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:: full Moon in Taurus :: Venus retrograde in Scorpio :: in the heart of the Sun ::


This Friday Venus makes its interior conjunction with the sun. This means that Venus aligns with the sun and the earth. It is the moment of its cycle where Venus is closest to the earth. This conjunction is equivalent to one of the points of the Five-Pointed Star that Venus forms through its eight-year cycle. It is also equivalent to one of the five petals of the rose that Venus forms over this eight year period.

 This is the geometry of Venus. The pentagram and the five petalled flower.

 In eight years Venus goes retrograde five times. In each of these retrogradations it makes a conjunction with the sun: Venus is between the sun and the earth. These five conjunctions happen in the same signs, in the following order: 1. Gemini 2. Capricorn 3. Leo 4. Aries 5. Scorpio.

 These next 18 months we will walk the last stage of the five-pointed star that started in Gemini. In May 2020 we finish the star which we opened in June of 2012, when Venus went retrograde in Gemini. We are now in a phase of maturation and integration of this Venus evolutionary cycle.

 Hence the importance of this moment. This geometry has a frequency and a vibration which is resonant with our body and spirit. When we integrate this information, we awaken our evolutionary consciousness. Hence why all the indigenous cultures of the earth honor and recognize the cycle of Venus.

 :: full Moon in Taurus :: Venus retrograde in Scorpio :: in the heart of the Sun ::

Yesterday (24th) we crossed over the threshold of the full moon in Taurus. The light of the sun in Scorpio is reflected by the moon in Taurus, its opposite sign. This full moon forms a Grand Cross in the fixed signs. This cross is made by Mars and the south node of the moon in Aquarius, Venus and the Sun in Scorpio, the north node of the moon in Leo and the Moon and Uranus in Taurus.

We are at a crossroads of destiny. A call to take definitive decisions imposes itself as a way out of a sensation of ambush, of being in a cul-de-sac. This cul-de-sac may be literal and may present itself particularly in material realms (economy and security) and in relationships (affection and sexuality).

We are on the threshold of radical decisions which have the flavor of risk, of all or nothing, of the abyss. Life is pushing us to the edge of our security bubble. There is no reverse gear, just an onwards path. Will we fly, or will we fall?

We are living through the stagnation of a life constructed on values that are no longer pertinent for our growth. One of the values that is mutating in our system has to do with material security. We speak of wanting to embrace change for humanity, of balancing and harmonizing the organization of our system and yet we may not realize how our lifestyle supports the imbalances that we criticize.

We speak of changes that we are sometimes not ready to embody. This is the crossroads below this full moon. It reveals the places in which we do not want to move, in which we are not ready or willing to transform ourselves. Places in which we are not willing to die, because fear paralyzes us, overcomes us, distresses us.

This is the root of an internal conflict that reveals a need to reformulate our values in order to walk in peace and coherence with the earth, with life.

During the last few weeks the pressure to awaken – to open our eyes in the dark night of the soul of humanity – has been increasing. We feel the change being articulated in deep, mysterious places, sometimes unreachable to our understanding. It is not easy to digest. Our body is in one place, our mind somewhere else. And our waters are moved in all directions.

At times, the disassociation that we may experience from our body (or between our bodies) can reveal unharmonized voices, visions and desires in our interior. This organic confusion that can inhabit us influences our movements. We may move without focus, without a target at which to aim our arrows, at the mercy of distractions which further exhaust and confuse us. And although the call of Venus retrograde is towards introspection – to embrace the symbolic death of an obsolete internal operating system – we may prefer to escape from this change, we may prefer the deception of illusions.

During the days before the full moon we may have felt energetic, electrical, creative charges, moments of consciousness that shake up our system. We collapse, and we get up again. We get up with confidence, we see the light, we collapse again, called to the well, deep and dark, of what we feel. We do not understand. And we raise ourselves up once again. And how long will this last, we ask ourselves, still tied to the illusion that we will return. Return where? To what?

Have we still not accepted the process of death that this time is asking us for? Are we still clinging on to the old way(s) of doing things? Are we still clinging on to another life? To that comfortable and unreal security bubble?

