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Saturn direct in Capricorn :: earthing ourselves :: between realization and reality ::

Our dreams and visions are not realized without Saturn. This is the reality. Saturn speaks to us of the path of the initiated. It speaks to us of a process of bringing our visions down to the earth. This path involves constructing, brick by brick, the house of what we are and of what we wish to materialize. Whether a project, a relationship, a life change, without Saturn integrated it is difficult for it to be maintained and for it to grow. It is difficult for it to survive over time. Making something real implies having a conscious and respectful relationship with time and its lessons. Time is the school of Saturn.

Saturn teaches us the lesson of pragmatism – the value of the practical – a necessary virtue for working with limitations in the process of realization. This is why it is an energy linked to discrimination, to patience, to continuity, to the capacity to maintain ourselves immersed in processes over long periods of time. Processes that – with their ups and downs – challenge us not to surrender in the face of limitations and the difficulties of materializing a vision.

When it is well integrated and aligned, Saturn is the medicine of entrepreneurs. To be an entrepreneur, to undertake something, implies investing ourselves in and maintaining ourselves in the work; it implies not getting distracted, not getting disillusioned, not getting demoralized in the face of difficulties. It is a powerful energy that demands a lot from us since, without commitment, without discipline and without structure, we cannot achieve our aims. Hence Saturn is a sign of maturity. It is with age and experience that we honor the value of mistakes, the function of limits and the importance of commitment.

Saturn governs stones, bones and teeth. It is the base. It is an ancient energy. It is archaic. As such, it deserves respect and honor. Saturn demands that we respect the laws of matter. Saturn is the god of time. The god of karma. Without Saturn there is no body. Without Saturn we do not grow. Without Saturn there is no life and yet, this god devours his children. Hence why the management of Saturn energy requires great skill. Both its lack and its excess are devastating. Saturn speaks to us of the correct amount and of the precision with which we administer ourselves energetically. It speaks to us of the careful measurement of our investments. It speaks to us of the careful consideration of the limits that we place and which we place on ourselves.

The message of Saturn weighs heavily on rebel spirits and/or on dreamers who lack grounding with the earth. The irreverent rebelliousness of Uranus wishes to break the oppressive laws of the Master of Matter. The transcendent vision of Neptune wishes to escape from the constraining limits of the Master of Time. Saturn limits us. It says no, not like that. Its limits can hurt us. Its prohibitions can make us sad. We recognize ourselves as free and creative spirits, but Saturn appears cyclically in an area of our life to make us look towards the past and go over our investments of time and our commitments. It makes us go over the functions of our mistakes. If we feel this call as a judgement, a reprimand or a destructive criticism, it is likely that in the process Saturn is unmasking wounds related to authority and the processes of learning. What have I done wrong? we ask ourselves when doors do not open in front of us as if by magic. Saturn offers us reality and dismantles all our fantasies.

With Saturn we can feel like energy stagnates, we can feel trapped in cycles of the past from which we rebel, from which we wish to escape, from which we do not find the exit. And so, we repeat the lessons. And we return to places that we reject. Saturn can depress. Saturn can make things dark. Saturn can hurt. It can hurt because it shows us our infantilism, our immaturity, our addiction to idealistic visions that we do not know how to incarnate on the earth. Saturn makes us come down from the clouds in which we escape to find refuge from the density of matter. Saturn makes us see our self-deceptions. It makes us see the parts of ourselves that resist growth. It wants to make us responsible for our existence and says to us “without responsibility there is no freedom. Without respect there is no freedom. Without clear limits there is no freedom”.

Those who have Saturn in balance are great administrators because they know the right amount and the right time for each thing. They can recognize the voice of Saturn, listen to its pragmatic advice but also know not to fall into the trap of unrelenting demands. They put its lessons to good use, focusing energy on overcoming internal and external obstacles rather than getting stuck in complaint. The powerful medicine that this archetype offers us is the mastery and the necessary maturity to place and maintain limits without the need to go too far into hardness, rigidity and demands. All excess generates imbalance. And the absence of authority, of limits, is as toxic as their abuse. Hence why Saturn rules measurements, tools, time. There is a time for everything and the skill lies in recognizing it and administering it. There is a time for opening doors, another for closing them.

Another medicine from Saturn is discernment. The capacity to recognize appropriate action. Saturn, when it is not in balance, judges severely and condemns reality to rigid frameworks. The danger is in its implacable coldness, its oppressive demands. This energy expresses itself as the internalized voice of an undigested maternal or paternal authority that has become frozen or disassociated from the freer, more spontaneous and lucid parts of our psyche. This is the voice of the internal dictator, that tells us “you’re doing it wrong”, “you don’t know” and that sends us to a place of submission and obedience.

This internalized voice expresses itself from the unconscious as a boycott to change, as a negation of leaving behind repressive patterns. If we do not have it charted at a psychic level it is easy for it to find expression in our life through obstacles, doors that shut, difficulties in expanding our creative energy, material scarcity, emotional austerity, fear of judgement and external criticism, amongst other voices that may inhabit us.

Authoritarian, repressive and intransigent laws are a voice of Saturn. What we call the patriarchal system is a voice of Saturn. The boss that needs hierarchy in order to dominate and make their power felt is a voice of Saturn. It is a voice of the system that does not allow growth – evolution – of our subjective experience. In this context, how vital the energy of Uranus is to shake us out of rancid obedience to conservative laws that restrict the evolutionary spirit! Hence why humanity has for centuries been in the dance of oppression and rebellion, dictatorship and revolution. Hence why we struggle “against” oppression.

Yet this struggle does not have any impact in the long term (Saturn) if we have not done the work with our internal authority. This is why many revolutionary movements end up becoming repressive. This is why some libertarian subjects in their youth, end up being conservative with age. This is why in projects that are started with an evolutionary vision we can often find hidden hierarchies and ambiguous authoritarian practices. Without an understanding that these energies dance within us constantly, we are left at the mercy of the narratives of the collective unconscious.

And, as at a collective level Uranus speaks to us of the necessity of a rupture with the consensualized Saturn reality, Neptune also invites us to move out from within the margins of a system that limits our experience of the totality. Beyond being preservative guardians of tradition – of order and of the law (Saturn) – or beyond declaring ourselves guardians of liberty and of the right to disobey the dictatorships of the old ways (Uranus), Neptune tells us that all of that is an illusion. Neptune wants us to go beyond that game, to rip away the veils of binary polarity and discover that everything is one, that there is no separation. Neptune takes us beyond matter to the world of dreams and distances us from the heaviness of Saturn. However, and here is the planetary paradox, without Saturn we cannot incarnate the vision of Neptune.

It is about finding the creative dialogue and the balance between these energetic forces in order to channel them towards the focus of our consciousness. At this time the narrative of Saturn is gaining strength within us. This planet has been in retrogradation during the entire eclipses period, together with Mercury and Mars, also retrograde. Whatever it is that has been disarmed during the eclipses period is now showing us its new structure and is asking us for a change of position in certain areas of our life. Which areas these are depends on the place of the Sun (in our astral chart) on the day of our birth.

How does the lesson of Saturn reveal itself for each sign?

THIS is a brief guide that helps us to get our bearings, to understand and to integrate where we need to get a Sacred Earthing in order to live and to realize our dreams, in order to create new realities. Go to this link :: SATURN IN EACH SIGN :: This guide works by solar sign and by ascendant sign. Often a combination of both messages offers us greater clarity.


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