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:: horoscopes :: Saturn direct in Capricorn :: a guide for each sign ::

This guide for each sign is intended to delineate the lessons of the passage of Saturn through Capricorn (from December 2017 to March 2020). Saturn turned retrograde on the 18th April 2018 and went direct again on the 6th September.

The mastery of this archetype is structurally valuable and necessary for rooting our energy into the earth. More than ever we need to be embodied and to have our feet on the ground in order to sustain ourselves through the personal and collective changes that are coming, especially with the entrance of the south node of the Moon into Capricorn in November of this year.

Saturn calls us to our roots, to our base, and asks us that we get down to the place where the voice of our bones – ours and those of the earth – speak to us.

For those people devoted to the energetic narratives of the New Age, the energy of Saturn can be difficult to integrate. Difficulties in materializing our projects, creative blocks, emotional and material austerity, the sensation of scarcity, coldness, melancholy, isolation: these are some of the voices of Saturn when it wants us to open the door to its lessons and let it do the necessary work of restructuring and updating for our growth and maturation.

During the period of the retrogradation of Saturn we had three eclipses as well as the retrogradation of Mars (in Aquarius) and Mercury (in Leo). A lot has moved on various planes simultaneously. Now it is time to bring these changes and revelations down to earth and give them form, direction. It may be that, in this first phase of Saturn direct, a stagnation, a limitation has been revealed which has challenged our confidence in our vision.

Over the coming months (until the 11th December – which is when Saturn gets back to the position it had when it went retrograde in April) Saturn invites us to align ourselves with its lessons.

The way we invest our energy is sacred and we need to distinguish our focus for this period. Getting sidetracked and distracted has a high cost, hence why Saturn calls us to commitment and maturity. This positioning of ourselves will brings us sure harvests. Saturn always rewards and, although a demanding teacher, those who know it well know its mature and measured benevolence.

In THIS LINK you will find another recent article on Saturn. I recommend that you read it. Our unconscious is grateful that we can name this energy. Our bones too.

This guide works for each solar sign and ascendant sign. Often a combination of both messages offers us greater clarity.

:: Aries ::

For you Aries, Saturn offers you a restructuring of your relationship with your authority. This is particularly reflected in your career and in your willingness and desire to exercise your leadership. It is a time for evaluating your vocational path, in which the universe invites you to repair, remedy, correct yourself and get rid of some part of the vision that has inspired you until now. It is time to open up to a new life project and this process may imply a feeling of loss or of sorrow. Saturn invites you to restructure the way in which you show and share your resources and talents. It may be a time for harvesting the results of the efforts of past years or it may be a time in which you face up to a feeling of self-criticism and demands – of hardness towards yourself – for not having made the most of your time, or for not having respected or listened to yourself at the right moment. There is no rush. It is going to take time and a process to give form to your vision in order to materialize it in a coherent and lasting way. You have the maturity and the integrity to do so, now you need the will and the commitment to renounce a part of you which fears the responsibility which this vision brings. You have two years ahead of you to start a project for your life that combines your passion with your discipline. It is not a time for postponing the task. On the contrary, it is the feeling of responsibility that comes with your desire for leadership which demands new order and commitment in your life. Let yourself be guided by the medicine of your bones, that ancient wisdom that sustains you in the midst of the storms of doubts and insecurities and raise your vision so that others follow the firmness of your steps on the earth.

:: Taurus ::

For you Taurus, Saturn offers you a revision of the body of knowledge (philosophical, spiritual) upon which you have constructed yourself and supported yourself until now. Saturn comes to question the foundations of your beliefs in order to see if they will sustain you with integrity in your future growth. In this context integrity means autonomy from dogmatic laws. Saturn tells us that in the coming years you will enter into a period of professional maturity and reaping of rewards, but that prior to this a review of your system of values is necessary. It is likely that you have passed through – or are passing through – a crisis of faith or a crisis of consciousness with regards to the power or the authority that you have given to a teacher, mentor, religion, school. The danger is that the fear of venturing along the path of spiritual autonomy and sovereignty of your own ideas and inspirations implies a separation or divorce from a doctrine that has supported or sustained you until now. This emptiness asks you to face up to your fear. It also asks that you chart the reconstruction of your beliefs in solitude. This divorce is necessary. The old school no longer serves you, nor serves whom you serve. Now is the time to take up your own teaching and to open the door to your own wisdom, incarnated in what you say and what you value: born from your own experience and wisdom. Your bones are an encyclopedia and they are talking to you from the deep. There is perhaps an ancestor that wants to share their medicine through you. Are you blocking the beauty of this knowledge through your fear of letting go of some spiritual loyalty? In the next two years you will gain in confidence, recognizing and honoring yourself without need for intermediate endorsements between yourself and the Source.

