open and we may feel the need to place new limits, renegotiate relational pacts, or definitively close doors to certain people and/or circles that drain our energy.

Whoever is not able to take on this internal somatic work for themselves will have the tendency to depend on others to catalyze their movements. If such relationships are lived with love and care – meaning in true reciprocity – there should not be an imbalance. But if – consciously or unconsciously – there is any expression of energetic dependence it is likely that these spaces of exchange will not sustain the growth of the coming months. Each person knows how they want and deserve to be cared for and treated. Tolerance of abuse – as subtle as it might be – will start to break down. It would seem that in order to lead the change that we wish to lead we can no longer sustain relationships that do not recognize and value us fully. This is also a path of maturity and sovereignty.

The process of being there for ourselves in this personal process implies a deep and radical acceptance of what we feel and of what we are, without judgements or comparative devaluations. This being there for ourselves implies asking for and receiving the support and the help of those who are able to and wish to be there for us. This being there for ourselves also implies recognizing those who cannot be there for us or receive us from this space and accept it. This relational readjustment around being there and around mutual and shared acceptance is a beautiful and profound path that opens up terrains of intimacy and trust, highly necessary for sustaining the power of the creative heart, the alchemical force of shared creativity and a complicity nourished by roots which, with fertility, are embedded in a conscious past.

This is a time that speaks to us of creative collaborations embedded in the consciousness that looking after our roots implies profound shared work that goes beyond reflections and projections, beyond hierarchy, power or authority. Beyond dependence. This is a path of bravery, of courage and sincerity, that we are called to honor and to love. Venus is going to challenge us to look together into the darkest of the dark and together find the shared treasure of relationship.

Beneath this moon, Mercury in Libra is in conjunction with the sun. The messenger of the gods becomes the spokesperson for the message of Venus, ruler of Libra. Who can accept our story? Who listens to us at a truly deep level? Who prefers not to listen to us? With who can we express ourselves freely, without judgements or comparisons? There is the treasure: in that fire of shared relationship. In balance and in reciprocity. In mutually caring for each other. This is our sun. From there, everything is possible.

:: Text traslation by Michael Evans ::

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