Do we still want to believe in this unsatisfactory way of relating to life? Do we continue nourishing this surface level vanity and narcissism in which we project ourselves into illusory worlds that cover up a truth that we resist seeing?

And everything falls down, the veils are ripped away, the unleashed shadow reveals to us our addictions, dependencies and escapisms. It is as if multiple worlds and voices were inhabiting us, asking us to provide center, guidance, presence. Are we present? Are we anchored? Or do we let ourselves drift, from narrative to narrative, changing roles depending on whom we are with?

Do we cling to our masks in an attempt to maintain a simulacrum of control, of order and of direction? Can we still not admit that it is over, that the farce has ended? Do we recognize that our world is no longer sustained in this way, as we had constructed it?

Now, below this full moon, it seems that the time for a resolution has arrived. We need the energy to be moved. And although this full moon speaks to us of changes, it also speaks to us of our resistances to change.

Below this moon it is recommendable to listen to the urgency of the change, and, at the same time, exercise caution when taking important decisions. The energy is erratic, electric, intense. Before acting with it we first have to be capable of feeling it and embodying it.

This moon speaks to us of becoming conscious that we are in an evolutionary funnel. It is as if our collective future had become paralyzed. We are trapped in narratives of the past, dominated by those who have power. On an external level we see these power dynamics played out in the global political and social realities, stages upon which the systemic collapses and the failures of leadership oriented towards supporting life are becoming more and more obvious.

On an internal level we can see this power dominating our mind when we go into  attitudes of war, struggle, separation, competitiveness. It is as if a power inhabits us, a force that does not know how to act towards life and, as a result of fear and ignorance, abducts and takes control of our vital and creative movements.

This sensation of ambush may also be energetic, spiritual and/or existential. This moon is in conjunction with Uranus. Uranus is retrograde at zero degrees of Taurus. Venus – ruler of Taurus – retrograde in Scorpio, continues on its path of initiation towards the past. This sensation of ambush presents itself through a crisis of values. We realize the power that certain outdated values from the past hold over our beliefs and choices. Old values that continue to dominate our personal and collective reality. Our creative energy stagnates when we wish to create something new but sustain ourselves with values that protect narratives from the past.

These narratives – internal and external – reveal our impotence in generating positive change. A change for our life. A change for the collective. We are getting in touch with a profound sense of disheartenment towards the future of humanity. This taste of sorrow can be intimate or transpersonal, subtle or sharp, liberating or devastating. Have we felt it awaken under our skin? Have we felt our waters reveal to us pain for the future? Have we listened to the song of our bones, voice of our roots, echo of the earth?

The water of the earth speaks to us from within our body. What does it tell us? Do we feel what it says?

With four planets (Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and the Sun) in Scorpio it seems that our current task is to bear the intensity which we feel. At this time there are those who feel and hear so deeply this call of the internal waters that they can only surrender to the death and dissolution that this consciousness offers. This consciousness of the ancestral waters that awaken from our depths wants and wishes to remove the armor that dominates, limits and damages us.

Those who honor this feeling and this process are the midwives and guardians of birth who – through their own somatic body – maintain the roots of this consciousness, giving birth to it from the heart of the earth. Those who sustain the death of the outdated ways of doing things are also those that sustain the light of rebirth.

The presence of Mars in Aquarius tells us that we are living through a struggle over how we define reality. We can experience this struggle projected outside of ourselves in the war of polarities, in the craziness of binary choice, in unbridled competitivity. The danger of this struggle is that it covers over our refusal to look at the pain that emerges from our interior. We prefer struggle to sorrow and mourning.

The danger below this moon is that our refusal to feel leads us to ignore a call from the soul to make a very necessary internal change in order to sustain the external change of which we dream. The change does not happen through the mind. The change is somatic. The struggle is internal and profound.

We have to feel it and we have to be able to be there with what we feel. If we flee from it, we close the door to the opportunity to generate new energy, to recycle, to transform our existential coordinates. We flee in repetition. We flee to the familiar. We flee to the known and the safe. We flee to what we can control. We flee to complaint. We flee to accusation. We flee to our ‘characters’. We flee behind our masks.