:: Gemini ::

For you Gemini, Saturn is asking you to undertake a deep ordering of your management of energy. It seems that the time has come to open up the hidden areas of your psyche and shake off the dust of the phantoms that may dominate your desires from the subconscious. Saturn is implacable so, if you unite with its medicine and accept the integration of its teachings, you have a unique opportunity to lay down the foundations of your personal power. A power that, instead of dominating or manipulating you, responds to and follows your integral intentions. Saturn has arrived to show you where in the past you have not been in integrity – meaning acting with love and care for your own energy (time) and that of others. When we speak of the management of energy we refer to all of the practices of exchange. Hence why Saturn is asking you to put in order your way of relating to the power of money and of your sexuality, the two axes of the exchange of energy and power. If there are hidden agendas in the corners of your psyche, if you do not act with clarity and impeccability, and if – sometimes, not always – you abuse your power and authority over others, then Saturn is going to put a limit on it, is going to say to you: that’s over, that’s not the way. If the energy does not flow in the way in which you have become accustomed until now, if you feel an energetic stagnation (sexual and/or economic), it is likely that it is time to look at yourself with sincerity and question the hidden influences that act through your unconscious. It may be that you discover that in your past there is some forgotten cause, or that there is an ancestral dynamic that wishes to be made visible. Do not be afraid of cleaning out your psychic storeroom. For now, it may be uncomfortable, it may even hurt. You are growing. You are maturing. It is your bones that are moving and with them your wisdom emerges.

:: Cancer ::

For you Cancer, Saturn wants you to recognize yourself fully in the dance of the shadows that are reflected in the mirror of your relationships. It seems that in the last few years you have not dedicated time to looking deeply into the dynamics of your personal ties. It is as if you had preferred not to apply yourself in investigating the causes of the relational conflicts in which you have moved. It is easier to place radical limits, to close the door and to make the other person responsible for faults in agreements, pacts and contracts that shape relationships. We know that you are sensitive and that you go into your shell to protect yourself from your own vulnerability. This is valid and necessary for your energetic integrity. The issue is that when this defense mechanism dominates you and dominates others it is difficult for respect and affection to flow. Hence why the sensation of hardening and isolation arises that Saturn now comes to reveal to you. You cannot use your sensitiveness as an excuse not to take responsibility for the imbalances in your relationships. One thing is looking after yourself, another is to let others take on all the work of bearing the shadow in your relationships. Shadow is shared and Saturn, as the good teacher that it is, now comes to give you the structure for you to enter with lucidity into these mutual territories. Saturn also comes now to break the spells of your resistance to softening yourself towards others. Pride is not a good counselor. Hence why you may now find yourself with people whose authority and maturity challenge your tricks. Welcome them into your life since they offer you a potential for affective growth which is vital for you. You know that your wish is to be able to share yourself fully in relationship. This Saturn transit is going to give you the tools to look after and sustain your relationships within a healthy and clear structure. Trust in the process. You need it.

:: Leo ::

Leo, this Saturn transit offers you an opportunity to fine-tune and polish your effective and appropriate use of your time and energy, embodied through your daily practices. It would seem that Saturn wants you to review your diary and restructure how you organize your time and your personal rituals. Saturn is asking you to dedicate time to laying the foundations of a process of energetic bodily self-care which is absolutely necessary in order to support your next two years of expansive growth. Future achievements are anchored in the quality of your energy – meaning your health – today. It is time to invest in a process which is not glamorous, but which is necessary. Saturn is asking you to take responsibility for your body and to see this period of your life as one of optimization of your greatest resource: your energy. In order to radiate your light and your splendor, in order to inspire in others, the magnificence that you preach, in order to share yourself magnanimously, it is vital that you do not abandon your avatar, your body, your root into your earth. Do not let the pleasures of the game distract you from the task at hand and from the service which is implicit in your existence. If your service is to Be and to Shine, then you have to be attentive to the source of this Light in yourself. Your service starts at home, because how can you share a fire that is not fed with good fuel? And so, what does this call imply? Rest, order, conscious diet, revitalizing movement, spiritual nutrition, times for retreat and withdrawal, contact with nature, cyclical moments of solitude. This, at the same time, implies renouncing certain settings, certain masks that you have put on in order to play, in order to take your place in the ways that have worked for you until now. Be careful that masks do not dominate you Leo. It is for this reason that this Saturn transit helps you to purify yourself and rid yourself of parasitic influences, not in line with your spirit, since it is there that masks can become stuck. This is a time of renewal which demands a little caution, a little austerity and a little humility. It is not an easy task for you and yet how valuable it is to nourish the Sun that you are with a good dose of commitment with your Earth. Let your Light take root so that when you shine your splendor nourishes and does not blind.

