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New moon in Aquarius :: the voice of the future

Tomorrow we cross the threshold of the new moon in Aquarius. Mercury – the messenger of the gods – is in conjunction with the sun and the moon. Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, is making its last steps through Aries. At the next new moon in March Uranus will enter into Taurus, through which it will transit for seven years. 

In Aquarius we look towards the future, we creatively envision the narratives of what we want to create and how we want to live. In Aquarius we design. In Aquarius we observe the bigger picture. In Aquarius we contemplate our path – personal and collective – from a detached perspective, perhaps a little coldly and objectively. 

In Aquarius we combine a mixture of realism with audacity, of risk with pragmatism. Aquarius speaks to us of the energetic and conceptual architecture of our vision. It speaks to us of geometry, vibration, mathematics, order, of what exists behind what we create. It also tells us that the seeds of the structures that we create start with an idea, a thought. We create how we think.

This new moon is a good time to evaluate the way in which we create or have created until now. It invites us to evaluate our methods, our ways of doing things. It invites us to examine the forms and methods with which we act and with which we carry things out.

Under this new moon we look at the integrity or the lack of integrity in our ways of doing things. Are we exploited or do we exploit others? Do we abuse our health, energy, time? Are we rigid, obsessive, chaotic, controlling? Are we open to new ideas, new visions, new forms? Are we capable of improvising as we go? Do we embrace organic creative processes?

This new moon invites us to distance, to detachment and even, perhaps, to take a step back in order to review our plans, to correct the coordinates of our vision, of our design for life, of our creative directions. 

If we have a fixed idea of how we want things to be (over the coming weeks, months, even years) it is possible that we may not be receptive to changes of perspective, that we may not be open to modifying our plans.

Receptivity to an idea, opinion, suggestion. Receptivity to new needs. Receptivity to new values. This new moon summons us to be attentive to the voice – or voices – of the new and to our reactions, replies. Do we close ourselves off from these voices? Do we reject them? Are we receptive to innovative ideas and visions?

Fixed or rigid positions may be revealed over these next two weeks, on the way to the full moon in Virgo on the 19th February. These two weeks ask that we take the time to see the change of attitude, of perspective which reveals itself. What adjustment in our vision is revealed to be necessary? 

Our resistance to change our design can be expressed as a struggle, a competitiveness against time, against change. As if we know what we have to change and yet deny it. We can become hardened, we might not want to change our vision. And yet, there is more and more evidence, more clarity, that it is necessary to adjust ourselves to the reality (personal and collective) of the present; and – whether through fear, pride, laziness – we can deny making this adjustment. 

This new moon invites us to look with a certain distance and detachment at our negation of calls to change that emerge in our life. It invites us to give ourselves time to listen, integrate, accept the fear of change that may emerge. We can start accepting change little by little. We can give ourselves time to digest. We can wait, reflect, consult, enter into dialogue, converse with others, ask for help, open up.

Under this new moon it is important to recognize the call to change: even though we may not know how to carry it out, even though we may still have to go through the mourning process for that which has to be left in the past in order to embrace the new, even though we may feel vulnerable, lost. For now, the change asks to be seen, looked at, listened to, just this. This is the seed of the new moon in Aquarius. An acceptance of a change in the design of our life, an adjustment in our vision. And yes, it is likely that resistances emerge, those voices from the past, those paradigms that have been useful for us until now, but which no longer permit innovation and creative freedom to be expressed, to take effect in our life. 

Resistances which can emerge through internal imbalances (emotional or energetic) in which we may realize that there is something that no longer functions in a healthy way in our life; that our habits, attitudes and routines may trap us in a continuous loop of dissatisfaction. We may realize that we need a change and yet at the same time deny ourselves this change.

Resistances can emerge in intimate or collaborative relationships in which, through the mirror of the other person (present or past), we can realize that our attitude is (or has been) rigid, dominant, controlling. We may realize that we are (or have been) closed to the vision of the other person. We may realize that we are (or have been) closed to the change, evolution, vision of another person in our life.

Resistances can emerge through collectives, circles or collaborative group enterprises in which we are asked for a change which awakens fear, denial, control within us.

The warning and/or invitation that the astrological narrative of the month of February gives to us is that we listen to the voice of the future communicating to us what changes deserve to be incorporated into our life, relationships and circles today. It invites us to examine our rigidity, stubbornness, fear, rebelliousness to honor the visionary intelligence of the time that inhabits us, that lives in our relationships and our circles.

