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Full Moon in Libra :: March Equinox :: Union :: Separation :: Reconciliation

The moon at zero degrees of Libra reflects the light of the sun in Aries. The sun at zero degrees of Aries speaks to us of the start of our new astrological year, the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere and the autumn equinox in the southern hemisphere. This year the sun enters the first sign of the wheel of the zodiac in synchrony with the full moon.

Zero degrees of Aries is the most important degree of the wheel of the zodiac. In everyday astrology it is known as the degree of humanity, the axis of the world. We can see it as a threshold that speaks to us of a birth, a new beginning, in which consciousness that the personal is political, and vice versa, is intensified. 

In Libra the full moon speaks to us of becoming conscious of the political power – transpersonal and collective – of our interpersonal relationships. The power of the intimate. The power of sustaining our integrity in union and relation with another being and/or with other beings. The power of allowing ourselves to be touched and transformed by a shared feeling, by a shared desire. The power of being ourselves in company. The power of letting another person in, with their light and their shadows. The power of knowing our self. The power of recognizing our self.

Do we recognize the need to cultivate the intimate as a path of consciousness in the world? What value do we give to intimacy as a power of spiritual, social and political transformation? What importance does cultivating intimacy with integrity, honesty and presence have for our collective future? How are absences of intimacy expressed? What values accompany the exercise of conscious intimacy? Trust, listening, respect, vulnerability, sincerity, depth, empathy?

What impact does refraining from adapting to the approval of others have on our collective future? What do we bring to the collective narrative when we deny our truth, when we silence our feelings in order to maintain peace, security and stability (of the relationship, of the community)?

What are we willing or unwilling to renounce when we commit ourselves to another person, to a group, a vision or an ideal? Which commitments reveal the negation of our being? Which commitments invite us to repress our anger? Which contracts with other people, collectives, ideals imply a censorship of our truth?

Which relationships make us feel welcomed, listened to, accepted?

What personal cost does keeping the peace imply?

Is peace the absence of conflict?

This full moon in Libra invites us to become conscious of the power of our relationships as an expression of the change that we want to see and create in the world. Hence why the light of the full moon in Libra reveals a desire – or a need – to get involved in the resolution of profound dissonances in our interpersonal relationships. The weeks preceding the full moon may have revealed fissures, cracks, in our relationship links with certain people. Confused revelations, painful revelations, revelations that destroy an ideal, that destroy a belief, that destroy a union.

On the other hand, this moon in Libra also illuminates the relationships in which we feel sweetly supported, firmly accompanied in our process of intimate and personal transformation. This full moon can illuminate those liberating and nurturing relationships that are there for us at this time of rapid changes, of existential uncertainties. Under the astrology of this period, recognizing the power of intimacy – of trust, of care – as a form of social political activism in which we put love at the center of our personal and collective existence reveals itself to be more vital than ever.

This full moon reveals the value of love as a compass, as a guide for our path, helping us to discern and to differentiate between relationships that call us to a commitment of reciprocal and balanced sharing and those that break, harden, and scare us.

There are relationships which terrify us. There are relationships which expose us to an uncharted vulnerability. There are people that can awaken wounds in us – ancient, deep – of feeling devalued, underserving. Which mirrors (people) reflect to us an image of our self that makes us sad? Which situations take us back to a place from the past that we no longer want to occupy, to live in?

Blessed are those relationships that accompany us in the birth of a new will to express, to create, to liberate. Blessed are the relationships that awaken in us the memory of sacred, respectful, sincere and open union.

And blessed too are those relationships that challenge our integrity, that challenge us to implement the principle of no longer betraying our self, of being loyal to our self. Blessed are those mirrors (people) that through shared pain and shadow reveal wounds as portals of union and reconciliation.

Libra is a sign that looks for harmony, balance. It is a sign linked to diplomacy, to the capacity to generate concordance. In Libra we enter into contractual relationships, meaning we make agreements. It is a mental sign, meaning that this search for balance happens at the level of ideas and also through a feeling of shared ethics and vision. And although this vision has value and is necessary for the prosperity of our relationships, there is also an unconscious, emotional universe that forms part of the body of our relationships. If we take into account that, in order to negotiate, make agreements and conclude deals, we need to speak and to listen, we can see the vital role that communication plays in our interpersonal relationships.

Mercury, the planet that governs our capacity to integrate information, to communicate, to speak and to listen, is retrograde in Pisces until the 28th March. Pisces is the last sign of the wheel of the zodiac. It is a complex sign with a lot of depth.

Under this full moon in Libra we can feel a dissonance between our ideals and our emotions. We may think and desire one thing, but our body may be flooded by a sea of emotions and feelings that seem to contradict our greatest ideals. We have so much to say and we wonder, will it be welcomed, will we be accepted? Are we willing to let go of a part of our self in order to take up the integrity that a certain relationship asks of us? Are we willing to sacrifice our masks, our control, our false leadership in order to go out to meet a truth that is shared with another or with others? Is our pride stronger than our need for union, closeness, intimacy? Can we dare to confess what we truly feel?