:: Virgo ::

For you Virgo, Saturn comes to restructure your creative and loving play. If until now you have moved with a certain naivety in the affective-seductive terrain, the time has come to put yourself in order. The visit of Saturn in your sphere of play is welcome! It means that now you are going to play for real. And playing for real is a true power. It is the power of a rooted creativity. It is the power of creating new realities. This transit may touch you as an artist or as a lover. In the end these two archetypes are fed from the same source: your desire and your passion. It is likely that in the past you have taken unnecessary affective risks due to naïveté, lack of experience or lack of consciousness. It seems that the energy of Saturn wants you to grow and to reach the Mastery of Love. We are not talking about the romantic love that films have codified into our psyche. Nor is it the game of sexual attraction that we call love. No. We are talking about Real Love. Of playing well. It is likely that the passage of Saturn in this sphere of your life will offer you opportunities to fall into and out of love. These are rehearsals in which you will fine-tune your responsibility in the game. It may also be that you review your love life and resignify relationships from the past. If you discover any dark cupids in the backrooms of your memory, take them as teachers for your own shadow, creatively exorcize these dead weights and reinvent yourself. Saturn tells you that when you love, you do so to the bones. Do not settle for less. This is an invitation to take your time and embrace the wisdom that reminds you that going slowly and enjoying pleasure go hand in hand.

:: Libra ::

Libra, for you Saturn tells us that, if in the past few years you have attended to your basic needs, its transit offers you the tools to start to lay the foundations of a new project for your life. A project oriented towards an inversion of resources with a long-term vision. A project with good potential for growth. It may be a retirement plan, or the foundations for a business that your children will inherit, or it may be the seed of a restructuring of your relationships in which you take on greater leadership. This is an invitation to assume your authority and to place new limits on your personal bonds if necessary. However, if in the past few years you have not looked after your base – your most important needs – especially those linked to your interior life, Saturn now offers you necessary corrections that will have an impact in the next few years. If you have wished to have more time for yourself, and now you have the time and the opportunity to live it, it is likely that some unresolved situation from the past may come to burst your bubble of wellbeing. What situations have taken you out of your comfort zone, out of your center? What situations have shaken your security? What situations reveal an unresolved past? Saturn makes you conscious that your roots are in disorder and that it is necessary to review scenes from the past to find the fissure, the crack, that breaks your energetic integrity, your capacity for caring and for personal affirmation. It is likely that this crack, if you follow it, takes you to toxic dynamics in your family system. In the dark layers of your psyche buried memories may arise from your life and from your lineage. Saturn wants you to repair, to correct the mistakes that emerge, and wants you to assume your authority and responsibility in taking up the reins of a process of deep restructuring. All of your family will benefit from you taking up your place. Do not be in a rush to come up to the surface. Do not be in a rush to reconquer the settings that you have had to let go of in order to attend to this calling. On the contrary, submerge yourself, even if sometimes the fear makes your bones shake. Do not fear the roots of your tree. Without them, as mysterious and as dark as they may be, there is no life, there are no fruits.