Tomorrow is here in the present. If we give word to the creative spirit of time today, what does it say to us? What does it ask of us? What does it warn us? What does it offer us? Under this moon it is beneficial to call to our vision – from here to three or six months, from here to a year, three years – and ask it that it speaks to us, that it shares us its perspective, that it warns us of the possible errors and traps along the way that we are following.

Would we listen to the voice of the future? If there is a warning of storms, of floods, would we make the journey anyway? Do we collaborate with change? Do we block it, inhibit it, repress it, control it? Are we willing to open ourselves up to new forms? 

These questions are fundamental for constructing (ourselves). The new moon in Aquarius invites us to take up the reins of our vision, to correct the coordinates of the map, to listen to the future alerting us. It invites to listen honestly. Honest listening being the capacity to receive information, integrate it and allow it to penetrate and transform us. 

This listening and receptivity is equivalent to a reprogramming, to an updating of our dream. In order to allow this process to occur we have to stop a little, open ourselves up, refrain from blindly maintaining the version – script – that we have internalized as the truth, as the creative mantra that always articulates the same pattern, the same cycle in our life. In order to get out of this closed circuit we have to change the narrative and in order to change the narrative we have to review what has been operating in our life up to now. We are reviewing our vision.

This is a cycle in which it is necessary to have the greatest possible clarity of the world that we want to nourish and/or care for, of the world which we want to construct. The values that inspire us and the integrity with which we try to life by them are vital in the manifestation of a sustainable reality for the coming years. Change begins with a change of attitude. This new moon in Aquarius invites us to change our attitude.

If the future speaks to us, it does so through Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius. Uranus will make its definitive entry into Taurus at the next new moon in March. Uranus will take seven years to journey though Taurus, revolutionizing the basis of our material security and our relationship with our resources.

The sustainability of our future depends upon our relationship with matter. In the coming years the question of our consumption of energy is in play: the use and/or abuse that we make of creative energy. Uranus in Taurus calls us to a radical change of values. Which values nourish our creative projects? Which values inspire our dreams? Which values give body to our vision?

This new moon – and over the next two weeks during which the moon waxes – is a good time to examine whether our attitudes, practices, relationships and communal spaces form part of a paradigm of responsible consumption of creative energy, whether we make a conscious use of our creative resources and of our time. It invites us to examine what we materialize, with what intention and to what or to whom we serve and care for with what we do.

At this time, we may realize that what was pertinent and useful in our life until now – as discourse, as material and energetic investment, as time commitment – is no longer so. At this time, we may realize that the theories, the ideas and the values with which we have fed our practices, discourses and projects need to be renovated. This new moon invites us to an ideological renovation, a review of our life plan and an updating of the use of our resources.

This new moon invites us to look objectively and with detachment at the places in which we invest our creative energy and examine if they are aligned with the renovation of values that this time of changes ask from us.

This can be a cycle in which the past and the future collide in our present and in which we may feel that we have to choose, that we are before a crossroads. If it is like this, then, below this new moon in Aquarius we place the intention of clarifying ourselves, of reconsidering, of investing time in pacifying our fears, our emotions and situating ourselves within a wider vision of our life. There, perhaps, we will realize that it is time to say goodbye to old dreams, to certain relationships and circles, old alliances to visions that deserve and are in need of renovation. All of this in order to be able to follow our path with integrity and the values that are really of importance to us. All of this in order to embrace the voice of the future which from within our memory reminds us of our intention, our place and sense in this time, on this earth.

So, between tomorrow and the full moon on the 5th of March, the invitation is to open up our work table, our diaries and books, our workshop, our body, our meditation practice, in order to examine, receive, feel, move in the new time. In order to see what moves, towards what and where it moves us.

We are the architects of our ideas, we are the seeders of realities, we are the creators and the harvesters. This is a good time to play the great creative game, to break through resistances – heavinesses from the past – in order to open up the doors and receive the vision. It may be that the voice of the future surprises us, it may be that it shocks us, it may be that it challenges us, yes, but it also may awaken, inspire and liberate us. 

For now, it is about receiving it, welcoming it, looking at it and embracing it.

* Michael Evans Healey :: Proof Reading, Editing and Translation :: (English/Spanish/French) :: *