Libra can have the tendency to remain on the surface, in the nobility of ideals that may not attend to or look after the deeper needs of relationship. Those more vulnerable, more wounded, confused, solitary places that rise up when the call to intimacy emerges, when we get involved, when our desire to be seen and accepted – with our light and our shadow – is honored. Libra often does not resonate with the path of conscious shadow work. Libra may not enjoy looking beyond a conception of the beautiful and the good. Libra can have difficulties with emotional chaos.

However, without shadow there is no transformation, without shadow there is no compost. Hence why the greatest difficulty for Libra can be the death and rebirth of feelings that unite us to another person or to other people.

Libra does not like conflict, does not like to enter into struggle, may not able to manage in the face of emotional chaos, in the face of visceral expression. The expression of the shadow of Libra is passive aggressiveness. That voice which behind an apparently peaceful and harmonious discourse may repress the more organic and assertive expression of anger, of rage, of discomfort, of difference. The opposite sign to Libra is Aries which speaks to us of the capacity to assertively express what we do not like, what makes us uncomfortable, what injures us, what damages us, what violates us. It may be that this full moon in Libra reveals the violence hidden behind a harmonious and pacifist discourse. It may reveal murky, turbid, chaotic waters behind words which try to order, balance, harmonize.

The danger with Libra is in remaining on the surface, in making agreements which maintain peace without getting down to the causes of emergent conflicts, to the root of disagreements, of lack of understanding. Hence why in its most evolved version, Libra has to do with the art of mediating conflicts instead of ignoring them.

What does mediating a conflict imply? What skills or values are necessary? What happens when conflict is denied, censored, when it is not recognized? What happens when one party wants a change and the other does not?

It is likely that under this full moon in Libra we may see through a romantic veil, an idealization or an alliance that we believed to be peaceful, perhaps revealing darker waters of a profound unresolved conflict that asks for attention, observation and care.

It is likely that this full moon in Libra, for some of us, may have a flavor of divorce, of separation. Perhaps we are now ready to give a different meaning to a past relationship, update our understanding of it in the present, in order to open ourselves up to greater closeness, intimacy or to greater autonomy, creativity, freedom. Perhaps we are now prepared to see what no longer functions in a relationship as a mirror of our own growth, of our own evolutionary will.

The sun in Aries is in conjunction with Chiron. This full moon speaks to us of an existential pain linked to our longing for union, for harmony, for love. This full moon is likely to reveal which fragmented parts of us – separated from each other – mediate and interact in our interpersonal relationships. Which wound clouds our perception, interpretation, reaction? What pain emerges under the light of the full moon? What does it ask of us?

This full moon may reveal internal fissures, serious dissonances that, invisible until now, controlled the strings of certain relationships in our life narrative. We see them. We see ourselves. We see the reality of the other person. We see our own reality. Do we feel it?

It can hurt us to realize that it is our own ignorance which perhaps has contributed to the conflict that we criticize, fear. Are we ready to assume our responsibility, with love and compassion? Or do we go back to defense, escapism? We dress it up, cover it up and control it to avoid being discovered, to avoid the truth of our wound becoming public.

And that is precisely the issue: our wound is not just ours, it is everyone’s. By being capable of accepting our deficiencies – our fragmentation, our ignorance or confusion – as wounds that are also shared, we participate in and contribute to a collective consciousness that shows us the path of union. First an intimate and deep union with our self and then with others. An intimate union that happens through the sincerity of a healing confession, of a liberating atonement. From there perhaps we find the path of a genuine and integral union with those with whom we wish to share, connect, walk, create.  

This desire for integrity – to feel received, accepted, valued for what we are, how we are, without masks or artifice – can also reveal our relational wounds. It may show how little we reveal of our true self, how little we open up to truth, how little we share of our true self. It can show how much we comfort our self in the reflection of the other in order to recognize and value our self, in order to feel that we belong.

Perhaps this full moon in Libra reveals how far we are from feeling the plenitude of a connection that makes us feel welcome in life, in the cosmos. Wounded by lack of love we may become trapped in social networks, kidnapped by false relationships, without body or soul, which return us to the coldness of our solitude.

Is it not perhaps this collective disassociation which makes us feel more alone and isolated on our path? How to restore sacred union in a world in which we are trapped in the dramas of trauma that repeat themselves through narcissistic leaders, films, series, photographs, memes? 

Under this full moon we may perhaps feel that we need to negotiate, to sit down at the table with another person or with other people to debate, share, contrast ideas and needs in order to create new forms of maintaining interdependent and creative relationships that nourish the needs of all of the implicated parties.

The recommendation within this context is to wait for Mercury to go direct again on the 28th March and for the new moon in Aries on the 5th April, in order to get to definitive conclusions. Mercury retrograde in Pisces tells us that it is time to listen, to move ourselves, to share, yes… but it is perhaps still not time yet to sign the contract of union, separation, reconciliation.

* Michael Evans Healey :: Proof Reading, Editing and Translation :: (English/Spanish/French) :: *

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