:: Scorpio ::

For you, Scorpio, the lessons of Saturn are located in your mind. This is a time of restructuring of your mental patterns. How you think, how you integrate and process information, is passing through the gaze of a teacher that wants you to be consciousness of the power of your thoughts when it comes to creating your reality. Your thoughts are the seed of what you create. This restructuring may show you judgements and demands which limit your capacity for spontaneity in your communication with yourself and with others. It is as if you were realizing that the thoughts that populate your mind are not always in harmony with your feelings and desires. The disjunction between what you would like to think and what you really think reveals a cognitive dissonance that can take you to scenes of your childhood. Perhaps as a child you suffered learning difficulties and were humiliated because of it. Or perhaps you were made vulnerable due to an excess of authority at school which made you rebel against the structures of learning. The rigidity with which you position yourself today when faced with certain situations reveals a fear of ceding your authority, of losing your power. It is as if you needed to maintain a control over your mind without questioning the validity of your perceptions as a means of defending yourself from the hostilities of your surroundings. It seems that this Saturn transit is asking you to evaluate which ideas and concepts have been sown within you, to what authority they respond, and that you take your time to question your thoughts before giving them value and acting on them. Sometimes it is the playing out of our wounds, of our insecurity or of our emotional vulnerability which makes us cling to our version of the facts. Be careful with “being right” or with judging any external questioning as an offence or attack on you. The medicine that Saturn offers you is that of recognizing how your mind is the spokesperson for unconscious dynamics. It is in the arena of communication with others that you face the obsolete scripts of the past. When you do not obtain the results which you have been used to obtaining you have to return inwards and observe the structure of your mental processes. Do not be too hard on yourself, since the tendency with this transit is to turn to exactitude and strictness as a way of controlling the changes. Rather try to cultivate mastery of mental observation. Listen to your own mind thinking and take the time to distinguish if what it communicates to you is valid, real and fair, as much for you as for those that surround you.

:: Sagittarius ::

The question that Saturn has for you, Sagittarius, is what is it that you most value? The restructuring of your system of values involves making an inventory of your resources. Not only material resources (assets, money, belongings), but also your spiritual and affective gifts and your creative talents. The lesson which Saturn is inviting you to take involves reviewing the biography of times where you have not fully valued yourself. It is likely that in this evolutionary cycle you may feel that, through this act of looking back towards the past, situations are revealed in which you involved yourself from a place lacking in love, in the search for external validation and in the need for recognition. It is time to correct yourself. Take into account that the gaze of Saturn can reveal to you a lack of integrity in your intentions and can lead you to discover that you may have been acting from a place of deficiency disguised as expansion. Try not to harden your view through guilt or punishment. This position is not constructive. It is abrasive and saddening. Rather it is about committing yourself to changing your ways. This implies loving your medicine and honoring it as sacred. If you do not value who you are – what you do and how you do it – you cannot ask the world to do it for you. Your medicine is your Being, not what you do, nor how much success you have, nor how much money you generate. These are extensions of a deeper relationship with your being. Recognize yourself as the most valuable resource in your life, beyond the limitations that you feel when manifesting abundance in your life. This Saturn transit may bring you a limitation in the use of your material resources. It may be that you are going through feelings of austerity and privation. Do not take these expressions as a punishment for something you have done badly. Rather embrace them as symptoms – the voice – of an internal truth that wants to be heard and that wants you to take responsibility for how you share your wealth. Sagittarius, your soul expands generously to the world, this is one of your gifts. Hence why this review to which Saturn invites you has to do with placing healthy limits, a clear measure of how, from where and to what extent you share yourself. In order to distinguish who deserves to receive your medicine, first you have to take it for yourself. Embodying your generosity for yourself may simply saying no to some people and shutting certain doors so that you can care for your garden and its fruits.

:: Capricorn ::

Capricorn, Saturn is your ruling planet and has returned to this sector of your life after 30 years to ask you that you dedicate time to YOU. Saturn wants you to embrace time as your greatest ally. Uncertainty sometimes makes us doubt the benevolence of temporality but in your case this teacher speaks to us of a restructuring of your being which eventually can only bring you fruits. This is a call for a necessary pause. You are reprogramming yourself and this is one of the most important moments of your life. Perhaps you have felt the need to withdraw, to place limits, to distance yourself from the scenes in which you have occupied a position of responsibility. This is a time to review your life, to evaluate yourself, to honor the memory of your journey and your steps on the earth. It is, perhaps, external circumstances that have forced this withdrawal. If so, you have had to adjust yourself to some painful revelations that have changed your reality. Or perhaps the movement towards withdrawal has come from inside as an existential crisis of direction and aims. This is a transit that wants you to embrace your inner hermit. This introspective calling may have awoken a feeling of death, a lack of direction or vital inspiration. It is as if the foundations upon which you constructed your role, your authority and your leadership were dissolving, giving way to an existential discomfort which, if you cannot manage it, can take you into depression and despair. It is a process and has a function and a time. If you resist, you harden up. But if you accept that what this transit asks of you is that you take up your responsibility and leadership from a more integral place and that what you need is time to reprogram yourself, then this passage can be very positive for you. It depends on your relationship with patience, going slowly and obedience to the organic laws linked to maturity. Your bones want to be listened to and if you do not stop to do so, they may creak and hurt. It is the voice of your wisdom. It is the voice of your belonging to the earth, to life. Your current winter, announces a spring. Sometimes wisdom is in knowing how to wait. Whilst you wait, get to know yourself and recognize who you are.

