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:: new Moon in Libra :: Venus retrograde in Scorpio :: renewing our soul contract ::

Dear readers, a couple of weeks ago i published a horoscope for each sign based on the transit of Saturn in Capricorn :: you can go to THIS LINK to read it, plus a guide to integrate Saturn´s energies. This horoscope is valid until the end of the year. Check it out.

VENUS began its retrograde transit through Scorpio on the 5th October. This is a good moment to review what has changed in our life since the 5th September when Venus started to transit the degrees over which it is now going to return. It is likely that this review will reveal to us the areas of transformation that this Venus transit will bring to our life. What has changed between the 5th September and the 5th October is the map of a process into which we are now called to go deeper.

Venus goes direct again on the 16th November, the same day that Mercury goes retrograde, also in Scorpio. On the 8th November Jupiter leaves Scorpio and settles in for a year in Sagittarius.

The conjunction of the Sun and Venus is on the 26th October in Scorpio.

During its retrogradation Venus will reenter into Libra, the sign from which it will reappear as the morning star on the 1st November.

Venus will enter into Scorpio once again on the 2nd December and will reach Sagittarius on the 7th of January 2019. It is at that moment that it will close the cycle that opens with this week’s new moon in Libra (9th October), a sign governed by Venus and a sign that receives our star in the deepest part of its journey through the underworld.


:: new Moon in Libra :: Venus retrograde in Scorpio :: renewing our soul contract ::

The language of astrology speaks to us of a network of energetic and archetypical interconnections that are expressed through temporal cycles. We can chart these cycles with the planetary transits. It is through the correlation between our cycles of growth – evolution, creation, chaos – that we honor and recognize the synchronic reciprocity between the sky and the earth. Through this recognition we also honor our place in this order. A place that, occupied with consciousness, makes us participatory creators in evolution. It is our lack of consciousness – our evolutionary amnesia or apathy – which places us as passive subjects of archetypical energies. Consciousness is not in the planets, it is within us. Hence why recognizing the cyclical synchrony of the planetary transits within us is an act of co-creation with the universe.

The ancients charted these planetary cycles and called these archetypical forces gods and goddesses. Transversal myths in all indigenous cultures enrich our points of reference for relating to these cosmic energies. What we call astrology today comes from a millenarian lineage whose roots unite sky and earth through the mythical narratives of humanity. This lineage contains the memory of a richness and deep narrative diversity that links us as bridges between heaven and earth. The stories of the stars speak to us of a creative and participative relationship of our ancestors with the celestial forces. Honoring this relationship is also to honor our place on the earth.

The retrograde transit of the planets offers us a specific cyclical narrative. The idea of retreat, of a backwards movement, has a vibrational impact on our energetic body. As above so below and vice versa, hence why we feel the force of the retrogradation of the planets, especially those closest to the earth, which are also those which move most quickly around the sun.

When the planets furthest from the earth – Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron and Pluto – go retrograde we usually feel the impact at the moment at which they station and the moment at which – months later – they go direct again. The evolutionary cycles of these planets act at the collective level. They are transpersonal forces. Their evolutionary fields act as a backdrop for our personal narratives. Although they continue to influence us deeply – including at a personal level – we do not feel them with the same intensity as we do the planets closest to the earth.

When Mercury, Venus and Mars – the closest planets to the earth – go retrograde we usually feel the energetic impact during the whole of the cycle of their retrogradation. Not only at the beginning and the end of the cycle. Their influence is personal, close, intimate.

The retrogradation of the three planets closest to the earth in the same year has been and continues to be the evolutionary theme of the year.

For many it is as though chaos has been installed, internally and externally. Is there no way to go back to how things were before? Before what? Probably before Uranus entered into Taurus (in May) and Chiron into Aries (April), before Mars went retrograde in Aquarius in the middle of a season of three eclipses (June, July and August), together with Mercury also retrograde.

And just when it seems that we are getting back on our feet after these reprogramming shocks, our energetic landscape changes once again, with new evolutionary coordinates and new intensities to integrate. This is the period that we are sailing through under this new moon in Libra and which accompanies us until next year. And we say sail through because one of the characteristics of these next three months is the movement of our waters.

In this period the three water signs are active at the same time. Chiron retrograde has just reentered Pisces (where, let’s not forget, we have Neptune), Venus and Mercury retrograde are both in Scorpio and the north node of the Moon is going into Cancer. If the first months of the year shook us up and revealed rupture and fragmentation, these next three months come to dissolve something in the depths. They come to soften what still resists transformation and to reunite what has fragmented. The invitation of this time is to go deeper.

The invitation is to go through the alchemical gateway that the healing water offers us on our path, to drink its wisdom, to receive its loving medicine.

