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New Moon in Aries :: the path to take

This Friday we cross the threshold of the new moon in Aries, the first sign of the evolutionary wheel of the zodiac. The first new moon of the new astrological cycle is usually an intense moment at which we feel the force and the urgency of locating ourselves in a new place in our life.

This is the new moon of new steps, of new beginnings. This moon summons within us the bravery to embody our individuality, to show independence and to exercise the will to act out the change that we invoke, dream of and advocate for our life. In Aries we act in favor of our desires, in favor of our truth.

The days that precede the new moon in Aries usually trigger unconscious memories related to our birth. Intrauterine memories which emerge to remind us of the power of our birth and perhaps, also, of our fear of being born. This is usually a moment of the year in which we feel strongly that something has to detach, something needs to be liberated and let go of so that we can take a step in a new direction, so that we can honor and embrace a new stage, a new path.

In one way or another – symbolic or literal, conscious or unconscious – at this time of year the call is to cut the umbilical cord.

This new path may simply be an internal change of attitude. It may imply a change of habits or routines in order to direct our vital energy towards new aims and intentions. In this sense the task of letting go, saying goodbye and releasing is necessary – and  practical – in order to focus these intentions and in order to attend to them. In order to attend to the challenges of the new cycle that is beginning.

This is a good moment to ask ourselves, what pattern of behavior, which attachment, which habits kidnap my own energy? In which areas of my being (mental, emotional, physical) does my energy remain trapped in past responses? Which part of me does not want to grow, does not want to evolve towards greater autonomy, independence, responsibility? To which version of the facts – or to whom – do I cling as refuge in order not to face up to the fear of the abyss, of the new before me? Which loyalty to an aspect of my personality prevents me from growing?

From this place, from the intimacy of our internal processes – and of our relationship with our self – this new moon in Aries speaks to us of the fear of the blank page, the fear of getting up on stage, the fear of committing to taking this step towards greater visibility. Aries speaks to us of our leadership: that capacity to have the authority to direct our life on our own terms and from there to reveal our self and share our self creatively. Bravery and leadership go hand in hand. So, at this new moon in Aries we invoke creative bravery, the will to shake off the excuses in order to say yes, yes I want it. Yes, I want to do this, yes I commit to acting in favor of my vision, of my desire, of my dream.

And we also come into contact with the energy that moves the GIVING of this yes, and which, in order to give it, in order to trust in the movement towards what we want to create and manifest, also moves us to embrace and honor a renunciation. In our step towards the yes, there is also a letting go. Letting go of the comfortable. Letting go of the familiar. Letting go of what is easy. 

So, on the threshold of the new moon in Aries we can ask ourselves, what do I renounce? To what do I cling? Out of which comfort zone do I have to move? 

On the other hand, this new path may imply changes in our way of exchanging our energy, time and space with other people. Perhaps this is a time in which we realize that certain loyalties, certain relational pacts place us in a role, in a situation which is not harmonious, which is not in balance with our current life circumstances. These may be relationships that have fulfilled their function and that call for closure, for ending from us.

Or they may simply be relationships that require an adjustment, an updating of shared intentions. We do not necessarily need to separate from people, but perhaps we do need to separate from the way in which we have shared with them until now. 

We can live through a mourning process from a divorce, from a definitive separation with someone important from the past, with everything that this process implies at an energetic and emotional level. If this is the moment in which we find ourselves, it is important to honor it fully, to give proper closure (external and internal), to cleanse the energetic and emotional resonance, to open space, to liberate our self from the pact or contract in which we have been committed until now.

If what we are living through is a readjustment in certain relationships – in those where we feel committed but at the same time feel that the structure of exchange deserves and needs a shared revisioning – then it may be that it is necessary to weave a new body of words that define or redefine the shared time-space.

Mercury, the planet linked to our communication – our capacity to listen receptively to the other person and our capacity to communicate and name our needs – has been retrograde in Pisces for three weeks. Although Mercury went direct again on the 28th March it has been slowly coming out of a long conjunction with Neptune.

Our mental clarity is returning little by little. The density of the fog gives way to discernment. It is likely that there may still be confusion, blurred boundaries between what we feel and what we think, between our emotions and those of others. Our subjective and emotional interpretations of the motives of others can toxify clear and assertive communication. Slowly but surely, as Mercury moves away from Neptune and picks up speed, we will continue gaining distance from and perspective on this cloud that has surrounded us in a time-space of waiting, doubt, ambiguity.

Perhaps this movement of Mercury feels like the ripping off of an idealistic veil that has not allowed us to see the whole of a situation. Now as something clears, we may realize that there are more angles and variables than we had considered. We need time to digest, to integrate the information (internal and external) that emerges.

With the energy of Aries there may be a feeling of urgency in wanting to limit, define, canalize this information. With Mars – the ruling planet of Aries – in Gemini, it may be that our words are assertive, yes, but it may also be that they can cut where we do not want to cut due to a lack of deep reflection, due to a lack of maturity. It is a volatile time for emotional communication, hence why caution – and time – are our allies through the coming weeks.

The symbol of Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions, indicating to us that perhaps at least two distinct (opposite) voices speak to us from within. This internal contradiction, if we are not able to listen to it and to take it in, may then require the mirror of another person in order for it to be revealed. Hence why this is a time for being careful with the projections that we make upon others, and/or those that we receive from others. Hence why words, however necessary for constructing connections with other people, can also be tricky, shifting. Not everything that we believe we feel, think and perceive in relation to other people is written in stone, rather it is mutating, in movement.

