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Full moon in Virgo :: the totality in the detail ::

The moon at zero degrees of Virgo makes its monthly opposition with the sun at zero degrees of Pisces. This full moon in Virgo reveals the areas in our life in which we need  to look closely at the details, focus our vision in order to see the micro that illuminates the macro. The full moon in Virgo invites us to come to ground ourselves, to give roots to our vision. It invites us to pay attention to the small, the miniscule, as a fractal of the great.

This full moon in Virgo summons us to place order. This ordering happens by discriminating whether that which we dream of, preach for or perceive is real or is a fantasy. This ordering of ourselves happens by reviewing whether our interpretation of what we feel and perceive is clear, clean, transparent, or whether it is interfered with by the patterns of our neuroses. Our complexes, our fears, our unsatisfied desires, our need for control, our obsessions, paranoias and comparisons can get in the way of our perception and interpretation.

This full moon may reveal in detail an error in our interpretations of certain facts or situations that have generated some type of conflict or confrontation. So, this full moon in Virgo invites us to recognize those places in which we get stuck in repeating a fantastical view and invites us to correct ourselves, to recognize errors (our own and those of others) in order to repair, clear up, clean, order wherever is necessary.

The fantasy may be escapist, that being the expression of an immature wish projected into the future to compensate for a lack in the present, or a wound from the past. The fantasy may be a distortion which we make of reality so that it adjusts to our toxic version of certain things. The fantasy may be an obsessive attachment to a stagnant narrative that asks for a change that we do not honor due to fear of losing our power, control. The fantasy may be the voice of a disassociated and fragmented part of our psyche which, through not being integrated, acts autonomously.

This fantasy can be expressed as a paranoia (everyone is against me), as self-sabotage (I’ve done something irreparable, I don’t deserve…), or as a confusion that paralyzes and overshadows us (what happened? How did I get here? Is it my “fault”?). These questions seek order, seek comprehension, seek digestion.

In Virgo we need to digest. Digest certain information, situations, events that have shaken us, that have moved an energetic body, mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. As part of the ordering of Virgo, we need to go over what we’ve lived through in the last two weeks in order to find the key – the door – of the triggers that have mobilized certain situations that have violated, confused, intoxicated us. This going over, integrating, digesting asks us that we dive into our narratives, that we go down to the detail, to the small.

With what tone of voice did a certain person speak to me? Was their tone in harmony with what they said to me? Did they look me in the eyes when they spoke to me? When I expressed my truth, was it received, welcomed? Have I been present or do I feel fragmented? Have I become silent through fear? Are there people in my life that attack me? Can I recognize an aggression? Do I accept it without questioning? Why do I silence myself? What would I say if I wasn’t afraid to speak?

These past weeks we have felt the ecosystem of the conjunction of Mars and Uranus in Aries. This conjunction was exact on the 13th February. Mars is now in Taurus, Uranus is still in Aries, and under this full moon in Virgo we are still under the influence of these coordinates since the moon and sun are in aspect with Uranus in Aries and with Mars in Taurus. These are benevolent aspects that help us to start a process of ordering that which may have been expressed as chaos, pacifying that which may have been violent, coming to silence after having expressed what was needed.

The influence of the conjunction of Mars and Uranus has brought a liberation. A knot came loose, and it is likely that it has been through an expressive force, an unexpected action, a confrontation. Our desire for freedom is potent and – in some way – has opened up a breach. Creative breach, sexual breach, aggressive breach, violent breach. Constructive or destructive, this energy moves forward, and it needs body and consciousness to sustain it. When we cannot deal with the power of the energy, when we do not know how to manage it, that’s when it takes us, dominates us.

Going over and ordering implies looking closely at our motivations, our actions and movements in order to see with open eyes and a clear perspective in which areas of our life it is time to liberate ourselves, to say enough, to get out of a damaging toxic situation. It is also time to recognize with clarity the times for saying yes, there where desire moves forwards to create the new, there where our fire awakens to create. So, we are in an important moment in which perhaps the time to choose has arrived, to take a position, to act in favor of the clearest, most benevolent narrative for our life.

One of the voices of Virgo summons us to action and commitment through our love in service, through our devotion, our dedication and self-sacrifice. These are expressions of a noble soul but also easily manipulated. So, this process of ordering, cleaning and digesting invites us to question the integrity of the times, spaces, situations, projects and/or people where we dedicate ourselves in service. Projects and processes in which we have dedicated that sacred expression of the soul which is devotion.

There cannot be healthy service without a system of reciprocal care. If there is not a feeling of shared nutrition between those that give and those that receive then there is no service, it is sacrifice. Service cannot be violent, humiliating, degrading. Service is not slavery, nor a blind obedience. Service cannot be a negation of our value. Service cannot be an attack against our life and energy. Service is love in action. And where there is love there is care. And where there is care there is joy. This is a good time to question and correct the places in which we dedicate our devotional energy. What do we give? What do we receive? Is the sacrifice worth it?