In this context the retrogradation of the planets speaks to us of what in shamanism we call ‘soul recovery’. This technology of energetic healing posits that the soul can fragment when it undergoes traumatic events. Scenes from childhood, pre-natal and trans-generational scenes emerge from the past to show us the energetic temporal places in which we have lost a part of our soul. In this context lose means that the somatic memory of our body is trapped in a scene from the past. Thanks to our unconditional presence in the present, we are capable today of feeling and embodying the somatic footprint of trauma without trying to escape from it.

If we do not go to rescue these (fragmented) parts of our soul, they continue to be expressed in our present from the temporal coordinates in which they became frozen. Hence why suffering trauma in our body can separate us from the possibility of being present. It dislocates us.

This process of recovering ourselves can only be done thanks to our will to be there for ourselves unconditionally through the pain that emerges in our somatic-emotional body. This process of recovering ourselves implies the recuperation of vital energy that – instead of originating from a time in the past that has been and gone – is actualized and unites (returns) to the movement of the present through life. Vital energy that we need in order to materialize our creative visions today and in the future.

Hence why a creative block – whether it takes the form of an energetic, affective or economic crisis – may be a call on our part (and/or a memory from our lineage) which – ready to be liberated – raises its voice so that we go to meet it. This process implies embodying a sovereign will to feel today – in body and soul – what in that moment we could not bear. Because what we could not bear is the reason why a part of our consciousness became dislocated from the totality. This is a basic survival mechanism that – to a greater or lesser degree – is within all of us.

When we undertake the path of recovering ourselves from the past we honor the strength of our heart which with courage and bravery is ready to go to the realms of death in order to bring to light-life that which, abducted in time, wounded us.

This is the function of the water of our current energetic landscape. It comes to show us the path of that love which repairs, reunites, consoles, softens, soothes and dissolves that which has hardened, broken, frozen. Deep love. Love that heals the archetypical wounds of desolation, separation and absence of love.

This love comes to show us the threshold of the profound wellspring from which we can reconstruct ourselves, recovering the feeling of fully belonging to ourselves.

 If the retrograde transit of Mars in Aquarius has disarmed anything, it is a program of mental authority that has conditioned our survival responses. We have been exposed to the elements without defensive armor. This vulnerability makes us much more open and receptive. Hence why in these last two weeks many of us may have felt rocked by emotions and feelings of a startling intensity. Chiron began its retrograde journey back through Pisces and Pluto has gone direct in Capricorn. We have felt this shock as an energetic tsunami, internal and external, which has opened the gateway for new layers of deep memories to flow to the light of consciousness. It is our body of water that has felt this painfully liberating shock.

And in this context of energetic and emotional permeability, we enter bit by bit into the alchemical stages of the cycle of Venus retrograde in Scorpio – from the 5th October to the 16th November – and lasting energetically until the end of the year.

 We are in the house of Scorpio, a place in which we enter into the realms of the shadows of initiation. All initiations speak to us of a cycle of life-death-life. Our rebirth is guaranteed. We just have to accept the invitation to die.

Under this new moon in Libra the call is for us to sow the seed of will power to accompany Venus in its journey of initiation. To say yes to this relation with this archetypical force and energetic restorer of the original values of beauty, balance, harmony and love.

The alchemy of Venus retrograde in Scorpio speaks to us of an energetic somatic process of dissolution and detoxification of the memories of abuse in our soul-body.

This transit offers us a unique opportunity to transform our ecosystem of relational exchange. The manner in which we have constructed our relationships until now is undergoing a profound revision. In this context, revision implies a process of death and rebirth.

In this context we are not only speaking of a renovation of the field of our interpersonal relationships but of our first relationship, with ourselves and with life, with creative energy, with sexual energy, with our resources and gifts and, especially, with our values. If the transit of Venus retrograde in Scorpio is here to question anything, it is whether the system of values with which we have constructed our reality until now can support our (current and future) evolutionary growth.

Venus is asking us to undertake an alchemical process of personal transformation that implies a renewal of our soul contract. Our values are the contracts of loyalty we commit to the energies and principles which form our decisions.

 Venus speaks to us of the joy of feeling ourselves to be in a relationship with life. It speaks to us of the expressive coordinates of our body of pleasure. In order to feel pleasure, we first have to be connected with ourselves, with our body, with presence. Without this connection we search outside of ourselves for this feeling of belonging. We seek outside of ourselves the energy of connection with life. This is the root of our addictions. We make ourselves dependent on the source of external energy that fills the void of our internal disconnection.

Scorpio speaks to us of the energetic fusion that we have with other people. In Scorpio we go deeper into the dynamics of energetic exchange, meaning the shared resources in each of our relationships. Scorpio speaks to us of other people’s energy as a resource. This shared space is an emotional field that implies psychic and energetic vulnerability. Scorpio is the sign that takes us to chart the territory of intimacy.