On the 16th April Mercury moves out of its shadow zone (the degrees that it moved over during its retrogradation) and makes its entry into the sign of Aries. By this date we will have things much clearer. The recommendation is to wait a little before coming to definitive conclusions and to remember that relationships have a life of their own, implying that – sometimes – moving away from looking for reflections in others in order to take care of our self can actually be the most appropriate way to look after and attend to these relationships. 

This new path to which the new moon in Aries summons us can also make us realize how a change in our beliefs – and in our system of values – moves us to let go of and move away from certain collective spaces. Under this moon, we may feel the desire to become independent of organizations, circles and associations that appeal to our participation and presence from a place of obedience, habit, security or loyalty. Both, our values and our integrity are the compass that guides our discernment in relation to what we want or do not want to continue nourishing.

The path of autonomy and independence of Aries is also a call to integrity. Chiron – archetype of the wounded healer, the shaman, the medicine woman/man – is now transiting through the first degrees of Aries. This is a transit that will last for seven years and we are therefore adjusting to a new body of evolutionary lessons that call us to become conscious of the leadership roles we take in our circles and communities.

That which we call our identity, our social being, how real is it? Are we puppets of the desires of others? On what foundations do we construct our identity?

We can talk about masks and about other characters that we take on in order to move in public spheres. We can talk about the authenticity – or its absence – in our voice. We can talk about an inhibition, timidity, fear (paralysis?) to make our self visible. We can talk about not feeling we are up to the required level, about feeling inadequate. However, beyond these expressions, Chiron in Aries particularly speaks to us about wounds of fractured identity that freeze us within determined responses and roles.

And if we go beyond judgement, evaluation and comparison, we may realize that our fear of expressing ourselves freely in certain spaces is perhaps because there is an authoritarian code that operates through the group mind, that orders, that regulates the group. We may realize that, in these contexts, our individuation – the subjective expression of our being and its needs – is not accepted or welcomed, particularly where it challenges and puts the security of the group order in jeopardy. The process of becoming conscious of this can put us face to face with wounds related to belonging, perhaps meaning a choice between being loyal to our truth and sacrificing our belonging to a group order or inhibiting our individuation for the sake of belonging.

The ideal is that leaders responsible for how energy circulates and is managed in groups are in tune with understanding consciousness related to (wounds of) belonging and how this area can be manipulated and promote spaces of opening and creative dialogue so that our subjective perspectives are incorporated rather than marginalized.

Having to divorce our self from particular collectives because they do not accept our truth is as violent as having to keep quiet in order to belong. We need to find creative solutions that open other pathways, other routes which free us from these relationships of oppression-repression-obedience-rebellion that trap us in the repetition of stale forms and models of leadership and power relations.

And when we talk about creative solutions, we are talking about creating new models together. Creation is an organic, chaotic, risky process that implies daring, bravery, boldness. Chiron in Aries signals to those people who – in one way or another – are willing to take up this voice of risk within the group order. A risk because it moves things. A risk because it shakes things up. A risk because it visibilizes wounds. That is the pioneering energy of Chiron in Aries, the wounded healer that places his or her wounds at the service of the group in order to assist in the weaving of a renewed, shared integrity.

This is the evolutionary energy of these times: that which goes through the healing of the fear of no longer belonging, that which opens itself up and leads from the vulnerability and the bravery (they go hand in hand) of going off script, of changing the game, of facing up to not only the leaders that abuse their power, but also to breaking the spell of group complacency.

And if we observe the narratives of the collective, we will see how they repeat old, unevolved expressions of leadership. And we may also see that however many truths come to light regarding the abuse of power, the sleeping masses may prefer not to know, not to see.  

What is necessary in order to break the spell that makes us tolerate the intolerable? Are we seeing it? Does it matter to us what happens to our neighbors? Does it matter to us what happens to refugees, to the indigenous people of the Amazon, to child sex slaves? Or perhaps our priority is to preserve our space for games, our illusions, our versions of reality, in order not to have to take up a change, a true change? And are we willing and ready to commit to implementing the change internally which we actively propose and demand externally?

We are in a time that requires a radical and urgent adjustment of our models of group organization. Censorship, lies, secrets, disassociation between preaching and practice, bullying, these are all common currencies of damaged systems of authority. Our passivity, laziness, comfort and apathy hand our power over to others and feed these negative practices.

This is the toxic ecosystem of the abuse of authority and power that the union of Pluto with the south node of the moon and with Saturn in Capricorn brings us. It is a hard, dark, complex configuration but also an opportunity to liberate ourselves from ancestral fears related to the power of patriarchal authority. And when we say patriarchal we are talking about a system that goes beyond gender, we are talking about a system that exploits and enslaves the many for the benefit of the few.

The configuration that is happening in Capricorn deserves its own article, but what is useful for us to understand under this new moon in Aries is that if we feel at an intimate and personal crossroads linked to a feeling of abuse of power towards our person, this is a good moment to take a step forwards and embrace the bravery of individuating, becoming independent, cutting the umbilical cord of loyalty to a toxic system, believe in our self, believe in our desire, vision, dream and be reborn. Be reborn into our own life.

Rebirthing ourselves does hurt and separation involves sorrow and mourning. The crossroads under these skies is to discern carefully the values that inspire us to walk on with integrity and try not to betray ourselves once we recognize the path to take.

Wishing you a happy new moon, prosperous seedings of integral intentions and a good journey on your path.

* Michael Evans Healey :: Proof Reading, Editing and Translation :: (English/Spanish/French) :: *