:: Aquarius ::

For you Aquarius, Saturn is asking you to pull in your sails and honor the fact that you are closing a long cycle in your life. In two years, when Saturn enters into your sign, you will begin a new evolutionary cycle. For now, you are doing the necessary cleaning in order to welcome this new cycle of maturity and growth, with your house in order. This requires that you take time for solitude and retreat in order to digest and process the memories which emerge from the depths of the unconscious. Saturn comes now to place order in mysterious and unreachable parts of your psyche. It is likely that you sometimes feel as if the task were too big for you. With this transit you may feel as if energies outside of your control governed your life. It may be that you feel afraid of losing your feet, of losing your north, or you may feel an extreme vulnerability. This is a process of energetic and spiritual restructuring. It is not concrete, it is not tangible, and it is precisely this absence of control on your part which makes it at times difficult and awkward to navigate. Saturn is asking for order and impeccability from you. This time has the flavor of Karma and asks you to distinguish the places in which you have committed in the past – in which you have invested your time and energy – and see the energetic chords which tie you to contracts which are no longer valid for your current evolution. It is possible that you are carrying more weight than you should do. It is about closing energetic doors and tying up loose ends. Resentments that have not been healed, feelings of abandonment and isolation, fear of losing your health, your center, unexpressed anger: these are some of the voices of the open doors, of pacts that are alive and that call for  liberation. This is a time of review in which you are asked to make a journey to the past (personal, ancestral and even to past lives) in order to find where your soul has remained trapped in some imprisoning limitation which today blocks the flow of your vital energy. You can no longer flee from the Great Mystery which lives within you Aquarius. This trust in the void speaks to us of an initiation: it speaks to us of the death that precedes your rebirth. Let the sword of your discernment help you to cut through what is unnecessary in order to live more lightly, more freely.

:: Pisces ::

Pisces, Saturn tells us that you are living through a restructuring of your way of positioning yourself in your circles. It seems that the communal spaces, the collaborative and cooperative relationships in which you move are going through the test of Saturn. Is it real? the Master of Time asks you. The investment of time and energy that you have placed all these years in collective dreams, in the circles of creative souls that vibrate with the same evolutionary vision: are they real? you ask yourself. It would seem that some dream or ideal may be deflating. It would seem that hidden behind the circular horizontality in which you have moved, you have found yourself in subtle hierarchies which dominate the subjective experiences and will of the individual participants in the dream(s). You do not like it. Nor do you know what to do with what you see and feel. The danger with this transit is that you decide to embody a Saturn archetype and act as the person called to put things in order, to take on leadership, to assume authority which perhaps does not correspond to you. Saturn is asking you to be conscious of the interdependence which is necessary for cooperation to happen and that you take responsibility from within the group dynamic. Saturn wants you to honor your vision. It wants you to commit to your dream. What do you want to build for your future? The answer to this question has to go beyond whether you feel – or do not feel – recognized or supported by a resonant community. If you make yourself director without having first done prior work with the structuring of your vital objectives you will continue to be trapped in a collective dynamic that exhausts you, that drains your creative energy. This can imply saying goodbye to and letting go of places that you have occupied until now and it is possible that you may sometimes feel isolated or exiled from the tribe. It may be that memories of exile and rejection are awoken in you. Behind these feelings may be wounds linked to belonging. This passage of Saturn can reveal to you that these wounds are collective and that you are resonating with a humanitarian suffering that goes beyond yourself. Do not fear the shock of change. Do not fear reality. Saturn always rewards those who honor their work. This readjustment of vision to which you are invited today is necessary for you to find the projects and communities that will resonate with your newly updated values.


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