Venus – ruling planet of Taurus – is now in the deep phase of its retrogradation. Below this full moon in Taurus the call is to go within and to sustain our presence in our heart in the nucleus of an alchemical process that – even if it is uncomfortable and/or painful – is absolutely necessary for the renovation of our creative energy.

Two days after the full moon (the 26th) Venus will make its interior conjunction with the sun. This is the moment at which Venus is closest to the earth. Its influence is potent, intense and magnetic. Its influence is alchemical. Its power is real.

This Friday 26th, the sun inseminates Venus. The sun sows its Seed of Solar Consciousness in our Star of Love. This is the seed that will grow throughout the next Venus cycle, until May 2020. Hence why we want to pay attention to how we move during these days. Hence why we want to be present. Hence why the call under this full moon is not to allow ourselves to be tricked by superfluous distractions, vain struggles, the deceptions of superficial or false games, vanities dressed up as evolutionary words that remain up in the clouds, that do not come from or go to the root.

Hence why the call of this moment is for us to be able to look after and honor that which looks after and honors us from the depths, because life is there, now, being created. This life – invisible, powerful, mysterious – inspires us to make vital changes, here and now. These changes are happening in the depths of our being, of our body. They still do not even have a body of words with which to emerge towards the light. But they do have a hidden life which beats in the heart of death.

As our priorities change, our alliances are also reconfigured. Mercury in Scorpio darkens and cast shadows over communication with certain people. Trying to share ourselves through our words may seem like the task of a mutating octopus that keeps changing direction. Without our hearts anchored deeply in a steady, resonant space, it is difficult to sustain the complexity of the shared dance that changes each day.

If we do not listen to ourselves deeply, how can we listen to anyone else in their full profundity?This full moon in Taurus reveals the relationships in which we find ourselves in the house of deep water, those with whom we can connect from the heart and the root. This moon also reveals to us the relationships in which we do not find our true selves. These dis-connections may be fleeting. These dis-connections may be put behind us. These dis-connections may have the flavor of loss. These dis-connections may detonate sorrow or mourning.

Under this moon it is recommendable not to get lost in the narratives of others that take us away from our vital intentions. There will be time for reconnecting later. For now, there is a call to cultivate our relationship with ourselves first. Hence why the Venus transit is our guide for this time. Venus will be reborn, and we will be reborn with her. If we refuse to be there consciously with Venus in her meeting with the fire of the sun, then we will not be able to be there with her in her rebirth. If we do not embrace the shadows of this moment, we will not be able to recognize and take in her light later on.

Only those who have been in and know how to be in the darkness (with consciousness) can recognize the fertility of this moment. Only those who know this place know that love emanates from there, in the mystery of the night, in the wisdom of the roots. Without this care there are no flowers or fruits to share later on. Let’s be now with Venus. Let’s give birth with her to a new love. Renovated, fertile and productive.

Perhaps our resistance to honor this alchemical cycle of death and life reveals that we want to love without getting burnt, without being dissolved, with being melted. Venus calls us to get burnt with her in the love of the sun. To get burnt in order to melt away our resistances. To get burnt in order to honor and embrace the fear to walk in this love. To burn away our fear of loving in the fire of the sun.

This love does not happen on the surface. This love calls us to a path of bravery and transformation. The love that does not know vanities or superfluous distractions. The love that goes beyond the mirror of projections and connects deeply, from the depths, to the root. The love that goes beyond the skin, beyond space and time. The love that is eternal love.

The love for life and what makes life. This life that presents itself with all of its power in the valley of a time that has died. Because in order to take in this love, a part of us has to die.

This is the love that we honor first in the intimate sphere, at the most vulnerable level. There where we can be in company, even if it hurts, even if it scares us. This love for the earth, the water, the trees, the rivers, the waterfalls, the flowers, our food, the sea, the sand, the rocks. This incommensurable love that calls us to raise ourselves up out of inertia and to give ourselves fully to life, to give ourselves to the death that is necessary in order to live fully and honor life fully, in you, in me, in us.

:: Text traslation by Michael Evans ::

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