So, the light of the sun in Pisces reflecting on the moon in Virgo under the influence of Mars and Uranus tells us that – for some, for many – this may be a time in which our service – dedicated with love – is revealed to be a devotional fantasy. A fantasy to the extent to which the narrative that we have fed until now cannot be sustained before the facts of reality. A story that we believed and which in practice, at the day-by-day level, reveals the fissures that corrode the integrity necessary in order for the vision to be sustained.

The liberating awakening to this devotional fantasy may be painful, to the extent to which we have dedicated our love and have not received in integral and organic reciprocity the respect and care that we deserve. It is not about giving as if it were a business, measuring payment, no. It is about honoring our energy in order to serve times and spaces in which it is honored, respected. It is only like this that abundance can multiply. Our devotion is sacred, it is an expression of our purest essence. Mars and Uranus speak to us of a warrior energy that cuts through the root of any confusion we may have fallen into linked to service, sacrifice.

The clarity of this full moon summons us to recognize the toxic dynamics of abuse, manipulation and control that damage us, that make us ill. This is a time of important revelation for those who move in spiritual circles, in ceremonial spaces, in networks in which work is carried out that compromises our energy. Hence why digestion (separating the healthy from the toxic) is useful and necessary for recovering our compromised energy, for renewing our devotional vows and for choosing how to position ourselves from now onwards on our devotional path of service.

This renovation can happen in a lot of ways. Perhaps at this time it is not so much about knowing what the way is, as it is to honor the process of digestion that will allow us to let go of that which is not in harmony with our service, our health, our wellbeing.

Mercury is in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, indicating to us that things are not what they appear, that we need to give time to the mist to disperse in order to see with greater clarity the reality that wants to be recognized.

Words can be ambiguous, slippery. We say one thing, we may feel another. Our mind can go against the tides of our heart. We can get lost with so many options. We say one thing, they understand something else. Who is lying? Who is telling the truth?

It may be that we are lying to ourselves. Perhaps we are so addicted to our version of the facts, one that is (supposedly) in our interests, one that does not move us from where we are. What do we not want to see or listen to? What realization hurts us so much that we prefer to anaesthetize ourselves with our dramas of the day? What reality is so difficult for us to accept that we flee and take refuge in the past, the only thing that seems sure? Which illusion is collapsing which we are trying to sustain? What fantasy reveals its deceptive venom? What fear chills our soul and paralyzes us from acting with integrity?

Venus is in conjunction with Saturn in Capricorn. This energy is harmonious with the moon in Virgo, indicating that those of us who are ready and able to order ourselves and look more closely at the reality of what is happening – meaning, close to the ground, close to the body, close to the heart – in a practical, realistic way will find treasure. The love that sometimes hides under stones, in the mature quietude of the person who knows how to silence time, who knows how to listen without fear.

The vision can be enormous, marvelous, beautiful but if it is not anchored in coherent actions, in dignified manners, in integrity in words and deeds, then this vision lacks roots, blows away with the wind. The root is in the love for the small, in the humility to know ourselves always in service, in care, in our everyday devotion, embodied day by day, step by step.

There, that sober, simple, deep, real love takes root, takes form, embodies and our sustains vision.

At this full moon the invitation is to sustain this pragmatic love, which although not having the glamor of the romantic does have the power of continuity. Under this moon it is important to remember what it is that we are constructing, what focus we want to sustain through the year and what needs to be liberated, said goodbye to in order to honor the new paths, the new meetings in which our service and devotion, our love grow and blossom.

Today, the 18th February, Chiron makes its definitive entry into Aries, sign through which it will transit for seven years, opening up in this way a new cycle of healing and evolutionary consciousness, in the personal and the collective. The entry of Chiron in Aries – so close to this full moon in Virgo – tells us that the revelations that emerge may have an affirmative and painful tone. Sometimes affirming ourselves hurts and sometimes affirming ourselves in our truth is the only thing we can do in order to walk in health and integrity. So, under this full moon a feeling of indignation can also emerge like a vital force that raises us up from, takes us out of some situation in which we have sacrificed our integrity on the altar of devotion.

The next new moon will be on the 6th March in Pisces. Pisces is the last sign of the wheel of the zodiac which is why the next few weeks have a flavor of closure and review. On the 5th March Mercury will go retrograde in Pisces for three weeks. This is the first water time of the year. So, this digestion is going to take time, it is going to open up a deep process that we want to honor with presence and receptivity. This receptivity will reveal important messages in order to eventually cross the threshold of the March equinox with our clearest waters, our lightest backpack, with the house in order.

* Michael Evans Healey :: Proof Reading, Editing and Translation :: (English/Spanish/French) :: *