This new moon in Libra opens the portal of a process of reviewing our relationships with the energetic fields of certain people in our life. It speaks to us of a reflection oriented towards freeing us from relationships whose shared energetic fields are not healthy, nurturing, balanced or harmonic for us.

 Relationships whose energetic fields awaken our somatic body, our body of pain. Relationships that wound us, make us vulnerable, intoxicate us. Relationships whose continuity implies a negation of ourselves in order to nourish the needs of others. Relationships of complaints, demands for help, support (energy) in which we do not receive reciprocally the energy that we give out.

Perhaps this is a time in which we realize that we no longer tolerate what we had learnt to tolerate until now. In this sense the transit of Venus retrograde in Scorpio speaks to us of the deprogramming of a code of acceptance of abuse as a survival mechanism.

This programming from the past operates as an adaptation mechanism to the energy of others in exchange for acceptance and belonging. Many of us can feel how this program of adaptation is currently losing its power over us. This process of liberation is a vital step for our energetic and creative sovereignty. Hence why the call under this full moon is to sustain ourselves in the midst of the chaos and dissolution of this evolutionary cycle.

We are on the threshold of a cycle that – although it takes us through landscapes of the underworld – has a profound liberating potential that speaks to us of a rebirth. A rebirth embodied in beauty, balance and harmony.

However, in order to embody these values, we need to honor the death of a part of ourselves that has been constructed through relationships in a way that is no longer beneficial for the future. And this process is painful, not only due to the memories that it awakens but also because it speaks to us of a biochemical detoxification that our body can interpret as a death.

The fear that we might feel in the middle of this vulnerability is natural, hence why the call is to be there for ourselves unconditionally. Hence why the call is to let the water do its work. Let it dissolve, undo, clean, heal, purify the toxic waters of the past in order to get to the wellspring of water that is pure, transparent.

We are on the threshold of an invigorating vision quest for more vital energy. Clean, healthy energy. Hence why the first phase of this Venus transit is about emotionally detoxifying ourselves.

 This implies recognizing that we may be emotionally or affectionately poisoned by pacts from the past that are no longer valid today. Pacts that we can no longer maintain because doing so implies abandoning our soul and our evolutionary potential. Pacts that make us ill.

It is as if we were now intolerant to an energy that until now we could tolerate. Our somatic body is saturated. Our desire for authenticity has put in motion the tectonic layers of our psyche and there is no longer any room for infantile self-deception, there is no other path than being 100 percent present for ourselves and this is going to imply serious ruptures with dysfunctional patterns in our relationships.

This may be a revealing time in terms of dynamics of addition, submission, abuse of power, sexual abuse, energetic violence, energetic vampirism, domination, energetic control. This is the shadow of Scorpio; and Venus within us is called to rescue that part of our soul that at some time learnt to relate in this way, from this place.

Chiron – back in Pisces for the last time in 50 years – submerges us again into the toxic waters of spiritual abuse, of energetic ambiguity, of separation from the totality and from the source, making us depend on authority figures in order to have a feeling of spiritual belonging. The transit of Venus retrograde in Scorpio functions in parallel to Chiron retrograde in Pisces. Whilst Venus operates at a personal level, Chiron does so at a transpersonal level.

This speaks to us of becoming conscious that there are no longer authorities – bridges – between us and our divinity. We are all bridges, sovereign and autonomous. The creative interrelation in our ties happens so that each of us can cultivate their own connection with the source. The narratives of devaluation, dislike and negation that enter into play in our personal relationships mirror a wider devaluation at a collective community level.

Hence why this is a cycle that invites us to decouple ourselves from circles in which we give our energy to causes led by people who assume authority through what they preach without it being embodied in a coherent practice.

This is a call to be able to observe how relationships of energetic codependence move within circular and community dynamics. If we do this observation we will find that the patterns of abuse of power, bad management of sexual and economic energy and domination and abuse of authority, toxify and poison the realization of a healthy community dream.

In this cycle many will feel the need to disaffiliate from group dynamics in which they have participated in the past based on wounds of codependence and from the paradigm of seeking belonging. This process of interpersonal, spiritual and communal reevaluation is with us until January 2019 when Chiron in Pisces and Venus in Scorpio will make a trine between themselves. A trine is a harmonic and integrating planetary aspect. 

We are in an alchemical moment. An opportunity to catalyze a profound transformation. This is a process of several months. Venus helps us to chart, to channel the emotional and psychic intensity of this cycle of creative chaos.

Venus is on the threshold of a sacred immersion, and we, resonating hearts, vibratory bodies, water that is moved with the universe, are also on this threshold. At this new moon we say yes. Yes, I want what has to die to die, in order to be reborn in, and with, the new brightness of Venus.

A good new moon, a good journey, beautiful deaths and beautiful rebirths. May the beauty to which Venus calls us inspire us to honor this time in collaborative grace with the universe.

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